31 May 2013

new glasses, moving pictures and no motivation

i did the mail order thing for new glasses. i'm having a hard time adjusting - the prescription changed for the first time in many years so i'm hoping that is the reason (and not that my prescription/glasses are incorrect). i'll give it a few days i guess.

so, i'm not sure i've mentioned this here or not but in october robin and i are expecting #2. we already know its a boy so that is cool. 20 week ultrasound is this afternoon. it's funny how the state of the art of imagining has changed even over the past 3.5 years (or so). excited to see the little guy!

since i need to be downtown for this i couldn't ride in this morning. my knee is still giving me issue and a smart person would just not race on sunday. my bike is ready to go and i've got the itch so we'll see i guess. i'm hoping to spin out the legs tonight and again tomorrow before we head north.

happy friday.

30 May 2013

like the song

"head, shoulders, knees and toes" except for me it is "piriformis, hamstring, knee and calf." ever since that trail race i ran i have been tight in the right hinder - but that has seemed to spread throughout my leg. i think it is a good thing that i have compensated throughout my leg (instead of injuring one area) but rest is needed i think. i really wanted to ride in - i would have (regardless of weather) but for this issue. with the prospect of racing this weekend, i guess i'd prefer to rest it now and hope that it is ok on sunday.

this, in a nutshell, is why i haven't been racing much the past few years. racing gets in the way of training and i just really enjoy training consistently. i will say this, my body is uncanny - as soon as i even start entertaining the thought of trying to build up my running mileage something on my lower half starts hurting. i wasn't thinking marathon, but for some reason i am fond of the 10 mile distance and was thinking about taking a run at it again.

anyway, i better get to work.

happy thursday.

29 May 2013

old sport

i think i'm going to do the sport race on sunday. 11:30 start time is perfect - get in, ride hard and get out early in the day to allow robin ample time to get to the chicago suburbs. still haven't ridden that mountain bike...

got out for a dusk/evening ride last night. hit up the paths around my neck of the woods and ventured down to monroe street and back home on the sw commuter/raymond road. the firewater station on pandora was a perfect choice for an evening ride. rode into work today - it's looking like a wet ride home but maybe it will hold off?

happy wednesday.

28 May 2013

here we go

so, i think i'm going to do the wors race in wausau this weekend. i'm contemplating which class i should ride....

1) i haven't done a wors race since eau claire in 2008 (comp)
2) i haven't ridden my mountain bike once this year
3) the timing of the sport race works much better than the comp race

so this begs the question.... is it ok to ride sport under the circumstances above? i'm leaning towards yes...

what a great long weekend. friday, daycare was closed so we had "boys night" (that is what cal calls it regardless of time of day). we went to the zoo, ran some errands and then robin got done early as well. a few more errands and a bike ride to boot! i lied, i rode my mtb for abour 20 minutes on friday until i realized that the sealant wasn't holding air, headed back home and then finished the ride on my cx bike. saturday, it was breakfast and farmers market and then a couple of plant stores. home and put in the garden and mowed/cleaned up. i ran for an hour on the ice age trail and the uw cross country course.

sunday was another big yard day. r filled the planter on the front porch a while i installed a backyard planting bed project we've been thinking about for a few years. i wanted to ride but opted to finish the project and by the time i did it was raining and i was pretty beat. after nap, we decided spur of the moment to go back to the bruce company for another bush, came back home and ripped out an ugly willow bush and planted the newbie. i spent some time installing/swapping tires on my bikes and was pretty beat by the end of the day.

yesterday i had opportunities to ride but just didn't' have the motivation. this plays into probably leaning towards sport this weekend as well. we picked pain colors for two bathroom projects i'll be doing while robin and cal are away next week. we went to brat fest but it was cold and rainy so we ate them in the car. then, we ended the weekend with ice cream and mario kart (the latter was per calvin's request).

an now, here i am back at it. short weeks are the best...but long weekends are even better!\

happy tuesday.

