31 July 2007


6 miles this morning. another 4 tonight to round out a 10 mile day, a little double to help me recover a little before the rest of the week...i've got two 10 mile a.m. runs planned which always take it out of me a bit.

i got some of the books i need for school yesterday, and started reading one. it's not like i remember reading for school...it's actually interesting. hmmm, who knew?

anyway, not much else going on around here. it's hot. i'm allergic. it's all almost enought to wish for autumn. but i'm not going to do it, because after autumn comes winter and hommie don't play that way.

yikes, i better end this before i date myself anymore.

happy tuesday.

30 July 2007

back to work (reality?)

i'm a little sore this morning. good thing it's my scheduled day off.

other than that, not much on my mind this morning.

happy monday.

29 July 2007

sunday, sunday, SUNDAY!

here i am finishing yesterday's race...robin commented that at first she thought it was me but then decided it wasn't because i looked so good running. i think that was a compliment.

later in the day, i practiced my lumberjacking skills.

make me a sammy, tree.

28 July 2007

mission accomplished.

1-6:41 (long mile)
2-4:57 (short mile-i think the two mile is accurate, just the 1 mi was long)
59:35 (4th place, 1st in age group)

it's usatf certified, so the overall distance is correct. it's just that the miles don't exactly seem accurate. oh well, i wanted sub 60 and i ran sub 60.

this is a confidence booster for me, because i haven't been doing any speed work. i felt fluid and strong through the race, and i really concentrated on technique.

it's funny that i take 4th here but would've barely cracked the top 30 in stillwater a week ago. it's all relative. i'm really happy with the time result...i was doubting my abilities going into this one.

happy saturday.

27 July 2007


it rained last night and this morning. the yard needed it. i didn't think it would ever rain again.

5 easy miles this morning. i picked it up a little in the middle, mostly because the rain must of knocked some of the pollen down...i felt the best i have in several weeks. i cleaned up our backyard, put in pavers under the hose reel and put up our umbrella for the deck table. hopefully i didn't tire myself out too much for tomorrow's race. if i did, oh well. there is always the next one!

i just got a list of required textbooks for school. there goes another $300.

happy friday.

26 July 2007

yellow jersey is down.

there is a uw turf grass facility across the main road from us that is currently hosting a turf growers convention.

so, we were out last night, walking the dog, minding our own business when 'bam!' a large firework went off almost directly above us. i was thinking 'that seems pretty big for a firework at someone's home' when 'bam!bam!.' and so on for the next 20 minutes. oliver flipped. he literally dragged us home. all the way home, over his noises of choking against his collar, we heard children screaming in terror at being awoken to the sounds of explosions. nobody seemed to know about it which strikes me as odd. then again, on a wednesday night at the end of july everyone should probably just assume that the second coming of rythym and booms is coming.

5 easy this morning. just trying to freshen up before the waunafest 10 miler on saturday. i really have no idea how fast i can run right now, especially with how my allergies have been lately. i guess i'll just do what i can.

happy thursday. friday for me, i'm taking tomorrow off!

25 July 2007

dopers suck.

vinokourov, say it ain't so! is everyone on dope in sports these days? actually, i don't want to know...

another 8 miles this morning. since it hasn't rained since the clinton administration, it's really dry around here which i think is agravating my allergies (which are normally pretty bad mid-summer anyway). oh well, i just have to keep fighting through it i guess.

i got my first reading assignment for class yesterday. in classic academic fashion, the book i need to purchase and read by august 23rd comes out in paperback on august 27th. that made me chuckle. so i ordered the hardcover and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

happy wednesday.

24 July 2007

tour de porta toilet

i will not go into detail, but this mornings run was a bit of an adventure. i made it through though, another 7.5 miles or so (i had to walk around a half mile of my 8 mile route). rack it.

the brewers lost a tough one last night. a brilliant pitching performance until grant balfour came in and botched it all up. his era must be over 20 now, a sure sign that he should be designated for assaignment asap. he has blown two games for the brewers and had a rough outing in his only other outing. anyway, capuano looked like the all star pitcher he is, which is promising as long as the bats wake up again.

sorry, i just had a brewer moment. here's to them taking the next 3 against the reds.

happy tuesday.

