31 March 2006


my fantasy draft for baseball was last night. i'm a fantasy bum and i let the computer do all my picking. i guess that means i'm not a complete degenerate. my team actually looks pretty good...i wouldn't have taken kerry wood and mark prior but that's what i get for not being an active participant.

riding last night was sweet. it was 65 degrees when i left the house. but i was still the weenie wearing arm warmers and leg warmers. i guess i'm not ready to show my pasty white-ness to the world just yet. there was some sun when i started and i figured that the reflection off my exposed legs would be too much for drivers still not completely looking for bikers.

man...another night of no work on the basement. thursdays kind of slip away from me. dinner into this old house into the office. i try not to let television dictate (i said dictate) my nights but thursdays have always held a spell on me.

wine tasting tonight. i don't know how i'm going to pull that off within my 4 weeks of abstinence (from alcohol). i'm doing the 100k loop of the horribly hilly with greg tomorrow morning so maybe that will be motivation enough...probably not. i could always spit it out. boy, this is beginning to sound a little like high school health class. is it still abstinence if you spit it out?

30 March 2006


that's what we were last night. after my ride (around 2 hours of reminding myself that meteorologists suck it hard) i was a little bit whooped. robin was sad too, mostly because when she left work she was expecting a nice spring afternoon. so, we lounged last night. napping at times. and we loved it.

back on the basement bus tonight.

and my bike is about done. i need to cut down my carbon bars sometime...they are about 4 inches too wide. if i rode it like it is...i'd be hitting every tree i pass (not that i need any more help with that).

that's it!! i'm going to starbucks...

29 March 2006

more work.

the weather is looking up around here, and last night i was able to ride without a jacket. i rode out to and around the mt. vernon area, i love that area. if i could buy land anywhere around here it would be there. rolling prarie...beautiful in the late afternoon sun.

more basement work. primed our patches to see if they show. some do, some don't. it actually looks better than i thought it would. then robin did some texturing to try that out. the sand actually works...i was skeptical.

i cut my fork to length and did a dry assembly to make sure i didn't f it up too bad. it'll work just fine thank you very much, though i was nervous the entire time i was cutting...

hopefully tonight i'll be able to get the mtb all assembled and then maybe we'll get the ceiling primed in the basement. after riding of course.

28 March 2006


rain kept me indoors yesterday, but the trainer session was worth it. it took me all winter, but my fluid trainer is dialed in (ie i finally bought the $5 skewer so that now it fits). i did individual leg pedaling drills and i am feeling it. this is going to remain in my workout schedule through the race season, i really think it makes that much of a difference. plus, 1 day a week on the trainer might actually allow me to recover fully.

more basement work. i mudded the seam that i'm worried about. i really want to cover over the minty green color. almost done taping too. there is more trim than i thought.

i'm 2ft of 1 1/4" pvc pipe away from being able to get my fork installed on the mtb (impromptu race setter). i'd like to get it wrapped up by the end of the weekend. i'm shooting for a verona to dodgeville ride via the military ridge trail on the 8th on the race bike.

we're less than 3 weeks out from being puppy parents. exciting? yes. scary? a little.

27 March 2006

eye opening.

a long weekend with a 1.5 yr old is a sort of wake up call. man those little humans pack some energy. i'm exhausted and frankly i spent a lot of time avoiding the little guy. he was fun to play with, but once you start him up there's no turning him off. and the smells...don't get me started with the smells.

other than the 2ft wild man, i got some nice rides in. yesterday was primo, i allowed myself to go fast and i'm feeling it in the legs a little today. my road bike is no longer my 'weekend bike' because the weather and daylight will finally allow me to be on it a little more often. and then we gain the evening hour this weekend...i can ride until 7. that's what i'm talking about.

i also worked heavy on the basement. i've finished the ceiling drywall...though i fear that some of the seams will show. the gaps were just a little too big plus it was my first stab at drywalling. i know, stop making excuses. anyway, we patched a few blemishes in the rest of the room yesterday and bought some primer. we're going to try our hand at texturing with add in sand...sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun. robin started taping and we cleared the room. once we get rid of the shit green color we'll start feeling good about the project.

monday already. i don't feel too bad about it, things are looking up for me at work and while i'm busy, lately i've felt fulfilled. hmmmm...it's a werid feeling.

anyway, before i drone on anymore i better just log off. happy monday.

