looking up

our appliances are back in place. there was one little section that needed to be touched up this morning which was happening as i left for work. i am hopeful that this is the end of the wood floor phase of our home renovation.

i have also found a buyer for my nike sportwatch. it is a great little gps so i'm a bit surprised it took as long as it did. the recouped funds will be going towards a new pair of mountain bike/cx shoes. i love my specialized experts but they are reaching the end - i've been riding them since i bought my epic after i drove my old bike into the garage. 6 or 7 years for mtb shoes might just be a little too long...

no riding last night, still feeling creaky. i had been planning on a little down time following 9-mile and my body is making it easy to keep the bike in the garage.

the november cross bike is almost ready for its maiden voyage. just need to get the chain on, adjust the shifting, trim and cap all the cables and wrap the bars. it is light as a feather - hopefully it rides as good as it looks.

happy tuesday.


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