31 May 2006

poor boy.

i think oliver is still sick...he got me up twice last night (the second time frantically) to get rid of some butt liquid. this morning he is lethargic again and i'm starting to worry about the little guy. he was ok at puppy class but by the end he was laying down with out me telling him to...and without treats. he must be sick. it's weird, when he is feeling normal he is out of control crazy and i just wish he'd fall asleep. but when he is sick, he sleeps all the time and i get nervous and hope he starts acting crazy again so i know he is alright. if this is what kids are like than count me out.

anyway, i'll probably call the vet today for piece of mind. he is probably fine but i want to make sure i'm doing everything i should be.

so with puppy class and my long hard ride on monday, i took tuesday off. something i'm going to try to do more of...take days off. i get really caught up in training everyday that sometimes i don't recover. easy spins are never easy enough and i'm always at a bit of a deficit.

for my 30th year (next year), i think i'm going to tackle two big items from my 'to do' list. first is the marathon...actually that is on my 'to do again' list. only this time i want to do it right. second, a solo 24 hour effort at nine mile. i think about both of these a lot and i have more fun at the big events than i do at the smaller races. and hell, i have the bike for it now. the challenge would be balancing the two in training. but, if the 24 hour race is the end of july...i'd still have 2 to 2.5 months to fine tune for the marathon...depending on which one i shoot for. anyway, does anyone else constantly think ahead before you have even gotten to your current goals or am i some sort of freak? i think (fear) that question may be rhetorical.

robin comes home tomorrow and it is none too soon. her boys miss her...

30 May 2006

long ride with some thinking.

3.5 hrs on the bike yesterday over some of the same roads that whipped me over the weekend. the climb up blue mounds within the context of this ride didn't seem nearly as difficult as it did on saturday. i tried to stay on the rivet for this entire ride, i need to ride at higher levels in training if i want to get faster this year. the spot i forgot sunblock this time around??? the back of my calves which was pointed out to me in the post ride shower...ouch.

oliver was raging last night, a sure sign that he is beginning to feel better. he had a poop set back this morning (i won't eloborate) but all in all i think he is feeling better. i also think he'll be dropping teeth in no time at all...he is biting anything and everything he can sink his teeth into (and even things he cannot sink his teeth into). we have puppy class tonight and i am very nervous about doing it solo. it'll be a lesson for him and i.

anyway, freedom is a pretty cool thing. i get to ride my bike on public roads and go to puppy classes (and those are trivial examples of our vast freedoms). though i do not exactly support the current offensives our armed forces are entrenched in, i do support the men and women in far away places. nice work, you are better (and braver) than i.

what ever happened to all the 'support our troops' magnets? walmart must have run out of them...

29 May 2006

sick dog and a 4 day weekend.

that's right, oliver was sick yesterday. i know this because he threw up his lunch (and some other junk) yesterday afternoon....then he had a little liquid poop which is always nice. he was polite enough to not poop in the house though, he is a good dog. he spent the day grunting, napping and stretching which was fine except i was worried about him. he seemed way lethargic...i even set my alarm for 2:30 last night to check on him. he looked at me like wtf man?

funny, just a few years ago i was going to bed at 2:30 and now i'm setting my alarm for 2:30.

had a chill day...did some garage work, rode the mtb for a few hours, did some yard work and layed around with the dog.

not bad and i still have today off.

28 May 2006


yesterday's time trial was fun though a bit disappointing relative to performance. while my gearing in the back played a roll, i've climbed up to the top of blue mounds faster in training. oh well, i really am starting to come around. the more often i go hard the better i get at it...sounds good in theory.

oliver and i headed over to sam's for some beers and great food. stayed until around 7 which is past ollie's dinner time so he was becoming a little bear. after dinner, he pretty much slept all night which is good because i was a little beat as well.

today i'd like to wrap up some yardwork, take the boy for a walk somewhere, ride my mtb and grill something up. not bad but it would be much better with the company of my wife.

