31 May 2007

say it ain't so.

back to work. yeeesh. i feel alright, although last night around 8:30 was rough.

30 May 2007

we're baaaaack.

well, my vacation time is over because i'd be driving home from work as i type this. all in all, it was a great time. the weddings in denmark, well, they'll kick your ass if you are not careful. the wedding reception finally started breaking up around 4am. there were some genuinely nice people there, from denmark, ireland, norway, england, mexico, germany and the usa. i'm probably forgetting one or two but cut me some slack, i'm like jet lagged or something.

anyway, on a fun scale of 1 to 10, 10 being how i remember our wedding feeling (although i am partial), i would rate this one a 9.9. the only reason i'm not giving it a '10' is that robin and i weren't getting hitched (selfish i know).

this is downtown copenhagen. gotta love the bikes. we ate at a great little spot downtown and i had some delicious pork roast, all crusty like on the outside. and a tuborg, my most favorite beer in dk. prior to dinner, we all pitched in a little to set up for the following days festivities. while we were 'gettin er done,' the employees at the reception hall were crowed around the tv watching the bjarne riis press conference. you wouldn't see that in the usa (people paying attention to cycling, not the blood doping). dopers suck.

here is a picture of the lovely bride and groom getting into the sweet bmw for a pleasure cruise. the ceremony was beautiful. poor morten wasn't feeling well but i think he was just trying to make it so he and beth could sit and relax during the exchange of vows. pictures followed and it was an afternoon that not even a steady rain could diminish.

since the dancing didn't really even start until midnight, i thought it was safe to cut a rug. well, safe for me anyway (sorry to everyone i may have stepped on while displaying my ability to flail wildly). the band was top notch, and the only thing better would have been...well...2 more hours of said band. the danes have a lot of wedding rituals that i really love. rituals that include stomping, toasting and kissing the bride when the groom is not looking. did i mention that the weddings pretty much go all night? (i went to bed after 5 am...and there were grandparents there until the end)

more pics here

all that fun did come at a cost. i only was able to run 1 day during the visit. but i've already turned that frown upside down by convincing myself that a break was much needed. marathon training starts monday.

and the day we get home the brewers win. you can thank me later.

24 May 2007

in transit (sorry mark)

6 miles last night, knees still ached. 10 miles moderate this morning and i felt really good. last 7 days: high forties?

so we're packed, the dog is at the knutowski's (thanks again guys) and...thunderstorms are rolling in. eh, this is how travel works. anyway, this blog will be quiet for just under a week. see you all on the other side of the 'unofficial start of summer.' whatever that means.

when i get back maybe i'll have to get my photo blog on...

happy thursday.

23 May 2007

sore knees.

got out for 8 miles on the ice age trail last night. my knees have been really sore since monday, and i'm not sure why. warm and windy but i felt good.
last 7 days: 47.5 miles.

after the run i got the hay field that was our yard mowed and ready for our absence. and *poof* the night disappeared.

22 May 2007

some side with the leaves, some side with the seeds.

after picking up our new chair for the living room (thanks for the help ron) i made it out for a 6 miler. my knees were really stiff/sore, i guess from pushing it on the 12 miler sunday. last 7 days: 46 miles.

gas prices are high. every year people say that we are reaching a tipping point, that we'll have to change our ways. then, nobody changes anything. and we get used to the new 'regular' gas price. then, it starts again when the price of gas goes up in the spring, beating last spring's price by 50 cents.

i really have no point. but then again, when do i?

happy tuesday.

21 May 2007

no more weekends.

i always count down to big events by the number of weekends until the event. well, we're down to zero for our next danish adventure, and i feel fine.

the weekend was a good one, we wrapped up some landscaping work (i schlepped mulch all afternoon friday with no running). did some other odds and ends types of stuff throughout the weekend to prepare for the trip. saturday i managed 7 miles with a sore back from said mulch lifting. yesterday was a 12 miler that turned into a progression run, the first 6 i ran at 6:50 to 7:05 pace and then decided to push a little and the way back in. got down in the 6:20's the last couple of miles, and i felt great doing it. past 7 days: 47 miles.

