it happens every year. i wake up some day in mid february and feel completely over winter. it has always happened but especially since calvin joined our team. constant colds. bundling up every time you need to go outside. ice everywhere. i'm over it!

a cold has run through the house and i am the last recipient. i felt ok last night and had hoped to run - when i got home the little bits of melting that had occurred throughout the day turned into very thin sheets of ice in spots on the roads/sidewalks. this isn't break your ankle ice, this is crack your head open ice so i decided to wait and ride the trainer. once cal was in bed i was toast. it didn't help that i fell asleep with him but i was wiped out from the day. i decided to do bike work (and not a workout) this time focused on finishing up the overhaul of my road bike. it took some elbow grease (and copious citrus degreaser) but the bike is looking really good. i'm not confident i've addressed the funny noise coming from the bottom bracket, but at least it is looking good as new. the circa 2002 dura ace cleans up nice and is quite elegant in it aesthetic. 

i do need to start working out. i can feel my muscles going soft - a break is good but too long of a break will make the following months on the bike less enjoyable. maybe in instances such as last night i'll start doing yoga-x....

happy tuesday.


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