23 March 2006


one more thought for the day:

does it bother anyone that our society is embracing a cat the fell from a tree as a hero? appearances on talk shows. film replay over and over and over...

and we're not talking about a cat that saved it's owner after falling into a well. in fact, the cat was a subpar cat with poor balance skills. you could even say it failed at being a cat. it didn't even land on its feet.

getting to know the concrete.

night is turning to day earlier and earlier...5:30am is backlit now and all that really does is confuse me. rolling out of bed at the same time all winter in pitch black darkness has given way to daylight and my first thought is always 'shit, i've overslept.'

robin kicked me good last night. a flush knee shot...all within the context of a dream about me going to the er with a knee problem. my favorite part was robin's dream quote: "all i kept thinking was that my weekend was ruined." classic. my weekend wasn't probably going so good either (in dreamland that is).

more sanding last night. sand down, reapply. it's getting there. hopefully by the end of the weekend we'll be ready to prime.

and speaking of prime, last night's riding conditions were just that. 48 degrees when i left the house...this after the universal prediction of 38 for a high. come on now, these people need some new computer models...the ones they use just aren't cutting it. and why do they insist on 10 day outlooks when they cannot get the next 10 hours correct??? what a sham job if you ask me. ANY other profession would not continue if it was so consistantly wrong.

anyway, i am anti-meteorologist. though i will admit i watch the weather minimally twice per day...i'm an idiot. it gives me something else to bitch about though.

todays themes: droplet size distribution, photodiode array detectors, drywall, toddler in our house for the next 3 days, and bikes (of course).

22 March 2006

we are a brutal kind.

when you do solitary things for long periods of time, it's amazing the range of think topics you can come up with. man i've been on cruise control the past few days, the type of riding where you go out and you can't remember portions of the ride. pretty much sums up base...you've got to log some longslows but damn it's boring. still having fun though, good since that is my mantra for this year.

although the temps are wearing me down. i don't mind riding in the cold, it's the getting dressed to do it part that is annoying. adds 20 minutes to the ride time on both ends. oh well, it'll pay off in september.

sanded down the drywall and reapplied the mud. went ok...though i don't exactly know what the end product should look like but i have an idea. and hell, anything is better than how it started. robin came down to check my progress and said i looked like i was prematurely gray. i had a pretty nice respirator on and i still got a bunch of dust in my lungs. just another day in the life of a master carpenter.

my bike tools i ordered finally shipped yesterday. so hopefully i get them for the weekend so i can put my new fork on. my goal was to have the mtb ready to roll apr1...maybe i'll pull it off. just another day in the life of a master bicycle mechanic.

this post sucks. deal with it.
and by the way, i am not a master carpenter/mechanic. but you knew that.

21 March 2006

electric eel.

windy windy hard. but good for the legs. i'm feeling a little melancholy about the fact that base is ending soon. i'm kind of a base junkie, something about the long slow miles are cathartic. but i need to focus more on some speed work this year...because without fast practice, i won't be fast.

enough of that bike shit! ate sushi with some of robin's coworkers last night. tasty but i wouldn't get the eel again. kind of tough and chewy and tasteless (but not smell-less). why is it always more expensive when you go as a larger group?

in my immediate area at work there are 8 pregnant women. i'm sick of hearing about it. dilated blah blah tired nausea blah blah. the good thing is that they will all be gone for a chunk of time in the near future. maybe they won't come back? i could be so lucky.