18 May 2007

nickel and dimed.

work is annoying me right now. my current client is cheap, and i have to pay the price by getting micro-managed. not condusive to methods development.

6 miles last night, the weather was perfect (60 degrees, sun, light breeze).
last 7 days: 40.5 miles.

i'm glad it's friday. we're going to try to wrap up some things that we want done before we head to denmark. i can't believe we leave in less than a week.

happy friday.

17 May 2007

impossible germany

8-ish trail miles last night. the ice age trail is hillier (is that a word?) than i remember. the soft track was enjoyable and the legs feel really good this morning.
last 7 days: 44.5 miles.

i'm tired this morning. i could use a day off.

16 May 2007

side with the seeds.

6.5 miles last night. wanted to do more but my motivation was low from a long day at work and a lot on my mind. the rain and the wind did nothing to improve my spirits but the run was good, another feather in the cap i guess.
last 7 days: 42 miles.

i really like sky blue sky. it's different than what they've been doing, and i think that is what appeals to me most about wilco. they have essentially dropped the electronic sound that has been present the past few albums and replaced it with something more towards their roots. but i wouldn't call it alt country, i'd call it modern folk with a twist of late 70's early 1980's style rock (i'm talking steely dan) with some guitar riffs that conjure my days of listening to phish (of all things). all this and i've only listened to it once. first impressions aren't always what they seem with wilco albums...

maybe the sun will shine today, maybe the clouds will blow away.
maybe i won't feel so afraid. i will try to understand, either way.

happy wednesday.

15 May 2007

sky blue sky

wilco's new album is out today. it's not even 7am yet and i can say that today is a great day. i know what i'm doing at lunch...

7 miles in the windy heat last night. felt really good, once i got used to the hot air. last 7 days: 44.5 miles. i did 5 minutes of medicine ball-on-swiss ball sit ups last night. that's a lot of balls.

that's all i've got. busy day at work today (worky work busy bee!-i love that commercial).

happy tuesday.

14 May 2007

i had a dream

last night i had a dream about grad school. it was my first day, and oddly enough it was at byu. it was a gigantic lecture hall and i was one of the first to arrive. one by one half of the people i work with filed in. of course, only the people i find incompetent. then, the woman sitting next to me tried to make out with me. i kept fighting her off (literally-i punched her once) and i kept thinking, man i never expected this at a mormon institution.

we had a really good weekend. saturday we were up early with the birds (see: dog) and headed down to the farmers market. on the way we stopped at the peets coffee shop in the newly opened sundance theater. it's a nice place, pretty upscale and it even smelled like park city. i spent the afternoon resting some (i wasn't feeling so hot), mowing the yard and watching the cubs in high def. we watched 'the departed' saturday night. i loved the dialogue (mark whalberg's character was the best) and style of the movie but i would have preferred a different ending. i guess that is why i don't make movies.

yesterday was an expensive day. we bought some plants, rented a car for denmark, and (ta-da) bought a canoe. this has been something we've been planning on for awhile, and we had a nice subsidy in the form of a relatively large rei gift card, and they were on sale this weekend so we finally just did it (we've had said gift card since december). there are so many bodies of water around here it seemed like something one should do living in madison.

oh yea, running. i ran 6.5 miles yesterday and none on saturday. i'm glad to be in my 'unstructured' portion of my training.

happy monday.

11 May 2007

nice night.

1: 5.43
2: 5.55
3: 6.10
4: 5.58
5: 5.56
6: 5.59
10km: 36.57 (3rd overall/1st in age group)

i knew right away i wouldn't be in the low 36's this night, but it was fun no less. i went out with the two leaders from the wisconsin track club and that lasted all of 2 or 3 minutes before i knew they were just a little too swift for me. i soloed the rest of the way for 3rd place. considering i just raced hard less than a week ago i'm pretty happy with the result.

robin walked along the lake and stood towards the entrance of the park to watch me finish. she befriended a couple of the 'regulars' in vilas park. they were watching the 5km finish and the lady said:
"hey, that lady is running with a house arrest bracelet on. that lady too."
"oh, those are timing chips."
"well, where we're from those are house arrest bracelets."
when i came through the guy gave me a "that's what i'm taking about" and cheered me on like he knew me. it was pretty fun.

we hit monty's blueplate afterwards for some sustenance (bacon swiss burger for me). the exotic east side...that always cracks me up because it really does feel like a different city although it doesn't seem like it should be possible in a city that is under 300,000 people.

anyway, one more day to endure. it's been a long week and i'm ready for the weekend.

happy friday.