25 May 2006

one step forward, 1 back.

tried to change my rear flat on the mtb last night only to find that the only tube i currently own also had a hole in it...not defective, i've been carrying it around as a spare for the past year or so. my own fault.

put the aerobars on the road bike but didn't get my new brake pads on. it is frustrating how hard it is to find a little time to do the menial tasks with the puppy...you literally have to watch him at all times or *snap* he has a garden tool in his mouth (or my helmet, or a pedal, or...well you get the point). slowly but surely i'll have things dialed by saturday.

i contacted the race director for the time trial...turns out they are sending people out at 30 second intervals. so i'm in for sure...i think i can leave oliver for that length of time. he made it through the night so if i go light on the water sat morning, he should be ok for 5-ish hours.

sam is having a post tt party at his house...maybe my trusty side kick and i will have to make an appearance. say hello to my little friend.

here is a picture from alpine...

robin leaves tomorrow for san fran. lucky.

24 May 2006


a sound i'm becoming familiar with is the sound of air escaping from my rear tire. this time it was my shiny new mtb...but it could have been much worse. i flatted after i nailed the curb going into my driveway. you know, i was activating my brain shock one more time at the end of the ride.

speaking of ride...the epic is sweet. as advertised in everyway, this thing has got to make me faster. i was a bit tentative at first but by my last lap at blackhawk i was blasting over everything. hell, i was taking the slow lines just to hit stuff with my new bike. i even laid it down on the first berm of the s-turn on the top section...you know, just to feel how the new bike crashes. the added weight only added speed to my decents...that and the full suspension. once i learn to ride this thing it could be lights out for some of my closest competitiors. that is assuming i keep the engine running hot...or hotter i hope.

puppy class last night...muffin the dope got picked on by every dog there. from airedale to golden doodle to pug to everything in between. that dog is destined for problems and i feel bad about it. so do the trainers, they spend a lot of time with the owners. problemo is, the owners don't have a solid grasp of the official language of dog class. btw, the second language of class is spanish becauase as we learned in anchorman, dogs do speak spanish even though i do not (doesn't help muffin any).

23 May 2006

clean bike(s)

as soon as i got home from work last night i began cleaning bikes. the first on the list was my road bike. clean it up, new rear tire...check. i didn't get my aerobars on but maybe tonight? probably not. yellow cannondale...clean and ready to go to the shop. the fork clunking cannot be good...so i'm having it looked at before robin needs to ride it. then it came time for the epic. reflectors are off. schwalbe knobbie nic on the back...i think schwalbe screwed up it's front/back arrows because the direction it points doesn't make sense relative to the tread. or maybe there is a new tire convention? who knows...i'm keeping it like it is. i also put the time pedals on and put the cleats on the new shoes...tonight will be the maiden voyage. first rides are a little bit of a downer, odds are i'll be off adjusting something a few times throughout. cables stretch, air in shocks...etc.

anyway, our baby airdale was on fire last night. i think he is suffering pretty good with swollen gums...although no teeth lost yet. he is biting everything...and when he is not biting he is digging or jumping up on things. pretty much just being a puppy i guess. he is a cute little dude though. puppy class tonight...should knock him down a level or two. he is always a pretty good boy the day after puppy class.

i've been thinking about my race more. i gotta say i'm a little discouraged with my race form. i really rode a lot over the winter, and it has all kind of slipped away since the puppy came through. i know it will get better, but getting beat by people i regularly beat in the past is discouraging. that is why i have to do the tt this weekend. i need more race pace simulation to get the muscles firing. i am not going to do nearly as well as i envisioned when i heard about the race this spring, but it will be a good training ride. plus it seems some teammates (and former teammates?) are coming over for the hill climb. sam is even talking about a party...hmmmm.

22 May 2006

work to do.

race number 1 (wors 2) is in the books and all i have to say is that i have work to do. lets be clear about the biggest lesson re-learned: mountain biking is hard, especially when your mountain bike time has been limited. any bike time for that matter, the past few weeks have seemed rough in terms of logging the miles. lesson number 2: i'm still missing my killer instinct. the first lap was a slow death march because i was starting at the back end of a large wave. no worries, my marked riders were around me at the start of lap 2 so that was good. but, on laps 2 and 3 i was lacking the confidence to drop some riders i should have. i let people dangle just off my wheels until lap 4 when i ran into some...uh...problems. the clunking of robin's fork was in the back of my mind. towards the end of the race i was trying to keep weight off the front of the bike and that caused me not one but two crashes that allowed a lot of people to pass...including ron. he should beat me sometimes...he is much better technically than me. but not on a climbing course. oh well, this game i'm playing isn't for pay so acknowledge and move on.