23 July 2007

keep pushing.

18 miles yesterday. due to several reasons (all my fault), i had to shorten the run by a few miles due to mal-nourishment/dehyration. that being said, the run was pretty good.

we bought my laptop for school yesterday. i really wanted an ibook but at the end i had to opt for a dell. i get a bit of a discount on it through school, and the prices start lower than macs for what i wanted (including: 160Gb hard drive (7200rpm), 256 Mb video card, and 2.0 GHz/800MHz processor with 4 Mb cache). anyway, it's a nice little machine for the price. we also bought the 2007 windows enterprise kit for $86. that's just sickly cheap through school.

anyway, that all being said i feel like we are hemmoraging money. back to school!

happy monday.

ps. save the drama for yo mamma.

22 July 2007


it's been a rough weekend for allergies, but good in every other regard.

friday, i explained to robin how every morning i wake up and there is an athlete on one shoulder, telling me to get my lazy ass out the door to run. on the other shoulder, a little sloth telling me that i should skip it and go to bed. most mornings, the athlete wins. but friday morning, they were both telling me i should go back to bed...so how could i argue? for whatever reason, running didn't feel right so i bagged it.

yesterday, we made it to two farmers markets. then i hit 9 holes of golf with greg and then got a 9 mile run in. the weather was great, and my legs felt really good.

today i'm scheduled for another 20+ miles. i feel like crap right now but usually it improves as i run. hopefully that is the case today or it could turn into a 2.5 hour death march...

happy sunday.

20 July 2007


anyone trying to get ahold of me: my cell phone is having issues right now so don't call it.

happy friday.

19 July 2007

hello goodbye.

5 easy miles this morning. no big whoop.

then i watched the 'news' for a little while. 'urban volcano' and 'terror in the streets' were the headlines. remember before 9/11 when the big news story was shark attacks? i have no point.

happy thursday.

18 July 2007

no currency of leaves.

another 8 miles this morning. i felt sluggish and tired but as always i came around towards the end of the run. these morning workouts definitely have a dyanamic to them, feeling crappy to feeling good in one hour of work.

not much else on my mind this morning. the brewers are winning some tight games thanks to (and hopefully not at the expense of) the bullpen. time to throw some of the prospects in the fire to rest some tired veteran arms (parra and balfour).

happy wednesday.

17 July 2007

spain rain.

8 miles this morning. i had wanted to do 5 miles at 1/2 marathon pace this morning but i was having some...uhhhh....stomach issues. i'll leave it at that, but all in all it was a good run. i woke up to a peach/orange hue in the sky that slowly transitioned to dark gray. but no rain.

i got my student id yesterday. all these little things are making this seem more and more real. i mean, when i was applying...stressing out about my purpose statement, it all seemed so abstract. but now it is about a month away. we went to see our financial planner last night for some advice on how we should pay for the whole thing. he did that, and helped us manage some retirement funds. but most importantly, he reminded me that i can now golf at the university ridge for like half price. well, half price greens fees for a $30k program. but i guess the more perks you use, the less the education cost, right? (in theory)

anyway, time to go be the boss. get to work!

happy tuesday.

16 July 2007

good sensations.

i think it's good when 15 miles almost feels easy. i ran the military ridge trail and i pushed slightly on the way in and i felt really, really good. this in light of the fact that i woke up feeling like donkey you know what. i almost didn't run i felt so shitty. lesson learned.

a nice 50 mile week in the books, and for once i really do feel rested. next week's long run is 21 miles, so i better stay rested...

this morning's commute was uneventful. that's good, because i can only take a guy getting out of his truck to 'talk' to me about once every, oh, 12 years or so.

happy monday.

15 July 2007

wheels are turning.

5 miles yesterday and 15 later today. no big whoop, a little bit of a rest week for me.

yesterday we did a major cleaning of our house. and boy did it need it. i even did the windows. robin (as always with cleaning operations) was the mvp, but i held my own.

my mom is coming today and we are going to the art fair on the square. should be fun (another great weather day!)

happy sunday.

