30 November 2010


we had the meal at our house again this year. my mom joined us to celebrate and also helped out with the little man. we also got to skype for 1.5 hours with the danish contingent as well so that was really good. after cal's afternoon nap we noticed he wasn't acting like himself. a suspected ear infection was confirmed on friday and that combined with some teething was making him a surly little beast. did some shopping on friday also and must have hit a sweet spot because at no time was i annoyed with the crowds. we took advantage of the sales and upgraded some of our electronic media including a blu-ray player. man that is clear...almost too clear if that makes any sense. saturday we hit wollershime with mom before she headed home. sunday i was feeling pretty beat (cal hasn't been sleeping the best) but managed a trip to the dog park and also getting all the christmas decorations up (sans tree).

i also managed to run a couple times and felt really good. sensations like that always get me thinking about some sort of competitive goals but i think i need to keep that at bay and just work on building mileage for the sake of building fitness. between that and p90x i think i should reach february in pretty good shape. at that point i can sit down and figure out racing objectives that match where i'm at physically and motivationally (is that a word?).

speaking of the x, last night really worked us. we are coming off a rest week so i think it was a shock to the system. that and the 'chest, shoulders and triceps' dvd is an absolute killer (one armed push ups anyone?).

happy tuesday.

24 November 2010

rest week?

so, we are in the rest week 1 of the p90x program. we were scheduled to do yoga last night but opted for a pilates session from a different dvd set. i was skeptical but it was a good choice. this one really worked the hips and core which i'm feeling this morning. i have had issues with my hips in the past so this is probably something we should do regularly.

our ceo has excused us at 3 today. looks like i'll be able to get a run in on the ice age trail in daylight before picking cal up. i can't believe it is thanksgiving!

happy wednesday.

23 November 2010

what it do

our p90x session last night really blew. i felt like i was dogging the legs and back session and really wasn't getting the reps that i thought i should. maybe it was due to the weekend and my 3 days off of 'the program.' i did manage a pretty good ab ripper session so i guess that is something.

after supporting the 50 miler over the weekend i'm feeling motivated to get out and run. since i only ever saw the top 12 or 15 guys for most of the race they made it look really fun. i didn't get to see the age groupers dying a slow death out there. hopefully i can get out a few times this week (it is a recovery week for the p90x).

i am so looking forward to a 4 day weekend. and eating turkey with cranberries. and pie. delicious pie.

happy tuesday.

22 November 2010

oh yea

and while i was away, my son decided that he wanted to be a walker. he demonstrated his new skills to me this morning. amazing!

jfk 50

i'd like to say the trip out was uneventful...mostly it was i guess. except that pat and i both got the pat down treatment by the tsa goons. what bothers me is that we were profiled...skinny youngish guys with beards. we were not given the choice to go through the scanner...just pulled aside. i knew something was up when one of the agents was giving me the stare down while i was getting everything situated for security. i will say this...it is as bad as the news reports are saying. you are put in front of others going through security and they pat EVERYTHING down...including running there fingers inside the waistband of your pants. i felt humiliated. i'm all for safety but as far as i'm concerned, the terrorists are winning.

anyway, besides that we made our destination ahead of schedule. got our car and headed to western maryland where we would turn in for the night around midnight. we took advantage of our opportunity to sleep in, got some coffee and then it was off to do some course recon where the appalachian trail meets the tow path and did 10km of running. this is a beautiful area of the country and i had no idea that maryland looked like this. we were very close to the borders of maryland, virginia and west virginia but i never heard any banjos. this course is a doosey with 16 miles of very rough and hilly trail, then a full marathon on the tow path (rails to trail) and then 8 more miles on rolling roads.