i had a lot of fun...i'm glad i'm riding comp...fat tire beer is good. and it was great to see everyone again. we really do have a good team...everyone was there at the end exchanging battle stories and beers. nice work all.

my new bike is awesome. i rode over a few curbs last night and, without doing any fine adjustments, the bike just floated. the weight i'm gaining with it will be more than negated with the speed i'll be able to carry over the rough stuff not to mention the reduction of wear and tear. i have an upgrade stem and bar combo coming in the mail (thomson, easton ec70). that and some schwalbe tires and i'm ready for battle.

oliver was a good boy at his debut race. he really did a great job, meeting tons of people and dogs and bikers. i read somewhere that by 12 weeks your puppy should have met 100 people. well, we got that yesterday...and he is 12.5 weeks. between the car and home, he slept for 11 hours last night and he was still groggy this morning. he is a good boy.

robin leaves for california this week. i'm a little depressed about that. and jealous...she'll get 8 hours of sleep (at least) for a week straight. not to mention that she will be in our favorite city. if it wasn't for our pup, i'd be there too but it just seems too early to leave him. mostly for our sake, i don't want him picking up bad habits that will haunt us through his adolescence. maybe i'm paranoid?

19 May 2006

air issues.

i rode robin's mtb last night to/at/from blackhawk. the headshok was low on air which made me ride tentatively. i really haven't ridden that bike much and was surprised at how nimble it felt in the single track. it definately rode better than the s-works had. the new schwalbe tires really hooked up well and the bike flew through the corners. a few psi here, a few screws turned there and i should be ready to race on sunday.

tomorrow i'm heading to ben's to pick up my new bike. 2004 specialized epic marathon. vince quoted me a great price on the 2006 and i was going to buy that one. then he called specialized and found out that there are no 2006 marathons left anywhere...sold out. weird. but it helps me with my decision...and now i may even be able to get that cross bike i've always wanted.

one more work day to go. i hope it moves fast...i'm really tired this morning.

18 May 2006

double flat and rain.

more rain last night...the storm front arrived at almost the same precise moment i left work...the rain followed soon after. it blew through relatively fast so i was able to put the bike costume on and try to ride for 90 minutes or so. well, my rear tire had a little something to say about that. i got to about the furthest point away from home for the loop i was riding when i noticed my tire starting to go soft. no worries, i'll pull over here and fix it up quick like. it'll be good practice. so i tried to make sure the inner casing of the tire was clean...new tube and a relatively easy fill up with co2 and i'm off 5 minutes later (ok so it was more like 10). riding home after a flat i always feel some satisfaction...i know i know, it's not like i overhauled my hub but none the less. well that satisfaction got tossed in the ditch when my tire starting going soft again....at least i only had to walk a mile and a half home. i could have been worse.

walking the bike home reminded me of college. you know, the walk of shame. where you are walking home in the same clothes you went out in the night before at 9:30 the next morning. in my case it was usually because i passed out at friends house...not a real ladies man i guess. but i digress.

other than that, it was an uneventfull evening in the hoenisch household. i gave the pup an empty water bottle to play with and he loved it more than anything else we have for him...and we've made a few investments in that category. just like a kid i guess. give them a really cool toy and they play with the box.

happy thursday.

17 May 2006


checks are in the mail, car work is scheduled, and it looks like i'll have a replacement bike on saturday. vince is giving me a pretty nice price on a epic marathon from 2004. i have a slight concern about the fork seals after sitting for so long, but when you compare risk/rewards it's becoming a no brainer in my mind. worst case scenerio is that is have the fork serviced for 150 bucks in a year or so. everything else on the bike is what i wanted going in, all for about a 1000 less than i was going to spend. i'm waiting on numbers for another bike, but i'll most likely go with the 2004.

this weather is killing me. i get done with work and as soon as i walk out the door it thunderstorms. it stopped for a bit but started up again as soon as i started riding...i ended up doing laps around hawks landing for around an hour...until it really started pouring. better than nothing but not what i was hoping for volume wise. it's supposed to thunderstorm this aft as well, hopefully earlier rather than later.

puppy class #2 last night. oliver was good until the last 5 minutes...it's almost as if he gets bored with training and just wants to play with the other dogs. he was really humping the first couple minutes of free play time...so much so that the trainer lady made him have a time out. but after the time out he played nicely...and begged other people for some treats. he is a good dog.

