my legs were a little tired on the way home last night. just a little fatigued - not sure why. maybe the extra layers - i've always felt like when i wear multiple layers on my legs they just don't feel like they have the same snap. maybe it is my imagination. besides that, an uneventful ride. one thing i'm super stoked about is our new phone service. we made the switch to verizon and so far so good. specifically for riding, i can now roll with pandora on my routes home and to mt horeb on the military ridge without interruption - two areas i had spotty data before. solid. we ended up going for it and got iphone5's. i know that the enhancements are incremental but going for the 3gs to the 5 was huge. i hate to admit but i really like it.

the ride in this morning was a cluster. i've mentioned this numerous times, but every so often the traffic dynamics change for a single day. today was one of those and people were driving frantically. in all honesty, gearing up to ride to work is becoming a drag and that just adds to it. i am still loving my rides home at night though. i used to hate riding in low light/dark but for some reason this year i'm absolutely loving it - the HID torch on my head probably doesn't hurt! i feel like i've got my dressing dialed also (after 10 years of cycling). extending my ride home tonight, normal commute tomorrow. off on friday and then it's another race weekend. looking forward to getting the legs going ahead of the big one - the state and regional championships.

all over the place this morning.

happy wednesday.


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