10 May 2007

coco cordero

6 miles last night with some drills/strides at the end. my neighbors look at me like i'm some sort of deranged killer as i stride up the street. whatever, you guys are just jealous or something. i'm looking forward to tonight's race. should be interesting.
last 7 days: 40.5 miles.

09 May 2007

red rabbits.

8.5 miles last night and it felt good. the weather, the leaves on the trees, the smells...all point to summer. i decided to train through tomorrow night's 10km attempt in the arb. i'd really like to slip under 37 minutes, although based on my vdot i should be able to get closer to 36 than 37. it'll all come down to how i run the relatively hilly first 5km of the course.
last 7 days: 41 miles.

brewers won again. fielder and hardy are feeding on each other and it is fun to watch. before hardy hit is home run last night i swear he told fielder he was going to hit it. whether or not this team has the staying power this year is tbd, but they are set for the next 5 years (or more) of great baseball. it's exciting to be a brewers fan again.

happy wednesday.

08 May 2007

sore head.

after work last night i had a headache, my joints were still sore from the weekend's tilt and i was exhausted. i opted for a 45 minute nap in place of my 45 minute run. napping isn't something i'm usually good at so i'll take it as a sign that it was the right thing to do. i spent the rest of the night in a post headache-post nap haze, but that's ok when your major tasks for the night are doing the dishes and watching the brewers win another game.
last 7 days: 38.5 miles (yikes)

the first wors race was over the weekend. i've read a few accounts and looked at the familiar list of results in my age group in the class i'd be racing in and i have to say i don't feel any pangs of regret. i do want to get on the bike a little more often, but i'm not feeling the race vibe in the least. racing every weekend is nice and all, but for me half (or more) of the fun is the process of training, something i was never able to figure out in the context of a race series with 12 races, plus the peripheral races that i always wanted to do. it's tough to have continuity in training when you race 2/3 of the weekends during the summer. i'm not bashing, to each is own. i'm just much more comfortable with where i'm at.

oliver woke me up at 5:05 this am. somebody outta kick that dog. not really.

happy tuesday.

07 May 2007

who knows anything?

yesterday was a catch up day on the housework that has been accumulating. dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc. not to mention a dog that was going crazy. it seems like he is out of control crazy every other day. then he spends the next day recovering from being hyper.

i got out for 6 miles and i was sore. but running felt better than walking which is always a surprise. all in all i think i'm recovering well.
last 7 days: 45 miles.

i'm beat this morning. i guess the second day out from a big effort is the toughest.

happy monday.

06 May 2007


i'm a little sore from yesterday's efforts, enough so that i'm still contemplating what i'll do for a workout today. maybe 6 miles in the park.

i feel like i've come a long way since i resumed running. when i started back up, sustaining low 6's for 20km was unimaginable. and now here i am, with minimal speed/tempo work. the obvious question is: what now? i know what my objective is, that hasn't changed. but now i have a little more confidence. i almost feel like, if i play my cards right, and i stay healthy, i actually could run my vdot marathon estimate which is a lot faster than i ever thought i'd get in just a year's worth of running.

i pulled my daniel's book from off the shelf last night, and i was reading through his marathon plans. plan-a seems to fit what i want to do, with some mileage flexibilty and some structured workouts that will help me maximize my speed. it will have to be a hybrid plan, because i'll only have 18 weeks from june 1st. but the first 6 weeks of his plan are what i've been doing for 6 months so i guess that is not an issue. the other point of emphasis is that i need to continue taking days off when my body tells me to. patience has gotten me this far.

my other decision: should i do the nurses run this thursday? it's on a course i really enjoy (the arb loop). i'd like to get an 'official' 10km pr. but, is it too close to what i just did? hmmmm.

happy sunday.

05 May 2007

mission accomplished.

