responsible, sustainable, maintainable

i've mentioned my current read (garbology) - i haven't changed my mind a whole lot regarding how it is written. meandering and at time gratuitous, like the author felt it was necessary to add words/content to reach a certain page number. that annoys me - like 2 hour movies with a lot of having nothing to do with the story annoy me. but, the book has made me think about my familys' consumption habits, about trying to make things last longer (even though it seems our society has made it easier to replace than to fix) and opting for quality even if it means waiting a little longer to save.

the most moving idea (for me) was regarding how in past generations, people saved and made sacrifices to buy the things they really wanted. now, most people view NOT buying things as a sacrifice. i'm guilty of that one big time. anyway, it made me think so i guess even though i didn't really care for the author's style, the thought provoking nature means i'd give it 3 out 5 (stars or hearts or books or whichever units you prefer).

a nice ride in this morning. warm and dry (what a surprise). we could use a little rain here. actually, we could use a lot of it.

happy tuesday.


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