16 May 2006

someone i used to know.

irrefutable. the progression of time that is, too busy becomes 2.5 years later if you let it. there are friends i haven't spoken to since our wedding, people that were in our wedding even. sometimes i wish i was more personable, in a small talk sort of way. i'm just not. i mean, my own dad doesn't really care to talk to me. nothing personal...he loves me, just doesn't really feel much desire to talk to me.

in my defense, i've left phone messages. birds of a feather.

had dinner with greg and sara last night. greg delivered my 12 pack of 22oz bottles of fat tire. that is definately what i'm talking about. dinner was great thanks to robin, and the dog was even pretty good.

although his new humping habit is a little embarassing. i guess i'll take humping over eating poop though.

waiting to hear back from ben's...i'm hoping he hooks me up solid so i can go over and pick up a bicycle on saturday. even if i do that, the bike won't make it's racing debut until wors #3 in wausau though...which means i really need to get robin's bike ready to rock this weekend. it will be a mudfest...hopefully i'm up to the task.

15 May 2006

good weekend.

it was a good weekend. friday afternoon i learned what the insurance company was going to give me. without getting into the dollars and cents breakdown, i came out nicely. time to do some bike shopping... i'm still melancholy about hanging up the red and white s-works though.

the what do ya know quiz show was a little boring, but fun none-the-less. then it was off to our house for lunch and conversation. i think it was a fun day...i hope everyone else thought so too. oliver was a pretty good puppy with 10 people in the house...i think he'll grow up to be a very polite dog.

yesterday we hit eriks and i handled the s-works carbon hardtail. that is a sweet bike, i shouldn't have played with it...i can't get it out of my mind. i'm leaning towards this years specialized epic marathon...hopefully ben's cycle can give me a solid deal. this years version has a nice component group with xt everything with an upgrade to sram xo shifters and rear derailleur, a carbon linkage and of course the brain rear and a fox F100RLT. i wish it was terralogic but you can't have everything (nor do i deserve it). 100mm front and back...should be a good bike for years to come. hopefully vinny can hook me up.

we also bought some plants and i rode in the rain for 2.5hrs. well, it only rained for and hour and a half of the ride.

oliver made it through the night again, that's twice in a week. good puppy. he must have tired himself out from having puppy rage last night...he was a mess. teething will be a test of our patience...but we will do a dance of joy when he loses his puppy canines. or more accuarately his long razor teeth.

happy monday!

12 May 2006

pretending the echoes belong to someone.

the end may be near with my insurance stuff. bike estimate, original sales receipt, photos of the bike...check check check. now i guess i just wait.

i rode the trainer due to the november weather in may. oliver was knocked over by the wind his first time out in it yesterday. poor guy.

i'm exhausted. it's been a rough week and i'm excited for the weekend. a lot of errands and busy work outside of the profession work. we are going to the what do know quiz show tomorrow with some of the fam from robin's side. should be a nice break from all this junk.

i might even drink a beer. i could use one right now. starbucks will have to do.

11 May 2006

tides that i've tried to swim against.

there was a voice mail waiting for me this morning. uhhhh...this is jeremy at erik's bike shop. i'm calling to tell you about your bike. well, it's trashed...

a little pang of sadness followed, thinking that i'll never ride that frame again. i bought that boy with a loan from my girlfriend at the time (thanks robin). we've been through 4 fat tires, 4 24 hour of nine mile races and about 30ish other races on the knobbies...not including the wednesday night time trials. i rode that bike in park city and vail. i've learned bike repair and maintaince with it in my stand.

oh well, what am i going to do?

i got the car estimate yesterday and, in lieu of crying i had to chuckle. apparently, replacing a roof is expensive. more expensive than my bike will be. i'll leave it at that.

oliver was a champ at the vet. he really is a great dog. and, ta da...he slept through the night last night. the first one since his first night with us. i woke up in a panic wondering if he had died or something. he was sitting in his crate, chewing on his favorite toy pig.

nice puppy.