13 July 2007

road rage.

i don't know how i manage it, but somehow i get myself into situations. this morning driving to work i was driving along, minding my own business and i came upon a lane ending. i drive this twice a day minimally, so i knew my lane wasn't ending so i kind of zoned out. all of a sudden i hear a horn and see a finger from a large man in a giant truck behind me. he had been slowing down, and i thought that he was going to slide in behind me. i guess he wanted to go in front of me. whatever.

the funny part is that he followed me to work to talk to me about how i drive. he looked like a mean guy, so i closed the windows and locked the doors. he came walking up to me dropping f bombs and saying this wasn't a road rage incident and that he just wanted to tell me i'm an asshole. so i opened the door (mostly to shorten this interaction because we were standing in front of my employer). he told me i knew exactly what i was doing and that i was an asshole and that he wasn't going to kick my ass but that then next guy might. then he said it's a matter of courtesy.


i said, 'listen man, most guys can kick my ass and you truck is obviously bigger than my civic, so why would i try anything with you?' no response. then i asked him if he was using his turn signal. he said 'why would i have to, it is a merge?' interesting. is said 'it's a matter of courtesy.' i think he was starting to feel dumb because all of a sudden, once i was coming back at him a little verbally, he walked back to his truck, got in, revved the diesel engine and high tailed it out of there.

needless to say, i'm feeling a little shakey right now.

anyway, 8 miles this morning in the perfect conditions. i'm not going to race tomorrow, i never preregistered and day of is $35...too high for a small 5k in my books. hopefully i'll make it out on the golf course today.

happy friday (the 13th...maybe that is why that guy chased me to work).

12 July 2007

picture from baltimore.

here is ron and i after crushing a few crabs.

i guess you could see we got crabs in baltimore.

sorry, i'm cleaning off my desktop at work and found this gem...

a nice porter...

last night we headed to mount horeb to watch willy porter play in the park. it was a beautiful (read: chilly towards the end in a refreshing way) night with good company.

5 easy miles this morning. this week has been night and day relative to my sensations last week. my knees feel good, and i'm not as achy as i was either. good news. last 7 days: 54.5 miles.

i may get out golfing tomorrow, my first time this summer (which is earlier than my first time last summer). that is assuming i can get out of work before 3...

happy thursday.

11 July 2007

mello johnny

with our switch to dish network for our television, we get cstv which is a college only sports channel from cbs. they were replaying the ncaa outdoor nationals yesterday. the women's 5000m race was unbelievable, and watching chris solinsky win the men's 5000m was awe inspiring. i have no point except that i like the dish...

10 miles this morning, once again the first part felt good, the middle was a little rough and the end was good again. watching the race yesterday lit a little fire in me, giving me the itch to race again. and, what do you know, there is a 5k on the west side this weekend. i think i might jump in and give it a whirl. i'd be happy running what i ran earlier this year (mid 17's) because all i've been doing lately is long relatively slow stuff. we'll see how i feel on friday.

i stayed up too late last night watching the end of the all star game. will the national league ever win again? and, more importantly, what is with eric karros' hair? it was cool seeing 4 brewers in the game, although it was a mostly lack luster performance. oh well, here is to a solid second half for the brew crew.

happy wednesday.

10 July 2007

a little too easy.

i'm registered for classes. weird.

didn't want to

but i did it anyway. 8 miles with 8x100m strides. my legs felt really good considering what i did on sunday...but the rest of me was feeling tired and old. oh well, i got through it. last 7 days: 61.5 miles

we ran into george hanson last night at the supermarket (only one reader of this blog really cares about that). i didn't recognize him at first (he is uber tan and has shaved his goatee). anyway, sounds like his training is going well (he is running 21.5 miles today around lake mendota). and most importantly, he is swimming some now.

that's all i've got. today i register for classes. one step closer to being a student...

happy tuesday.

09 July 2007

hot hot heat.

i'm still feeling the effects of yesterday's run. i woke up with a searing headache but i am feeling a little better now (thanks to coffee and tylenol!). my legs feel better than i anticipated, and i just might spin them out a little tonight on the bike. maybe. that is, if i remember how to ride it.

this weekend felt long which is a good thing. here's to long 2 day weekends!

happy monday.

