31 December 2005

last day of 05.

i've come down with a little something, mostly sore throat and pnd. it's not in the chest though, so ride i will. i'm going to hit up all the bike paths today, try to do something resembling a long ride. send 2005 out right (per pat's instructions). this way, i won't feel too guilty having a few bitter woman ipa's or a few bombay saphire's tonight (or both??).

i hope everyone has a good day #365. it's been an interesting year for us, some big steps, some regressions. i guess one of the biggest things we did was buying the house. personally, the trip to california for the triathlon was right up there too, but for different reasons. that was a real toughness check for me, and i'm happy with how i reacted to it (mostly). my year away from mountain biking has done exactly what i wanted it to...it's got me hungry to race again (actually, lately i would call it starving). we lost two of my favorite people from the team, people that i have to try to beat on sundays now (and the occasional saturday). i'll still steal scott's beer afterwards though...

what else? beth moved to denmark, betsy living with us, pat running at worlds, my promotion, robin bringing home the gold at bsg. highlights that come to mind at this instant. there are more that i'm missing, but the take home message is that it's been a great year, and hopefully greatness will ensue in 2006.

happy new year.

30 December 2005

long day.

for very unfortunate reasons, yesterday was a long one.

robin's grandmother is in the hospital with some complications due to heart/kidney failure. she has improved, but the situation is still dire. if anyone can spare a few positive thoughts, we would appreciate it.

i spent 2 hrs in the dentist chair having the root canal procedure. besides the occasional shot of pain, the procedure wasn't that bad. i have a temporary filling with a crown to follow in the next several weeks. and, here's the best part, my tooth doesn't hurt. the gums below it are a bit sore, but nothing compared to how it had been.

after the toll of the day, i needed some exercise so i got on the trainer for a little while. 45 minutes-just enough to do 1-leg pedalling drills and some light spinning. i didn't want to push it at all with the mouth stuff, but at least i could relax last night knowing i at least tried to train a little.


29 December 2005

i'm not a great b-ball player (playa)

basketball last night was fun, there were exactly 20 people there so there were always 2 games going...no rest. i shot the ball ok, and managed to be in the right spot under the hoop occasionally but all in all, i suck. our team never can manage to close the deal, we consistantly lose 6-7 and with sam, ron and i...we don't like losing. if i could dribble with my right hand our offense would be much better.

so, i'm on call for a root canal. one last holiday gift for myself. $400 worth-actually around $2000 worth but our insurance is good. i even get a crown out of the deal. i'm soo lucky. might happen this afternoon if the dentite's schedule works out. i'm actually looking forward to it, the tooth is killing me (especially after any type of workout).

we're going to try to go to denmark this summer we've decided. visit beth and morten and hopefully stig and marie. between that and all this family dental work, i've decided that it is not my year for a new bike. but, i will need to do something about my fork if i am to race a full schedule, so if anyone has a fork connection for fox let me know!

28 December 2005

livin' thing.

last night i strapped the light on the 1x1 and headed out for a late afternoon ride. although i was only out for an hour or so, it felt good to ride outside again. there is a neighborhood down the road from us that is super posh with lots of hills, little traffic and thus is a perfect place to do some winter riding.

i will say, i need new wheels for the single speed. nothing fancy, but i get the feeling that one of them is going to spontaneously taco at any moment...
basketball tonight. time to sport my new b-ball shoes (and the resulting blisters). at least i will be able to grip the floor a little better.

wow, another boring entry. lucky you.

27 December 2005

came and went...

wow, what a 4 days. it was a nice holiday, great to see everyone. i'm tired. and i've hit rock bottom in my training. nothing for 4 days. NOTHING. i had the skis...but the snow all melted. there was less snow in eau claire than in madison (but not by much). i meant to bring my running shoes...but of course those didn't make it into the car.

i'm taking the 1x1 out tonight...that reminds me, i need to charge my light. i like to ride i said with a smile...i think i'll go another mile!

sorry for the rhyming...i'm no dr. suess. where is that second line from? anyone?

