having a day off in the middle of the week? yes please, a day off is better than a day at work. having another day that feels like monday morning...well, i guess there are pros and cons to everything.

tuesday i was released from work at 3:00 (a day before holiday tradition at my company). i had intentions of getting 2 hours of riding in before picking up calvin. i managed just over an hour but my internal alarm was sounding indicating that my systems were not going to make it in the heat. i got home and just sat in the basement with the dog hiding.

yesterday, we packaged up the family and rode the badger trail to the tunnel. we got an early start which was essential to that ride. as we approached the tunnel we could feel the cooler air hit us and we lingered for a bit just feeling the natural air conditioning. we were pretty beat by the time we got back to the car but happy that we were able to get our workouts in together. i was toying with the idea of riding home from the trail head but pulling cal on my single speed for 1.5 hours was enough. in the afternoon we headed to edgerton for a party at my sis/bro in laws house. it was fun but we really didn't know anyone.

i rode in this morning and by the time i finished the 25 minute jaunt i was starving. this heat is messing with me! lower to mid 80s will almost feel cool!

happy monday thursday.


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