boy, where do i start? we had a great roadie to kentuckiana to be sure. lots of bikes, lots of beer (and bourbon), great company and we met a lot of new folks. we road tripped down thursday morning - after we stopped at woodmans in pleasant prairie to stock up on beer and some coffee, we hit the road. a couple brief stops in indiana to eat/gas up and before we knew it we were there. a quick stop at the airport to get jeff and then straight to the condo. the condo was small but nice on the top floor of an 8 floor building (with roof access). just in time for dinner and a little get to know you session with our roomies from portland. it was snowing pretty good and we spent some time on the roof enjoying that. then it was off to the hotel where joe/ron were staying and then finished the night at the 3rd street dive (a bar that was not a dive).

woke up feeling pretty dire (HEADACHE) to the sound of jeff talking about how the uci called an emergency press conference to announce a schedule change. while we were out grabbing breakfast, the twitter informed us that all races were moved to saturday do to the impending flooding. after 'breaky' we headed over to the race venue to watch practice. between practice sessions, we watched a little of the masters worlds at the adjacent venue. that was a complete shit show and i was really happy to not be racing - i think the logistics of have both masters and elites in the same vicinity proved to be too much strain on the organizers - especially with the changes to the schedule. headed back to watch the afternoon practice session, then hung out at the sram truck for a bit before heading to whole foods to get supplies. quite dinner in to make sure we were all 100% for the big day was the ticket - i was sleeping by 11.

saturday morning came and i was ready. up nice and early with enough time to eat/have some coffee. jeff had full uci press credentials including a parking permit which was clutch. we loaded up with contraband beer and headed to the venue. on the way through to the gates you had to walk by all the euro teams warming up which was pretty cool. a quick walk of the venue (and a sierra nevada) and the races were off! once the racing got going it never seemed to stop. there are plenty of accounts on how everything unfolded throughout the day. the excitement throughout the venue was palpable and the sound was at times deafening. it was amazing to witness the action first hand and the last race of the day was the best. seeing sven nys win was the cherry on top - but the entire event was absolutely awe inspiring....

more later.

happy tuesday.


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