20 May 2013

so long superman

what a weekend. this was confirmed by the the feelings of being sore/fatigued this morning - so much so that i really couldn't fathom riding in.

robin was out of town saturday so it was boys day! prior to r leaving i was able to get in a nice 6 mile run. i almost got run over three different times by people trying to get to thrift sales in the hawks landing neighborhood but besides that it was a beaut of a morning to run. my piroformis/upper hamstring on my left leg has been bothering me since the trail race last weekend but it seems like something i just need to work through. then i started an absolutely phenomenal saturday with my son. a few weeks back i got him his first real golf clubs and we have been practicing in the back yard with whiffle  balls. i took him to the driving range and he loved it - and i must say that i'm a better teacher than i am golfer (story of my life). i watch a lot of golf and i kept having visions of a current pga ad that shows all the current big timers playing when they were around calvin's age. we went into the clubhouse for some popcorn and waters and then it was time to putt. again, he loved it. every time he made one (and he made a lot of them) he would yell 'wooooo-hooooo!' it was classic. coffee, lunch and then map followed. while he was sleeping i was able to get the yard mowed and then cleaned the entire first level of our house. cal got up and we headed to the zoo - problem was, the zoo was closed so we opted for ice cream instead. i grilled turkey burgers for us (we ate them outside) and then we finished the evening with more golf in the backyard. he is into it (for now). after cal went to bed i fixed my flat rear (again) on the road bike and finally sat for a bit.

sunday morning bright and early cal was in waking me up. breakfast and then more golf outside before i decided i should check my rear tire ahead of the wheels on willy crit. flat again of course. i spent a lot of time inspecting the tire and thought i had resolved the issue but obviously not. that tire is shot so plan b - i borrowed the wheels off robin's bike which required a cassette change. it all ended up ok - just a little drama. i rode downtown to race, did the 35+ 4/5 race and then rode home. same story it always is for me in crits, too impatient, too much work too early, finish in the field in the finale. but i got a great workout so mission accomplished. cal got to race as well and that was the highlight of the event for me. when he lined up he totally had his game face on - i was asking questions and he would just nod or shake is head while focused down the course. it was really fun to watch him and he looked really happy during the race. after an afternoon on the couch watching golf (and the thunderstorm blowing through) we got our garden bed installed and filled with the compost/black dirt that has been on our driveway the past week. not the best time to schlep that stuff (water logged) but a job well done. the cedar garden looks nice and is ready for some veggies!

a great spring weekend for sure.

happy monday.

16 May 2013

it's over

when the weather first started to turn my commute was enjoyable with regard to the cars around me. people were cordial (if not down right polite) and everyone just seemed to be enjoying the fact that winter had finally moved along. well, today was evidence that the honeymoon period is over - people in general are assholes. there may be pockets of people that are nice most of the time - but i firmly believe that the majority of human beings are completely selfish and self centered.

who knows, maybe i'm one of them.

there was a first today - i got blasted by someones windshield washing. more a glancing blow but i had never experienced that one before.

oh well, i'm the one choosing to ride a bike in a car centered world. so i guess it's on me in the end.

happy thursday.

15 May 2013


for some reason i'm really down (more than usual) on the endless triathletes that ride the roads around my house. rider after rider, blowing stop signs, doing other douchey things. last night i was riding the single speed (w/knobbies) home from work (wearing a backpack). i stopped at the 3-way stop sign at midtown and then started riding the hill. some dude on an aero bike blew through the stop sign (coming from the opposite way) and then tried to hold my wheel up the hill (without saying a word). as per usual, i dropped him on the hill only to get passed back on the flat. no acknowledgment, no hello, nothing. i know that ironman is great for the local economy but it sure would be cool if they carved out a race route on the east side for a few years. i'm over it and i do believe the locals are too. they a-holes give all cyclists a bad name.

anyway, i went out this morning to find a flat rear tire on the single speed. i'm a little cursed lately with flats. so, i grabbed my november race bike, aired up the tubular file treads and rode that in. i haven't ridden it since nationals but have swapped out stem/seatpost so i had to make a few adjustments to get it feeling right. that is a pretty sweet set up for gravel - which is what i'm planning to ride this evening. should be fun (but if i get a flat i'm screwed).

happy wednesday.

