let there be rain!

at least in madison proper, we have gone a long way towards catching up on our drought conditions. 1 inch overnight tuesday night followed by a 2-3" storm yesterday afternoon (with showers throughout the night). that storm just happened to hit half way through the short track portion of the blackhawk timed event. by the end it was pretty wet and muddy - kind of foreign. hid from the remainder of the storm in the shelter (it was a cook out night so i also had a burger and some fruit - bonus). i made a break for it a little early - there was still a lot of lightning but i made it home unscathed. i was thinking on the way home about the longevity of the chainsmokers team - they have been around since i've been in the madison area, pretty admirable for an amateur bike team. they continue to have relationships with good madison companies (ale asylum and willy street bikes stand out) and run a tt trial series that i'm happy to have access to. thanks chainsmokers!

the flooring guys got 'stuck in traffic' this morning and didn't get to the house until 8:45. back home at lunch to look at some some colors on the floor. hopefully, the floor will get stained today and polyurethaned tomorrow. hopefully we'll be able to get our house put back together on sunday. i'm glad we are doing the projects we are but i'm really sick of having things in disarray. our garage is a disaster. now the basement is as well. in due time i suppose.

happy thursday.


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