watching the men's national championship race yesterday inspired me. i had been down a little on jpow over the past few months - i didn't like the complaining about the cold, i didn't like his verbal sparring with adam craig about the timing of nationals. these things i still disagree with - but yesterday he proved he was the true champion by destroying the field wire to wire. well done. i was thinking about it when i woke up this morning - i wonder how that performance would have rated against the european racers under the same conditions.

i also watched the women's race - from the trainer. it was my first push of pedals in a very long time - and boy did it feel good. i did 50 minutes and then followed that up with some core work. i'm feeling sore today - and boy did i miss this feeling. hopefully this will serve as motivation for the next few months - the trainer wasn't all that bad. possibly because i haven't ridden outside since the camrock race.

our trip to my in-law's got cancelled this weekend due to poor weather and sick children. we rescheduled our christmas celebration to occur january 25th - a full month after the holiday. oh well, not much we can do about it. although, next year my vote will be doing this things before the actual holiday.

happy monday.


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