short sweet ski

got our for 45 minutes last night at pleasant view. there were several spots of rock hard ice (water that had pooled, not icy snow) but otherwise the groomer worked some magic. there was only 1 loop and i hit it three times. i didn't fall so it was a good ski. i got new winter boots at my family's delayed christmas celebration late last month. they are bomber and i love them - but, i wore them throughout our trip to louisville without really breaking them in and ended up with what feels like bruising in my left ankle. the only time it bothers me is when i wear those boots and when i wear my ski boots. it gets pretty bad by the end of 45 minutes or so of skiing. i'm jonesing for some bike riding. i woke up this past sunday with an incredible urge to ride that hasn't really gone away. i guess that is a good thing - just not in february in wisconsin.

a nice sunset last night as i was finishing my ski.

happy wednesday.


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