race morning came and we were up and at 'em at 4:15. pat got himself ready while i reviewed my tasks. it was a bit of a drive to the start and looking back it is a bit of a blur from when we arrived to the start of the race. i would be seeing pat at around the 9, 16, 27, 38 and 46 mile marks. at 9, he was shaking his head at how hard the a.t. was in this stretch. at 16 he came through around 2 hours...right on plan. at 27 he came through and described a rough patch physically at 20 (the wall in a 'normal' marathon) but was optimistic and forging ahead. i ended up giving him the wrong bottle at 16 which he claims had no effect on the low point but i'm dubious. anyway, past the antietam civil war battlefield (the result of this battle was the emancipation proclamation and the end of lee's first attempt on northern soil) was the mile 38. pat looked really good relative to the competition but was at a mental low point. i did my best to pep talk and he was on his way. shortly after he was on the road and at the last aid station looked great. he finished with a flurry and cracked the top 10 (9th place)...all in all a great day. we hung around for awards and then headed back to the hotel for some r&r. a little dinner and a game of cribbage and it was time for bed.

headed north yesterday to tour the battlefield at gettysburg. amazing that we fought ourselves...and there were a lot of people in costume...and a lot of those were sporting the confederate grays. and, along the way there were plenty confederate flags. yikes.

anyway, i feel honored to have been a part of the performance pat had over the weekend. it has been a very trying couple of years for him, katie and charlotte. to be able to produce a performance like this at his first ultra back is awe inspiring.

happy monday.

18 November 2010


i haven't updated lately because i have been flat out busy. that is what usually happens when i try to get it all together before a trip. speaking of my trip, i'm so looking forward to it. 1/2 day here, p90x and then i'm off to milwuakee to pick up pat and start our trip east.

speaking of p90x...it is progressively making me more and more sore. i think it is mostly due to the fact that each workout i've been able to push myself more and more. i was able to complete 85% of the reps in ab ripper last night which is really good for me. this thing is definitely getting us stronger. and that is good...my most productive off-season in years and i'm only in the third week.

happy thursday.

16 November 2010


cal had his one year appointment yesterday (and the five shots that come with that). we were anticipating a rough night (in the past he has spiked a fever) but he was happy as ever. the doc said we should stop baby food and he should be eating what we are eating...we thought, yea right. then, last night he joined us for dinner including tyme crusted fish (i'm still working on my coffee and at the moment can't remember what type of fish). it was amazing...he listened to his doctor! anyway, 31 inches (82nd percentile) long and 24 lbs. our little guy is becoming a boy.

i managed to get out and run for 30 minutes last night. then, we followed that up with the chest/back and abripper workouts. i made an effort to really push last night and i'm feeling a little 'noodly' this morning. i really want to come out of this stronger/more balanced. 15 days in and while i can't say i see much of a difference in how my body looks, i can do more reps of the exercises already so that is progress.

on thursday i'm heading to maryland with my very good friend pat to act as crew during his running of the jfk 50 miler. i'm very excited to get away and i'm very excited to support/hang out with pat. i would be lying if i didn't say i was a little sad to be leaving my family behind. i'm going to miss robin/cal very much...this will be the first time i've been away from cal for longer than a night here or there.

happy tuesday.

10 November 2010


after a nice visit from our friend chuck, we meandered down to the basement for another run at plyometrics. so far, we are 2 for 2 on the 'it feels a lot harder the second time we do a workout' front...which makes me a little nervous for the remainder of the week. oh well, if it didn't hurt a little than it wouldn't be worth doing i guess. i did wear my heart rate monitor last night and topped off around 170...not bad.

i really do need to supplement with some other aerobic work but i just haven't had the time. i would really like to do some running...one of these nights maybe. i guess i could get up early...

happy wednesday.

09 November 2010


our little guy is officially one year old. last year at this time my brain was swimming with joy, concern (for mommy and baby) and exhaustion. this past year has been very rewarding and also very challenging but we feel so lucky to have a healthy little boy. i now cannot imagine life without him.

after our now one year old went to bed last night, we did our second session of the chest and back dvd followed by the ab ripper. we both struggled with this - a lot more than last week. i think it mostly had to do with the fact that we now know the exercises and were really able to push ourselves. by the end of the ab session we were both toast. tonight is plyometrics and i'm looking forward to getting after it.

happy tuesday.