1: 5:55.7
2: 6:23.3
4: 11:59.7
5: 5:59.8
6: 5:58.5
7: 6:17.0
8: 6:09.7
9: 6:13.3
10: 6:10.4
11: 6:10.0
20km: 1:15.49

used the wind in the opening 5 miles and slowed later on. the effort felt even over the entire race, and i finished feeling like i could have gone a little harder (lack of experience). but i'd rather that then run the tank empty at 10 miles. i managed a pr in the 10km by running the first half in 37:33 (as best as i can remember, i didn't hit the split).

6th overall (2nd in the age group)

a good day.

04 May 2007


my kind of weather. bring it on...

quiet before the storm.

no run last night, a planned night off. my body seems to respond the best when i take a day off 2 days before an event with a easy run the day before.
last 7 days: 42 miles (lowest it's been in many weeks--hopefully it means i'm rested)

planned days off are nice, no stress at all regarding the typical thoughts of: i should be out running, i'm being lazy, etc. instead, i fixed the weed trimmer (changed the spark plug which is about as far as i can go in fixing a motor) and did some relaxing.

happy friday.

03 May 2007

later cardinals.

6 miles last night, nice and easy. i picked it up a touch at the end and then finished with some drills/strides. tonight is a night off and then another 6 miles on friday prerace. i'm starting to get a little nervous for this one...i haven't raced over 5km since december and i've been working pretty hard training wise. i guess i'm nervous to find out reality. they've altered the forcast a little, potential rain and highs in the mid 60's--i'm alright with that.
last 7 days: 48 miles.

the brewers keep on chugging along. i'm really trying to temper my enthusiasm a little bit...because we all know it is a marathon and not a 10km. the bullpen looked great yesterday. every win against the cards is just a small portion of revenge for 1982.

happy thursday.

02 May 2007

the gutter may profess its love

6 miles last night in the racing flats. felt good. i never did get my cup of coffee yesterday so i was pretty tired/spacey all day. but i did drink a lot of water all day and i think that helped my run feel more towards effortless than normal. last 7 days: 50 miles.

i've been thinking more about how i feel lately, and i'd really like to figure it out. it affects my day to day life i guess, feeling irritable and spacey and toxic isn't exactly condusive to a work ethic. it also affects my training, and although that comes after family and work, it's a very big part of my life (and mental well being). i guess i could try to eat better...not eat organic because that is a scam.

rant on: everything you eat that is animal/plant is fucking organic (ie carbon based). the 'organic movement' is flawed down to it's name. pay 3 times as much for something that has no more nutritional content than something you buy at woodmans. if you are doing it because it gives you some sort of peace of mind, all power to you (although flushing money directly down the toilet might be more satisfying than paying 6.50 for a gallon of milk). but don't think for a minute that it is any better for you nutritionally. it's not. the one redeeming aspect (in my mind) is reduced pesticide use. and don't get me started with genetically altered plants/animals (we've been selecting for desireable characteristics for centuries).

anyway, back writing about me. i'm trying to eat more antioxidants, less caffiene, more fiber and a lot more water to see what happens. hydration is something i consistantly neglect, so maybe that is the simple answer. i'll try not to complain about it too much...i really don't want to be that guy.

we ate dinner last night with ron, christy and syd-zilla. i call her syd-zilla because she kept making monster noises. once she stopped being shy that is.

happy wednesday.

01 May 2007

gilbert is an asshole.

6 easy miles last night with some strides at the end. on my route i ran past our old townhouse and i noticed a smell of burning. well, on my way back through there were firetrucks everywhere outside of the building. weird.
last 7 days: 53 miles.

so, 3 or 4 years ago i was diagnosed with a benign liver affliction known as gilbert's syndrome. the main symptom is the increase in unconjugated billirubin causing yellowness (jaundice) when sick, dehydrated, etc. i looked it up on wikipedia this morning and noticed some other commonly reported side effects that i'm familiar with. fatigue, malaise, trouble concentrating, overall toxic feeling. this is what i feel after i have a glass of wine, eat garlic and lately, for no reason at all. hmmm. i have no point really. now if i only knew how to detoxify my liver...

this post sucks. i haven't had my coffee yet, i'm trying to get a bunch of water in first to start the day off hydrated for once.

happy tuesday.