08 July 2007

rough ending.

yesterday we took our first canoe adventure with oliver aboard. he seemed to take it alright, once he got the balance thing figured out, and we only capsized once when his human doofus stuck his leg out prematurely at the landing, effectively dumping himself, wife and dog in the water. fortunately, it was in 5ish feet of water so nobody was in any danger.

here is the boy on his maiden voyage:

and it must have really tired him out because all he wanted to do was sleep (i was tired too):

which leads me to today. on the schedule was 20 miles of running, and it really was a tale of two runs. the first 15-16 miles felt great, i stopped at 10 to rehydrate and the stomach felt fine after more water than i should have imbibed. but the last 5 were rough, with a little walking at mile 18 or so. i was feeling light headed and tingly and that is not good when you are running in a heat index of 95+ degrees. all in all, 19.5 miles were run in around 2:20...slower than i wanted but pretty good considering it's my longest effort in 10 years in horrid conditions. never has the garden hose looked so good, i doused myself for 10 minutes after the run and now i'm just really, really tired.

happy sunday.

06 July 2007

fundamental problem...

this morning i flashed a quasi-gang sign at oliver and he barked at me. oliver is tough on gangs.

the running is going shit-ily. i'm starting to wonder if i bit off a little more than i was ready for in terms of mileage. i'm just not recovering like i think i should. case in point, this mornings run started off stiff and sore. usually, this is present at the beginning of a run but then dissappears by the second mile. today it persisted until the bitter end. i cut the run short and now feel guilty about it even though it was the right thing to do.

i think i'm going to stick with the plan but reduce mileage by 10-15%. yea, that's it. not only do i want to break 3 hours (which frankly i could do now if i was fully rested) but i want to come out of this healthy.

i finally fixed the flat tire on my mountain bike. maybe now i'll ride it around the block or something. i also put a straight seat post on instead of a set back one. that feels a lot more natural for me. i have no point.

happy friday.

05 July 2007

oliver the wonder dog.

a dog diversion:

a few days back, oliver got tired. he decided that he needed to build himself a bed, so he took the comforter from the guest bedroom, dragged it into the hallway (i guess that is a suitable nap spot) and nestled in for a nice mid day nap:

here is our boy swimming. he stole that frisbee and then tried to bee line it out of the water where he could really enjoy his pillaged booty.

that's our dog...

when you wake up feeling old.

i got up this morning and put the running shorts on. walking downstairs made me realize that i needed a day off. now, i really don't like doing it but it was a scheduled recovery day (5 miles) so i'm not missing a big one. and i know what happens when i run through too much soreness/stiffness (see cortisone shot in my hip prior to my first stab at the marathon).

anyway, yesterday was nice. i got up, drank my coffee and then headed to the arb for 13 miles. afterwards, we picked up some lunch and headed to governor nelson state park for a picnic and some hiking. oliver even got to swim in the pet swim area. home for a cookout americano style with hotdogs and burgers. the finale of the elver park fireworks is visable from our living room, so that was the finale to our evening as well.

and now thursday morning feels like a monday.

happy thursday.

04 July 2007

if only

yesterday's workout reminded me that i haven't raced for awhile. i also learned not to ever think running is easy. my 4 miles at half marathon pace was ok, but i had to work pretty hard to hold it and i was about 10 seconds slow per mile. hmmm. next time it will be better.

it is nice to have another day off. i'm going to go have another cup of coffee.

happy wednesday.

03 July 2007

shake it off.

so with 10 miles on friday, 18 miles on saturday and a short 5 on sunday i was around 60 miles for last week which is nice. all in all, the stimulus didn't feel like it was too much, and my legs feel fine today. i didn't get out this morning, while i was taking the dog out i heard a bunch of thunder. the radar showed some nasty's coming our way, so i did the reasonable thing and climbed right back into bed...and it never stormed (figures). so i have a 9 miler to do after work today, with the middle 4 miles at half marathon pace. i'm looking forward to running somewhat fast again...

the weekend found us a aunt sue/uncle jim's new house. it's going to be nice when it is finished, both in terms of finished product and for their sanity. at one moment there were 4 (count them, FOUR) engagement rings on the same sun porch. weddings are fun--beth and morten's wedding reminded me of that fact.

anyway, time to work or something. happy tuesday.