14 May 2013

sore for many reasons

so, after riding myself to a nub last week wednesday - i ended up with two zeros thursday and friday. i had been planning to do a 16k trail run but called an audible and opted for the 8k version. i've run all of 5-6 times in the past two months so i thought it would be a death march. the race was at donald park which is across the road from the orchard/raspberry patch/pumpkin patch we like to go to throughout the year (between mt vernon and mt horeb). there were a lot of people milling about - i recognized a few faces from the cx scene and more triathletes that i remember from my tri days. anyway, the race went out slowly and i got impatient (it is becoming a theme when i race) and went when another younger guy went. he was a lot faster than me but i ran in second the whole rest of my lap. when i saw that he went out to do his second lap, it occurred to me that i was winning the 8k race. i was running out of steam but gave it one last push into the wind and got the W by 10 seconds or so. 5 miles in 35 minutes isn't exactly blazing but it was a tough course with three big sustained climbs so i'll take it. but, this all rendered me very sore even today. i took yesterday off work to schlep mulch/do other yardwork which didn't help the soreness factor. back to work today and i rode in - i hadn't ridden a bike in 5 days and it felt great to do so again.

m: 1:45 (commute/add-on)
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 2:10 (commute/add-on)
r: 0
f: 0
s: 1:00 (trail running)
n: 0
total: 6:00

happy tuesday.

09 May 2013


i extended my ride home last night to end up with 2:15 on the day. the loop wasn't overly aggressive (similar to my ride on sunday) but towards the end i felt pretty beat. riding with a backpack contributes - but i think my legs were still tired from the two good sessions i had saturday and sunday.

no ride in today with rain coming down as i was leaving. my wife has ordered many yards of mulch and dirt that will need to be distributed around my yard - my back hurts just thinking about it.

happy thursday.

08 May 2013

easy come easy go

for about 8 hours we thought we were going to be buying a honda odyssey yesterday. then we got scooped by another buyer. i must admit i felt a very slight pang of disappointment which is silly considering that 36 hours earlier we weren't in the market/looking. funny how that works. it would have been a sweet ride for family and to take to the races. oh well!

happy wednesday.

07 May 2013


and i'm not talking center for drug evaluation and research (sorry, lame pharmaceutical sciences joke).

i ducked out a little early yesterday to help robin build a cedar raised garden bed. it turned out pretty good i must say - now the hard part is coming: filling it with dirt. my back is hurting just thinking about it.

that was my workout last night. i was pretty sore/fatigued from my weekend efforts so not a bad thing. back on the horse this morning - man the weather sure is nice (finally). i guess the silver lining to a long cold wet spring is that you really enjoy it when if finally breaks.

happy tuesday.

06 May 2013

you never know

m: 2:00 (commute, extension)
t: 0:45 (run)
w: 2:00 (commute, extension) included 1x1 cx bike at quarry ridge
r: 0
f: 0
s: 1:00 trail run (ice age trail)
n: 2:00 (40 mile road ride)
total: 7:45

solid week if not a little unorthodox. the m-w portion of the week rounded out a 7 day stretch that included 10 + hours of riding. between rain and fatigue i ended up needing two days off - more rain on staturday (and being a little short on time) saw me trail running - although there were other motivations; i'm contemplating a 16 km trail run/race this weekend and i wanted to see how my body would respond. closed out the week with a very hard ride yesterday - lots of power climbs and i tried to keep my tempo up throughout. my legs are telling me it was a good weekend of training!

no ride in today - i have a new employee starting and i need my car to take them to lunch. maybe a run tonight?

happy monday.