22 December 2005


every year, my dad likes to suprise his eldest children (beth and i) with some major life news. well, i got the scoop on this year's suprise. he moved in with his 21 year old girlfriend in eau claire. mind you, he owns a house in fall creek. so, another thing to file under the wtf? file.

i have spent my adult life trying to not be like him. at times, i'll laugh like him or say something that he would say and it literally makes me cringe. it's not that i don't love the guy, it's just that i don't like him a whole lot. maybe next year i'll have a step mom that is 8 years younger than me...

anyway, last work day before the holiday. 4 days off...if you can call traveling all over the state to witness 3 distinctly different flavors of drama days off.

i'm going to try to be happy now. i hope everyone else is as well. seriously, have a happy holiday. and if you don't celebrate christmas, take the day off from normal activities anyway.

best wishes and much cheer.

21 December 2005

company in my back.

man i hate going to the dentist. i had a rough experience yesterday. i admit that it's my fault. but the work done left me in the pain cave. and another training day was lost. i'm starting to get a little of the holiday blues because of my lack of training. and it has nothing to do with worries about my race fitness in may. it's got everything to do with feeling unhealthy. i feel soft and lazy. i have issues...

the good thing...two days left before a 4 day weekend. i'm putting the skis on the roof and i am not afraid to use them! hopefully i'll find a little chunk of time somewhere.

20 December 2005

when you wake up feeling old...

i haven't much felt like an athlete lately, much less a racer. the holidays have sucked me (and my low self control) into the vortex that is eat, drink and be merry. funny how the eat and drink can steal away from the merry though, wouldn't you agree? i had an idea that i would bottom out this week but it wasn't supposed to be until the end of the week. anyway, i must ski tonight hung over or not.

i have a dentist appointment today. i'm not proud of the fact that i haven't seen one lately, and i don't intend on divulging just how long it has been. some of it has been circumstance, some of it laziness and, frankly, a big part of it is me being an anti-dentite. but i decided to bite the pain bullet and schedule an appointment...to fix my missing filling and all the 8,000 other problems they will probably find. should be fun. big fun.

by 6:45 this morning there were two people near me in the office eating smack style at the computers. lovely.

i wonder what pat is up to these days?

19 December 2005

cheer up....

....we've almost made it through! we had a couple of errands to run yesterday and the realization hit us that everyone is completely out of their gourds this time of the year. people have completely lost it...driving in reverse down the middle of the road, people pushing to move up one place in line, just generally being uncivilized. animals.

i have a new favorite word. janky. or jankity. use it in a sentance as: 'that woman with her fake breasts sticking out looks real jankity.' that leads me to my work party. i now understand the logic breast implants...you no longer have a need for undergarments, they support themselves. and you can create the grand canyon of cleavage. not my thing at all but she got what she set out for...everyone staring and talking about her. probably not saying the things she would want to hear though.
other than prosthetic boobs, the work party was typical...everyone got good and wasted on the company's dime.

the hockey game was high scoring. the u-18 boys can skate, and they pushed the best team in the nation to the brink...they even threw some punches. but the badgers pulled it out with a 6-5 win.

anyway, the quiet before the storm...what is everyone doing for new years??

16 December 2005

still more snow.

i cut out of work a couple of hours early to get a ski in before my mom arrived to shuttle beth and morten back to ec. the skiing was sub-par (wasn't groomed yet) but it was a great workout and the woods were beautiful. we visited for awhile and then went to eat some mexican food at mi-cocina. that place rules...

the shoveling has been wicked hard the past couple days. i swear the plow hangs around the neighborhood, waiting for some people to chip away the icy plow dredgings at the side of the road and then comes past again for some more fun. but, at least they are plowing our neighborhood this time...

robin scored some tickets to the uw hockey game tonight...in the luxery box. it is an exibition against the nation u-18 team, but who cares? we get to see the best college team in the nation while eating complimentary food. not bad.

saturday is my work party. i really don't have much to say about that. we're going to another party after that. i'm getting tired just thinking about it...

15 December 2005

too much.

last night, after talking with beth and morten about the differences between denmark and the u.s. over pizza, we went to woodmans. have you ever strolled the aisles of woodmans with nothing to buy? at first, it is kind of funny. you know, how many different types of tortilla chips do you really need? but as we walked, robin and i both started kind of feeling kind of...well...sick. i mean, why do we need so much shit? i thought about it a lot while shoveling later, and i decided i need to be a little more thoughtful about things. as in, do i really need all the things i think i do. most likely i know the answer. consumerism drives our economy, but i think i should focus on consuming and not over consuming.

i've had another thought a lot lately. what is with my dad? he doesn't return my calls but even worse, he didn't return beth's call after she returned to the u.s.

if you haven't read adam's website lately, you should (see near sited ducks link). turns out his anecdote was a short story (a decent one at that). adam, you had me until the clapping at the end...i had a feeling it was fiction at that point. there just aren't enough americans who would care enough to give a rousing ovation after something like that (unless you keep the hot dog heater from tipping over or something else related to processed food).

i've been really bitter lately...

