grinding a little today - i'm still pretty left over tired from the weekend and we are not helping matters by staying up too late. robin had a lot of work to do so if we want any us time it comes after ten o'clock.

my ride home last night was cold. like, the coldest i've been on a bike in some time. it was how i've heard belgian rain described - 45 degrees, windy with sideways rain. i was glad when i got home.

my ride in this morning was difficult. first, my road shoes were still too wet for how chilly it was so i needed to reformulate the plan. i grabbed robin's bike and rode that in. wow, now that is thinking on my feet! anyway, everyone was driving their cars/riding their bikes (including way too low recumbant guy) like crazy people. i made it unscathed and wasn't too cold.

cx practice tonight. right now, it doesn't sound all that fun to try and make myself bleed through my eyeballs. but, i'm sure i'll warm up to the idea throughout the day (as much as one can). i'd like to do a few hot laps at badger prairie since that is the venue for sunday's tournament.

happy wednesday.


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