08 November 2010

less little every day

over the weekend, some of our family and close friends congregated in madison to celebrate the one year anniversary of our son's birth. it was a nice little party and calvin seemed to enjoy it although i'm not sure he had any inkling that it was for him. i mean, when you are a few days shy of one...everything is always for you so why would this be any different? it was so nice of everyone to come and i feel really lucky to have a healthy and happy little one year old.

of course, the aftermath has left our living room looking like a hot toy lot.

r and i did a yoga/stretch hybrid workout on friday night and did the kenpo x last night. we missed the legs and back in our first week. i think for the next two weeks we'll cut out the yoga and just rotate chest/back, plyo, shoulders/arms, kenpo, legs and back and then maybe stretching or whatever with an off day. also, there just isn't enough cardiovascular work for someone in ok shape so i will begin supplementing with some running/riding/whatever. nothing too strenuous, i mean it is the off season.

happy monday.

05 November 2010

i don't feel tardy

arms and shoulders last night. 'easiest' workout so far...but i wouldn't say it was easy. followed that up with ab ripper which just sucks (in a good way). i woke up pretty sore from the plyo stuff the other night so that is good. all these muscles one neglects riding a bike...

i know i said i wanted the brewers to hire bobby v but the guy they picked is much better. the angel organization has a pretty good pedigree (steve madden, bud black and of course mike scioscia). they all have teams good teams that the game the way it should be played (not station to station but with good base running, defense and small ball when needed). now, they really need to refresh that pitching staff. here is what i would do:
trade prince fielder to the rangers for derrick holland and tanner scheppers
with the money that frees up, buy more pitching (hall, suppan, and fielder off the books gives them around 34 million or so to spend).

happy friday.

04 November 2010


day 2 of p90x was really fun and not as hard as i was anticipating. while i knew doing this program would point out my many weaknesses, i never considered that it would also demonstrate my strengths. for how bad i've been racing, my legs still seem to have good strength. i'm still very sore from day 1 (chest and back) and tonight is arms and shoulders...gulp.

after spending the first part of the week worrying that i may have lost my heart rate monitor, i finally found it this morning in a place i looked about 10 different times. i'm really happy i got it back...it is a very important component of my offseason plans!

happy thursday.

03 November 2010

and so it begins

part of my off-season plans are centered around us completing the p90x workout system. now, we're still working out the details with regards to the frequency we can realistically achieve, etc. but regardless this is week one. we did the fitness testing on monday so last night was our first real workout. chest and back and then the ab ripper workout. it was tough...i wasn't able to do anywhere near the reps the people on the dvds were able to do but i feel like it was a really good workout. my core/upper body strength have slowly been deteriorating since college so this will help me. my chest, back and arms are really tired but not all that sore. i'm sure that will change as the day progresses.

anyway, we aren't prone to doing this type of thing but i've heard from much better athletes than myself that this is something worthwhile...so we are doing it. tonight is plyometrics which i'm looking forward to...you don't get to do a whole lot of that kind of movement riding a bike or running.

speaking of running, i got out monday night for a short run on the ice age trail/university ridge golf course. i found 25 golf balls and wasn't even looking that hard. they have mowed down a lot of tall grasses so it is like stealing candy from a baby. it must have looked odd on my way home as i had them all stuffed in my running pants pockets...is that a mess of golf balls in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? actually, more than anything sexual it looked like i had a couple of weird tumors on my upper legs.

happy wednesday.

01 November 2010

insert fork here

i woke up feeling good. for about 2 minutes into the race i was feeling good. got a nice start, up in the top 10-15 and then spent the rest of the day riding backwards. another full system failure...i couldn't breath and at times felt like i was going to choke on my own phlegm/spit and then there was the dead feeling legs. i tried...and had nothing.

i was telling robin that i don't expect to win races - i never have and don't now - especially after the year we have had. if the best i can do is last place in the cat 3 race than that is that. but for some reason, i just don't feel like myself anymore and i guess that is what is so disappointing/frustrating.

i have made mention to it before, but i am developing a plan to try and get myself feeling good again. going into the race i thought having a good one would motivate me throughout the off-season. but in hindsight, this may have been better. i know i can be faster. i know i can feel better. i just need to work hard to get there and sometimes a bitter taste is the best way to get there.

halloween was tough. calvin was dressed up as hobbes (so he was calvin AND hobbes). but in reality he was a very surly, very angry little tiger. we had fun handing out candy and then went off to see his little friend reece down the street.

happy monday.