20 March 2006

shut 'em down...open up shop.

looks like there is some test stress in the ATL. if adam weren't so gosh darn smart i'd be worried for him.

this weekend was a rough one. it's weird how things end sometimes, and i was dealing with a lot of that this weekend. it all ends for the better though, because if it wasn't for the better...it wouldn't be ending. deep.

i drank way too much saturday night. hopefully greg made his flight alright yesterday. he is flying to california to do course recon of the auburn race i did last year. he's nervous about the climbing but mostly, i think he just wanted to get away from here for a spell.

as for drinking, i'm done for a while. it is not worth it. i'm still in lala land today and losing 2 days of training/productivity is not worth a few laughs saturday night. if i ever want to reach my potential as an amatuer athlete, i need to start looking after myself better. starting yesterday, i'm placing a moratoreum on drinking for 4 weeks. that should do it.

we did some dog supply shopping yesterday. we didn't really buy anything, but we went to several places comparing prices. did you know there is a movement to feed your dog natural food? and by natural, i mean like raw chicken. our dog will be kibble fed. we may add some yogurt, fruit and veggies but that will be additive and not exclusive. some people take shit too far...and that is definately an instance of that.

riding this week...i'm going to try to go big hours over the next 7 days. the weather is not supposed be warm, but at least it will be dry. i've only got a few more weeks of base and last week was a bit of a bust thanks to the snow. i'm thinking of following friel's plan starting in april...except tweaked to what i know is a more reasonable volume. we'll see...happy monday!

16 March 2006


"Snow is god's way of saying 'Hey buddy, lets go score some blow.'"

thanks to dpowell for that one...

15 March 2006


it is not. 4-7" in the next 36 hours...although you wouldn't know it by looking outside right now. hmmmmm...so goes march weather i guess.

slapped up the drywall last night...turned into a bigger job than we had anticipated (imagine that). but, it's up. couldn't mud because greg's mud wasn't in very good shape. maybe tomorrow night...

last night's ride was a windy one. again, march weather.

i really don't have much to say.

14 March 2006

cycling through.

whew, after a big weekend i had a big monday as well. busy day at the office...but in the end it was ok. after the rides i amassed on fri-sun, i needed a day off the bike. 3hrs friday. 2 hard hrs on saturday. 3.5 hrs on sunday. not a bad weekend for march. and i felt good all three days which is a good sign of things to come.

robin saw an allergist yesterday. she is allergic to everything. naw, it's not that bad. but the things she should avoid: trees, grasses, cats, dust, and mean people. how do you avoid trees? she got a few perscriptions for things that i test at work.

the tourny starts tonight. the first round play in game or whatever you call it is tonight. that's pretty cool.

tonight we drywall the gaping hole in the ceiling in the basement. hopefully that warms that space up a little more than it has been. then we get to start the tedius task of filling and sanding. then priming and then finally painting. but the room will be sweet when we are through.

oh, i gained 200grams yesterday. that's right, i got my new fork (manitou skareb). sometimes weighing 200 grams more is worth saving $200 to $400. it seems beefy and plush, but the real test will come when i get it on the s-works. most importantly it looks cool. and isn't that the most important thing for an age grouper???

12 March 2006

it's hard out here for a pimp.

sam, ron, me and ??? will be going a little big this afternoon. if you are local and you want in give a holler.

met the puppies yesterday. also met mother (hershey) and father (beezer). nice doggies all around, but it was also very clear that we will spend the next 2 years (or more) honing our patience skills. but i guess we knew that coming in and is why we have put off getting a dog for the past 3 years. they really are nice dogs and i look forward to a new family member (hopefully i am not allergic!).

cut out from work a tad early on friday for 3 hrs of riding. got 2 in yesterday and today could be as many as 4. i'll take 7-9 hrs of riding in march in 3 days....that is a good week in january!

10 March 2006

what if we give it away?

sometimes you're the hammer and sometime you're the nail. well this week i've felt like the hammer. it's amazing how things can change in a matter of 8 or 9 days, but work has been that way lately. listen, i'm definately not going all optimistic on your asses or anything (don't worry). all i'm saying is that the past few weeks have been....dare i say...nice.

but that leads me into this little tidbit. there is an annoying phd here who thinks she knows everything. actually, i've had the opportunity to work with a lot of phd's of different types and one thing seems really common...not really being all that bright. i know, maybe i'm jealous but...well...ok. she always comes into my area to talk to one of her only friends. apparently she is sick, and she has been to a couple of doctors to find out why. and i'm not talking cancer, she has a cold. sore throat, conjestion. well, she is convinced she needs antibiotics even though both doctors and a nurse practitioner told her it is viral. after forcing them to do multiple strep tests. she was going on and on about it. did i mention that she has a phd in biochemistry? hmmmmm...someone needs a dose of shut the hell up. also, it probably wouldn't hurt if she read up on her bateriology...or maybe just general bio for that matter?

