in a sea black with ink

woke up feeling crappy again. this thing that i've been dealing with keeps changing. now that i've figured out which foods i react to and for the most part eliminated them, i'm getting stronger reactions to nothing at all. it continues to be a puzzle to me. it is what it is, and the good thing is that through diet i've reduced the frequency. now, i'd like to try and eliminate it from my life altogether.

i extended my ride home a little bit last night and ended up with 1.5 hours for the day. this morning i rode in on the klein and hope to meet up with my friend greg for some riding tonight after work. like i said in my training log post yesterday, plugging away. i've also been thinking more about the crit on sunday - specifically about how if i remained patient i could have ended up much better than mid pack. criteriums are interesting - if you resign yourself to staying in the group and conserving for the end of the race you might miss the deciding break away. if you spend too much time on the front you sap some of your strength for the finale. i did most everything wrong in terms of strategy. when i led lap 4 i should have given it a real go rather than sit up - as it were, the only thing i accomplished was to tire my own legs. at the end, i had no business being up front the last 1/2 of the lap. i should have positioned myself in the top third and then tried to ride wheels of bigger guys to the finish. all this thinking about a 40 minute cat 4/5 race - i actually really like the format and look forward to my next attempt! am i turning into a roadie? nooooooooooo!

happy tuesday.


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