for some reason i'm really down (more than usual) on the endless triathletes that ride the roads around my house. rider after rider, blowing stop signs, doing other douchey things. last night i was riding the single speed (w/knobbies) home from work (wearing a backpack). i stopped at the 3-way stop sign at midtown and then started riding the hill. some dude on an aero bike blew through the stop sign (coming from the opposite way) and then tried to hold my wheel up the hill (without saying a word). as per usual, i dropped him on the hill only to get passed back on the flat. no acknowledgment, no hello, nothing. i know that ironman is great for the local economy but it sure would be cool if they carved out a race route on the east side for a few years. i'm over it and i do believe the locals are too. they a-holes give all cyclists a bad name.

anyway, i went out this morning to find a flat rear tire on the single speed. i'm a little cursed lately with flats. so, i grabbed my november race bike, aired up the tubular file treads and rode that in. i haven't ridden it since nationals but have swapped out stem/seatpost so i had to make a few adjustments to get it feeling right. that is a pretty sweet set up for gravel - which is what i'm planning to ride this evening. should be fun (but if i get a flat i'm screwed).

happy wednesday.


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