10 May 2006

not a family site after this entry.

i talked to the insurance lady i'll be dealing with regarding this claim (or series of claims depending on the car estimate i'll be getting this morning). she was a real peice of work. the first thing she muttered to me was: "so tell me, how did this all happen?" then i went into the description of the damages.

me: my fork is bent...twisted to be exact, the frame is probably comprimised due to that twisting. the carbon handlebars might be damaged...i wouldn't trust the headset as far as i can throw it. one lever is bent up.

her: so....*silence*....you hadn't replaced any of those parts with cheap japanese parts, did you? my sister is a big time cyclist so i know all about that sort of thing.


i'm fucked.

she mandated that i get a full estimate from a bike shop AND send pictures (quote "i'm going need some pictures of that"). the pictures aren't going to do her any good, but so goes it. this is alright because i'll head to eriks, tell them the skinny and emphasize where i'll be purchasing a replacement.

in other news, it was puppy class #1 last night. our little guy was tentative at first. since he has been around adults already, he really didn't understand what those other puppies were doing. he got mauled a little at first which is good, then he got up some confidence and starting getting his swerve on...humping everydog he could. yikes...he was the only one humping. that's our boy. then he went around to each dog owner trying to get some treats. the tricks they taught he already knew so he got bored towards the end. at least he wasn't gus the pug doing a little 69 action on his friend muffin...double yikes!! he held poor muffin down in a really unsightly fashion...i blushed watching him. enough of that!

i helped some lady empty her poop scoop into the bag and i got golden retriever shit on my hands in return. oliver wanted nothing to do with me after that. i don't blame him because my left hand smelled unearthly. the only question i have is what is that lady feeding her dog? i mean, seriously.

i ran last night, it felt good but my i.t. band was a little tender before bed. probably another run tonight...we have a vet appt at 5:15. our boy is getting shots and i'm not talking about an irish car bomb.

long entry, not much important to say. story of my life.

09 May 2006

pursuit of a race bike.

we decided to file a claim on the bike. hopefully i get a good amount from the insurance company to make it worth it. it could all work out peaches or i could get screwed. you never know with an insurance company...more on that as i get info.

got out for a short and sweet ride last night. rode the hills hard and the legs felt pretty good. i'm a little concerned with how i'm climbing but if i ever actually do a race or two that should improve. then it was off to sam's club for bulk items (caribou coffee beans was the important one) and then to walgreens for passport pictures. hopefully today i can take care of the rest of the passport process and get to eriks to get written documentation for the insurance company...if they need it...they probably will.

puppy class tonight. i'm excited to get our little guy in the pen with some other ragers. maybe they will teach him a thing or two about manners. then he'll show them how to do some tricks...shake a paw you handsome gentleman.

i know all the readers here have been pretty concerned about our grass. well, rest assured that we have some baby grass growing in...it gets thicker everyday. you know, like the hair on the back of my hands. not really.

08 May 2006

the big chill.

well, even though i missed a good one out there...i ended up feeling alright about my new found sunday. did some work around the house, played with puppy, ran for a bit. i only stared at my mangled bike for a few minutes all day. also, i had a moment of silence at around 1:35 in the afternoon. it's my own damn fault and i think that is what bothers me the most.

hopefully some good will come of this. that good is dependant on what the insurance company says. because if they aren't covering it...i'm screwed.

oliver made it until 4am this morning. slowly but surely he is getting better. and he hops right into his crate after i let him out. good puppy. now if he would only stop chewing our blankets, bags, towels, carpet, furniture, appliances, floors, trim, electronics, magazines, books, and plastic baby gate...we'd be aight. that will come. i guess it's a small price to pay for the good...he really is a cool little fella...and it really is starting to feel like he is part of our little family. puppy class tomorrow, followed by shots on wednesday. i guess he'll have to take the good with the bad, too.

06 May 2006

effen idiot.

i won't be racing tomorrow. i drove the car into the garage with the bike still attached to the roof. i twisted/bent the fork (my new fork) really bad, and if that thing is twisted then i figure the frame had to have taken a shot. not to mention the damage to the car (pretty bad) and garage (not as bad).

anyway, i can't bike race without my bike. who knows when i'll be up and running again (if ever with the red s-works).

so, no racing, no seeing friends i haven't seen since last year sometime, no drinking fat tire...all because i suck it hard. and i felt really good on the trails today too.

i'm running tomorrow.

