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long day yesterday. work stuff, home stuff, health stuff and bike stuff all conspired against me getting on the bike before it got dark. but, i was able to get out and run for 35 minutes. same amount of time as last thursday but i covered a lot more ground and felt even more comfortable. my legs are coming back to me faster than i thought they might which is good. it was a beautiful night to be out at dusk and i tried to just breathe it all in. i'm hoping that if i can run 2-3 times per week i am prepared for major running for cx that might come up in december/january and also, i'd really like to run a nice time at the berbee derby 5k thanksgiving morning.

i spent a little time working on the cx race bike last night. on sunday i had noticed a noise sounding like something a little loose up around the headset. all fixed now, polished the bike up a little with a veloshine wipe (those things are pretty handy) and now i just need to do a little drive train prep ahead of the weekend.

i had my second acupuncture appointment yesterday. i'm still getting used to how she does the assessment - "let me see your tougue," then she briefly grabs each wrist and that is it. as she was putting the needles in my arm she commented that i had a messed up neck. i was a little confused because she hadn't touched/looked at my neck - then she pointed at my arm and told me it was indicating tension. i have been feeling pretty darn good the past few days although this morning my gut is giving me fits if not in a more gentle way. another appointment on thursday.

and now, after procrastinating as much as i possibly can, i better get to work.

happy tuesday.


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