a few degrees

amazing how a few degrees feels a lot warmer. last nights ride almost felt balmy in relation to the two nights before. i was able to add on to the ride (through verona) and felt good doing so. the ride in this morning also felt warm - a nice tail wind didn't hurt that. all that being said, i'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. i've had a nice little block of training and i'm hoping that i can muster a nice result on sunday. the course last year was hilly on the edge of absurdity. the promoter is saying they have backed off a little this year - whatever that means. i'll be ready to climb some hills - the weather is supposed to be down right warm for the first weekend of december.

i need to stop listening to the band of horses channel on pandora. the play in madison on saturday and we aren't going. we had a babysitter lined up but i blew it and didn't buy tickets in time. they have been top on my list of bands i wanted to see live for some time now and i completely blew it. damn.

happy thursday.


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