took last night off the bike. i just couldn't do the trainer (a problem i've been having lately) and the fog was a little too dense to be pedaling around the idiots.

speaking of idiots, i got stuck out in the rain wednesday night. as i was riding home through verona, some guy jammed on the horn and gave me the finger. scared the hell out of me...i looked over and in the back seat i saw his young children with a terrified look in there eyes. for the kids' sake i'm glad i was wearing my lobster gloves...my gut reaction is whip out the hate bird but this time i would have felt bad. why is it that people with fancy cars (and assumedly high standard of livings) are so angry?

we're going to visit the pups tomorrow. pretty excited to see those little blobs. they should be opening their eyes for the first time right about...now.

07 March 2006

watching movies of my dreams...

work has been getting busy lately. cutting in on my blog time even. i'll show them...gasp...i'll blog from home! the bike today was a good one, more trail time on the military ridge. the snow we got the other night was still thick, but not soft so it made for a nice strength/base type workout. i'll take it.

robin got me cycle sport magazine for my birthday and with it came the dvd road to paris. it's 4 years old and it still makes me yearn for a little of lance's talent. but the dream is still smoldering in my gut...and even though i'll never be an elite athlete (even though that is what i'll be referred to in wors), i'll go down swinging everytime.

it's raining out now. cold, march rain. i'm loving it.

06 March 2006

i was 28 for a moment.

birthdays are like our own personal new year's days. add in the snowed in factor and i had some time to really think about things. an andy retrospective if you will, and the results of this one came out a lot more positively than in past years. for a while, i got a little depressed if i thought too much about things. what have i accomplished in life, what is my direction? this year i'm happy with the trail i have chosen.

i will say it's a little weird to be in my last year as a twenty something. so is life i guess.

and snap, i'm 364 days away from being 30...

03 March 2006

slide rule day.

yesterday's ride really had me thinking. it started cloudy and raw and that is where my mood got placed. through the first 2/3 of my ride my brain was flooded with thoughts. weird thoughts. like can dogs be autistic? i was thinking about posturing at work. i was thinking that i really need to put the front fender on my bike. the trails were pretty hard so i was able to go a little faster than of late...and that was fun. as i got to the road ride home the skys opened up and the sun came out. a great sign of a good impending weekend. i smiled the last 30 minutes home.

robin came home in a panic. she had lost a bracelet one of her patients had made for her. "it must have slipped off my arm." so we got in the car and retraced her steps. last things first, we drove to the gas station. nothing. then we parked where she had parked for work. nothing. we backtracked the walk to the clinic. nothing. we looked in her department, rummaging through the triage room...nothing. talk to the custodian. check the lost and found at security. no luck. so, hope was dwindling. on our way out we decided to ask the custodian vacuuming the entrance. jackpot. good things do really happen.

looking at the bracelet that robin got really made me proud of her. she goes to work, just like any of us. sometimes she is very tired. sometimes she is crabby. she is after all human. but she touches people...affects there lives very directly. this bracelet was hand made by a 19 year old girl dealing with some paralysis. looking at it, and seeing robin's face when we found it really made me happy. and it is a testament not only to the job robin does at work, but to how she lives her life.

so, i guess i would say that yesterday was a good day.

it's my birthday this weekend. can't really believe that another year has past already. if you are in town on saturday, give me a call. i just may be up for drinking some gin...

02 March 2006

npr says...

this morning on npr i heard that a recent study shows that you are 2.5 times more likely to die in a car crash if you are skinny (ie not obese). maybe i need to rethink a few things...

but then again, i wouldn't want to mess with an already low power to weight ratio. sometimes it feels like my size is the only thing i've got going for me on the bike. ah yes, the bike. the trails are soupy as ever and i'm really getting worked over on my rides. with my heartrate objectives in tow, i've been going really slow. or at least seemingly, my ride times have stayed about the same. hmmmm. could i be getting more fit? time will tell.

it's snowing cats and dogs right now. great. maybe the trail soup will freeze.