28 January 2014

irregular routine.

my "regular" routine of sifting some daily exercise back into my life was upended by a week of sick people in my house. miles spiked his first fever and it persisted from wednesday afternoon through the weekend. trying to manage care for him around our work schedules was difficult. on top of it, i needed to present on a previous project at the all company meeting friday afternoon (600 people or so) as well as work with my executive management to negotiate a new contract with a current program. i thought that having a second kid would be in a way easier - but not only is it really hard transitioning from one to two - i am in a completely different place professionally than i was 4 years ago. i guess there are reasons people have kids in their twenties (and not mid-thirties).

we celebrated christmas with my in-laws over the weekend. that's right, i said that. we had originally planned this for two weeks ago but due to ice/sick kids it was postponed. so we went on saturday - and that was the worst winter driving we have endured in a very long time. high cross winds on icey roads is not a good combination. at one point a gust pushed the back end of the van pretty far sideways - i thought for sure we were going to start spinning down the interstate. anyway, for a celebration at the end of january it was nice. the wood furnace is havoc on my allergies and it is at times a million-trillion degrees in that house (at least) but we got through it.

i'm supposed to travel to north carolina tomorrow but it is looking like this storm may end up putting the kibosh on it. the last thing i want to do is to fly to detroit and get stranded there - yuck.

happy tuesday.

22 January 2014


there is a terrorist living in our house. he is using classic (if not questionable) interrogation strategies - sleep disruption/deprivation and prolonged loud noises. i fear that next will be water boarding. my policy has always been to never negotiate with terrorists - but my resolve is weakening. my only issue is that i don't speak the language and fear that any concessions we make will be culturally misinterpreted resulting in even more aggressiveness. or, it will be like munich (madmen reference) - making some concessions will result in only wanting more.

the silver lining is that i was able to watch the murray v federer aussie open match last night - pretty solid tennis. not exactly what i want to be doing at 3am - but much better than the 'ab do-er' infomercial.

happy wednesday.

20 January 2014


weekend gone. typical *poof* fashion except that with a 3 month old is a grinding *poof*. robin got hit with some sort of bug which kept her feeling down throughout the weekend. saturday ended up being a pretty quiet day.

sunday was a little better for me anyway. the weather was nice - for winter. calvin and i played outside for a long time - that kid is so much fun right now. did some housework and i even got out for a ski at pleasantview. 55 minutes this time - so i'm building. i was pretty sore after my 25 minute effort last week so i'm trying to not overdo it. but, i'm also itching to start increasing the training load a little too. due time.

sorry, this is all over the place.

happy monday.

17 January 2014


15 January 2014


between little workouts, chipping ice off the driveway i've carried baseline soreness through the past several days - and i'm loving it. to make matters better, i have had 2 very productive days at work so far (after many weeks of feeling like i've spun my wheels). we are transitioning our daycare drop off/pick up strategy - and i'll be shifting to morning drop off duty to allow robin to get to work earlier. so far so good.

happy wednesday.

14 January 2014


i ran last night with oliver. a whopping 23 minutes - but it sure felt good. it was slick and i put my foot in a puddle of ice water but being out made it all better.

i was thinking more about the timing of nationals on my way in this morning. during the btb broadcast of the championship race, the announcers kept talking about the huge gap between the old nationals date (early/mid december) and mid-january when the domestic riders headed over seas. it's a bs argument - none of those guys really raced this year from mid-december until nationals. so, if you want to be the best in the world shouldn't the u.s. guys target nationals, then head to europe for the kersteperiod to be fully adjusted to euro time/living for the build up to worlds? i know it is inconvenient but it just seems like that makes the most sense if you really want to be competitive on the world scale.

plus, since usa elite racing is subsidized/possible only with the age groupers racing before them, shouldn't the schedule be more catered to that much larger group? 

anyway, my two cents.

happy tuesday.

13 January 2014


watching the men's national championship race yesterday inspired me. i had been down a little on jpow over the past few months - i didn't like the complaining about the cold, i didn't like his verbal sparring with adam craig about the timing of nationals. these things i still disagree with - but yesterday he proved he was the true champion by destroying the field wire to wire. well done. i was thinking about it when i woke up this morning - i wonder how that performance would have rated against the european racers under the same conditions.

i also watched the women's race - from the trainer. it was my first push of pedals in a very long time - and boy did it feel good. i did 50 minutes and then followed that up with some core work. i'm feeling sore today - and boy did i miss this feeling. hopefully this will serve as motivation for the next few months - the trainer wasn't all that bad. possibly because i haven't ridden outside since the camrock race.

our trip to my in-law's got cancelled this weekend due to poor weather and sick children. we rescheduled our christmas celebration to occur january 25th - a full month after the holiday. oh well, not much we can do about it. although, next year my vote will be doing this things before the actual holiday.

happy monday.

10 January 2014


i'm not sure if it is the weather, or the fact that cx nationals is ongoing or what but i've been feeling restless this week. something inside me has been driving me to finish my raleigh twin six ss build - so i've been working on it in 15 minute increments. it's weird, there was a time in my life that i could easily find two hour blocks of time (on a daily basis no less) to do a build like this. anyway, i've been able to get the brakes set up and bars wrapped. next is the drive train. i'm waiting on some cassette spacers and then i should be able to wrap it up. my goal is to get all these little equipment projects done in January so that any time i can scrounge after that is spent training. seems like a decent goal.

i have been missing nationals - in somewhat unexpected fashion. i was so fortunate to have nationals 5 minutes from my house the past two years. i think i took it for granted. traveling to colorado wasn't a possibility this year (and i've been resigned to that reality since we knew miles' due date) but yet i'm longing to be doing the race. oh well, maybe next year?

i'm grinding at work today. a huge pile of work and no motivation.

happy friday.

07 January 2014

new look.

in keeping with my desire to update more, i've updated the look of this old blog. i thought i would try to mimic the team metal look - not bad considering i only spent 15 minutes on it or so.

today is miles' first day at daycare. he is going for a half day today and tomorrow, then it's his first full day. i think it is a good thing for the people of our household but does conjure some memories. calvin was at daycare one full week before he got really sick. but, this is a different kid, a different (and much better) center and he has already had a few colds.

happy tuesday.

06 January 2014


i last posted on october 15th. Miles Owen was born on October 16th - which was the beginning of a period of challenges due to having a new born in the house, being the busiest i have ever been at work and being sick for the better part of the past 6 to 8 weeks. i did manage a few rides and even a race shortly following his arrival - but after that pulled the plug and really haven't exercised at all during my illness spells.

robin goes back to work this week - and while it will be very hard for us all in the beginning, i think it will also be very good for us. we will all settle back into a routine - regular morning hours, regular evening hours and (hopefully) an opportunity for both R and i to start training again. we both have some big plans this year athletically - and plenty of time to achieve them as they don't start until september.

i'd like to do a year in review type of thing, but i'm not sure i will have the time. it has been a very busy year but we have gotten a lot done. i raced nationals, went to watch the world championships, added 7 people to my group, we had a great vacation which ended in a couple of hospitalizations for calvin, and we added a new member to our team. this were just the main points - some of the fill in the blank stuff was also great.

i'd like to start updating this blog more often - i miss the catharsis it offers. nothing i write here is all that deep but it does help me to sort out my thoughts. it also serves to give me a reminder of how good this life is.

happy new year to everyone that might set eyes on this (all three of you).

and, happy monday.