and spoil all of my fun

i took yesterday off from training. on the ride in this morning my legs had nothing - another benefit to riding to work most days is that i am able to ride the same "course" every morning and i have begun to qualitatively assess what different workouts and timing of days off does to my legs. back in my wors days i would take fridays off, pre-ride saturdays and then race on sundays. the past few years i haven't made it a priority to ride the day before a race but i'm beginning to see that it is something i need to do - even if i just do some light spinning on the trainer. i didn't ride before my nationals event - i wonder if i could have improved a spot or two? doubtful but every bit helps for us weekend warriors.

calvin is about to have a new baby cousin - a little girl. with all the action and family in town i'm not sure what my training will look like over the weekend. i just need to go with the flow as it is still only april!

happy thursday.


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