14 December 2005


there is a buzz in the office (already) about the snow. you'd think we were in texas or something. an inch and a half of wet snow and people are starting to FREAK.


i should be the worried one. the white stuff smoked me last night. twice. it took all of 30 seconds for my first major crash of the night on the skiis. then about an hour later, i was racing a skate skier down hill and *whammo* i'm on the ground. banged my knee up pretty good. am i the only that falls while cross country skiing? probably.

morten is safely in the united states. my sister and him were scheduled to head home to eau claire tonight but i think we'll sequester them one more night due to the poor driving conditions. it's good to see them again.

i've got a pile of crap (not literally) on my desk so i better get to it...

13 December 2005

big, long weekend.

parties are hard work. we spent the whole day saturday on our feet getting food ready for the party. tapped the keg, mulled the cider and hand squeezed 21 tangerines for the "sangria of the winter." we ended up with a lower turnout than expected (around 25 people), but it was really, really fun and i'm glad we did it. but, we were exhausted from the whole thing....

so, i slept to 9 on sunday but robin out did me and didn't appear until 12. at one point i went up to make sure she was still breathing! we did nothing on sunday except slight cleaning...it was great. the packers did enough to hurt their draft order but it is good to see them with a 'w'.

yesterday, we both took off from work. we went to breakfast and then finished up our christmas shopping. we're about finished, i was amazed at how much we still had to do. i went out and got a great ski in, the conditions are perfect and i'm excited to hit it again tonight. the big news is that beth is back in the united states. we picked her up last night and it is really good to see her again. morten will be here tonight, and they will stay with us until thursday due to the snowstorm tomorrow (4-7"!!). finally a good snow year...

09 December 2005

skiing, basketball and shoveling...

have all left me sore. but sore in a good way. you know, where you kind of ache but have full range of motion. it's truly amazing how some parts of the body get so imbalanced when all you do are specific activities...and i expanded on them last year. and speaking of skiing, the trails at elver are amazing with the new 2-3 inches of fresh pow we got last night. still not many people out there, which is good in my book. once they turn the lights on that is sure to change...

tonight we are going to make an appearance at robin's work party. then it's time to get ready for our own party. it's shaping up to be a good one with a lot of people coming from our respective work scenes... i know what your thinking but i don't really hate everyone i work with!

we have also taken monday off. sort of a december tradition, sleep in, eat breakfast, wrap up some christmas shopping (and then maybe wrap up some gifts). plus, it gets me in 4 day week mode with the next 4 weeks having only 4 work days. now that is what i'm talking about!

08 December 2005


the sky is changing from black to azure as my steering wheel makes my teeth chatter. another day at the office and the inevitable thoughts of 'why do i do this?' pop into my head. this question has got be asked countless time a day by a lot of people, and everytime the answer is a little different. the stark reality is that we have to, because food and shelter and transport are expensive. but stark reality isn't what gets me through another day. it's free time with my wife. it's long epic rides with friends in the wind rain snow sun hot cold. it's travel to new and old places. it's friends and family. and so another day begins, and i do my best. and i try not to let the people i work with really know how i feel. and i go home, and i ski my brains out and i kiss my wife and life is good.

07 December 2005

in the city lights.

rode the trainer last night. read old velonews issues while i was doing it. big fun, let me tell you.

robin cranked out two different types of cookie dough last night to be baked at a later date. talk about upping the ante on me trying not to eat poorly this holiday season. they both looked really tasty.

not much else going on last night. it's been cold these past few days...

