i'm not sure if it is the weather, or the fact that cx nationals is ongoing or what but i've been feeling restless this week. something inside me has been driving me to finish my raleigh twin six ss build - so i've been working on it in 15 minute increments. it's weird, there was a time in my life that i could easily find two hour blocks of time (on a daily basis no less) to do a build like this. anyway, i've been able to get the brakes set up and bars wrapped. next is the drive train. i'm waiting on some cassette spacers and then i should be able to wrap it up. my goal is to get all these little equipment projects done in January so that any time i can scrounge after that is spent training. seems like a decent goal.

i have been missing nationals - in somewhat unexpected fashion. i was so fortunate to have nationals 5 minutes from my house the past two years. i think i took it for granted. traveling to colorado wasn't a possibility this year (and i've been resigned to that reality since we knew miles' due date) but yet i'm longing to be doing the race. oh well, maybe next year?

i'm grinding at work today. a huge pile of work and no motivation.

happy friday.


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