irregular routine.

my "regular" routine of sifting some daily exercise back into my life was upended by a week of sick people in my house. miles spiked his first fever and it persisted from wednesday afternoon through the weekend. trying to manage care for him around our work schedules was difficult. on top of it, i needed to present on a previous project at the all company meeting friday afternoon (600 people or so) as well as work with my executive management to negotiate a new contract with a current program. i thought that having a second kid would be in a way easier - but not only is it really hard transitioning from one to two - i am in a completely different place professionally than i was 4 years ago. i guess there are reasons people have kids in their twenties (and not mid-thirties).

we celebrated christmas with my in-laws over the weekend. that's right, i said that. we had originally planned this for two weeks ago but due to ice/sick kids it was postponed. so we went on saturday - and that was the worst winter driving we have endured in a very long time. high cross winds on icey roads is not a good combination. at one point a gust pushed the back end of the van pretty far sideways - i thought for sure we were going to start spinning down the interstate. anyway, for a celebration at the end of january it was nice. the wood furnace is havoc on my allergies and it is at times a million-trillion degrees in that house (at least) but we got through it.

i'm supposed to travel to north carolina tomorrow but it is looking like this storm may end up putting the kibosh on it. the last thing i want to do is to fly to detroit and get stranded there - yuck.

happy tuesday.


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