06 December 2005


skied last night at elver for around an hour and a half. felt good to get out on the boards again. although conditions were less than ideal, it was good to be skiing in december for once.

so we're having a party this weekend. mostly people from our respective work places. but we're inviting quite a few people so we decided that a 1/4 barrell would be the right thing to do. we meant to order it over the weekend, but circumstances dictated that we weren't able to get to steve's liquour until last night. we figured that we were going to be getting something local, so it would probably be ok. well, we got in and asked and we were told that all keg orders for the upcoming weekend are placed monday at 5pm (it was 8). they went on to tell us that universally in madison, liquour stores require a week lead time. man was i bummed. in the back of my mind i was thinking "if the deadline is 5pm monday, does the order really go out monday or is it tuesday morning?"

i had a hunch, so we headed to the verona wine cellar. this place is literally mom and pops and is about the same distance from our house. we walked in and i asked if it was too late to get a 1/4 barrel for saturday. he said no. we ordered our spotted cow and he said he could have gotten that for us even if we had waited until thursday to order it. wtf??

long story short, steve's is off the list of places we will do business with. more importantly, the wine cellar is where we will be buying all of our alcoholic needs. whatever happened to customer service anyway?


05 December 2005

another weekend **poof**

this was a great weekend. friday saw us in racine for a night on the town with some old and some new friends. it was a great group and fun was had by all. although, i had 3 or 4 too many sierra nevada pale ales...but what is the offseason/holiday season for? ahhh, it's good to be a mountain biker again...

saturday grogginess ensued, and it took me awhile to regain functionality. but a few hours on the peterson couch and we were ready to hit the road. the objective: miller park for some christmas shopping. check. meet up with andy at edwardos for some excellant pizza. check. go to mayfair mall (more specifically crate and barrel) to spend the gift certificate we've had since 2001. check. drive really slow in the fresh snow all the way home. check. saturday was a success.

sunday we did some housework and shoveling and then it was off to meet the knutowskis and slay a tree. the place we picked was sweet. $20 for any tree you wanted. but there was some labor required. 3/4 mile hike through the fresh snow, cut it down your self and then drag it back. we got a nice tree, and it is in the livingroom as i write this. some spiked cider and a christy meal later, and we were happy campers.

monday and this is the last full work week i'll have in the next 5. music to my ears....

02 December 2005

friday and i want to shake someone already.

you know, if i were pregnant (that statement doesn't work on several levels i know) i wouldn't eat chili cheese fritos for breakfast. if anything, i'd eat better than normal (you know, the whole developing child thing). not this beatch that sits next to me at work. she sucks it big time, and now she is using her pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything she wants (and this woman is a weight watchers disciple). she makes me ill...especially at 6:45am. at this stage in her pregnancy, she should be 'showing'. the only thing that is showing so far is her extra chin (no lie).

sorry, sometimes it is good to vent.

we're heading to milwaukee tonight to see some peeps (scott, lisa, ben and shorty...maybe more?), eat some raw fish and drink some...stuff. should be a hoot, haven't seen the racine crew since halloween.

saturday we're going to crate and barrel to use a gift certificate we've had since like 2002. if they still accept it. then we may head to miller park and visit the merchandise store to get a christmas present for my pops. i hope he is still talking to me...

speaking of brewers, the official word is that all sunday home games will feature the 1982 home uniforms (ball and glove logo, pinstripes). that is not all, they will play 80s music as well. "and now batting, j.j. hardy (flock of seagulls playing in the background)." sweet.

have a nice weekend.

01 December 2005


a new month brings 3 inches of snow to town. i shoveled it all before work this morning, and it was nice. shoveling is just physical enough to get the blood flowing a little bit and put me in a good mood. hopefully that good mood will carry me through the day.

i played basketball last night and actually played better than i thought i would. most of the guys there are severly out of shape, so i have an advantage after about 10 minutes of pushing it up the floor (even though they are more skilled than me). my best game i scored or assisted on 6 or 7 points (games to 7) to come back from a 4-0 deficit. nice, now hopefully i can walk tomorrow!

tonight the brewers debut their new sunday uniforms with the ball and glove design. i'm a geek when it comes to baseball/uniforms so needless to say, i'm geeked out. it's actually a cool story; the brewers management wanted to do a poll on potential uniform changes, so they printed up equal amounts of new school and old school t-shirts and let fans choose which one they wanted as they entered the stadium on a fan day. old school won by a landslide. if the sunday version of the uniforms are a smash this year, look for the uniform to change for all games in 2007...

i've succussfully landed my first new sponsor for the team...tifosi optics. they are pretty much giving us product for a spot on the jersey and a sticker here and there. nice, i've heard really good things about their stuff...

btw...here is a site that i have been enjoying lately...this guys takes some great photos and posts a new one with each entry. check it out.