so long superman

what a weekend. this was confirmed by the the feelings of being sore/fatigued this morning - so much so that i really couldn't fathom riding in.

robin was out of town saturday so it was boys day! prior to r leaving i was able to get in a nice 6 mile run. i almost got run over three different times by people trying to get to thrift sales in the hawks landing neighborhood but besides that it was a beaut of a morning to run. my piroformis/upper hamstring on my left leg has been bothering me since the trail race last weekend but it seems like something i just need to work through. then i started an absolutely phenomenal saturday with my son. a few weeks back i got him his first real golf clubs and we have been practicing in the back yard with whiffle  balls. i took him to the driving range and he loved it - and i must say that i'm a better teacher than i am golfer (story of my life). i watch a lot of golf and i kept having visions of a current pga ad that shows all the current big timers playing when they were around calvin's age. we went into the clubhouse for some popcorn and waters and then it was time to putt. again, he loved it. every time he made one (and he made a lot of them) he would yell 'wooooo-hooooo!' it was classic. coffee, lunch and then map followed. while he was sleeping i was able to get the yard mowed and then cleaned the entire first level of our house. cal got up and we headed to the zoo - problem was, the zoo was closed so we opted for ice cream instead. i grilled turkey burgers for us (we ate them outside) and then we finished the evening with more golf in the backyard. he is into it (for now). after cal went to bed i fixed my flat rear (again) on the road bike and finally sat for a bit.

sunday morning bright and early cal was in waking me up. breakfast and then more golf outside before i decided i should check my rear tire ahead of the wheels on willy crit. flat again of course. i spent a lot of time inspecting the tire and thought i had resolved the issue but obviously not. that tire is shot so plan b - i borrowed the wheels off robin's bike which required a cassette change. it all ended up ok - just a little drama. i rode downtown to race, did the 35+ 4/5 race and then rode home. same story it always is for me in crits, too impatient, too much work too early, finish in the field in the finale. but i got a great workout so mission accomplished. cal got to race as well and that was the highlight of the event for me. when he lined up he totally had his game face on - i was asking questions and he would just nod or shake is head while focused down the course. it was really fun to watch him and he looked really happy during the race. after an afternoon on the couch watching golf (and the thunderstorm blowing through) we got our garden bed installed and filled with the compost/black dirt that has been on our driveway the past week. not the best time to schlep that stuff (water logged) but a job well done. the cedar garden looks nice and is ready for some veggies!

a great spring weekend for sure.

happy monday.


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