going viral

last night i got out for a run after dinner. it started off great, cool misty night. legs felt good. then, something i haven't dealt with often...the trots. bad. like, i had to stop several times for fear of having an accident. i made it home without issue but just didn't feel all that good the rest of the evening. i have been feeling the same way this morning. not terrible but not right. gi issues, a little nasal conjestion, tired. i hope i'm not sick....

i had a list of bike work i wanted to get done but once i got changed, did my portion of cleaning the bathrooms (a tuesday night family task) and doing the dishes all i could do was sit on the couch and watch exit poll results. too bad for romney, he seems like a pretty good guy for a snake. i'm considerably more conservative than i once was but i never liked romney. he seemed like he was running just to have another trophy head on the wall. that is all i'll say about that.

happy wednesday.


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