05 May 2006

holy tired.

yesterday was a full on rage day for oliver. he was freaking out. i managed to log 1.5hr+ of riding but when i got home he was crazy...and just got crazier through the night. it's weird, after his bad days he always looks bigger the next day. hmmmm. still biting a lot this am. but he does go downstairs now. and he sort of tells us when he needs to go out. sort of.

it's a race weekend...weather is looking pretty nice. the track should be in pretty good shape. iola is a great course...sunday should be good.

04 May 2006


i just realized, this blog truly sucks. content: really not that interesting. writing: yuck. format: sub par but ok.

you know what, that reminds me. why is the expression for crappy work 'sub par?' i mean, if you are actually playing golf and you play sub-par golf, you are doing really well. shouldn't we say: 'man, your work is really over par. i mean seriously dude, you suck. you are totally a triple bogey.' just a thought anyway.

i'm tired and a little crabby. robin is sick...i feel bad for her. dog wanted to bite me this morning. the dog shouldn't bite me. but my coworkers can bite me.

wow, i need to pull up and out of this storm.

some animal was making some kind of weird noise in our backyard last night. around 1:30am it sounded like someone dropped a burlap sack in our yard containing a couple of angry, rabid state park raccoons. then oliver wanted out at 2:50. then he cried off and on the rest of the night. so i got about 3hrs of good sleep and the rest was junk sleep. i guess i should be a little crabby.

komodo dragon this morning. my favorite sb blend. things are looking up...

03 May 2006


on last night's ride i was feeling pretty fresh so i turned the screws a little. i felt pretty good and feeling good is half the battle. not training with people often enough though, because i have no idea how i stand relative to others. i guess i'll find out soon enough. all i can do is my best, right?

our dog was a very good dog yesterday. he really cracks me up sometimes. it's amazing how he deals with new situations. he never seems scared (well, he is scared of cars), just tentative. he really seems to think things through, analyze what is going on and then proceed if he deems it safe. he insisted on coming out and watching me mow the yard. he follows me around the house always trying to see what i'm doing. he is my little buddy, but he won't be little for long. you can almost see him growing (and the little fella is putting on some weight). he seems to be starting to understand us when we say no bite...and off. he still bites, but he is clamping down a lot less which i'm going to take as a step in the right direction. now if we could just get him to go down the stairs...

so i mentioned the other day that we are denmark bound. we leave august 17th and return august 27th. i'm already worried about leaving oliver for so long but he will be very content with ron, christy, syd and benny. it is something to look forward to for sure, but right now it seems a long way away. i've never been out of the country (unless you count canada) so it should be fun. travel is a big priority for us, we try to take two trips a year...this year may only be one but it will be a biggie.

time to shut it down.

02 May 2006

light fuse get away.

as soon as i started pedaling last night it started raining. not just a drizzle for my fizzle either. but i said effe it, i'm riding...i've got a race this weekend.

the race. it's weird that game is back on again. i like iola and if i make it through the first 5 frantic minutes, i'll be in good shape. my legs are good. my bike is pretty much ready. the mind is cloudy (partly due to lack of sleep) but i'm sure that the initial few minutes of racing will clear my senses like a shotgun blast in the middle of a dark night. i hope it's a little soft and wet...i will thrive in the bad conditions...especially in an early race where i may be able to take full advantage of others having lower fitness levels. i have been riding most every day since mid january, it has to count for something, right? the quality of my training could be argued but what the hay.

that dog was driving us nuts last night. he was in full on energy mode. sprinting from one end of the house to the other. it would have seemed that he would have been exhausted but he was up at least half the night (if not more) whimpering. when i got up with him this morning he ate and then slept. come on little guy, don't make me rough you up!

btw, scotty sent me something that caught my attention in a big way...holy crap, abstaining from alcohol just got a lot more difficult:

01 May 2006

we're going to denmark.

watch out scandinavia.


boy did it rain around here. all of the midwest it seems. really puts a damper on the riding...especially when this cat is having a hard time finding time to work on bikes just to go out and trash them. so i didn't. i ran all three days this weekend and i can barely walk this morning. i mean, i hadn't run since around christmas so this was an eyeopener to say the least. my shins hurt. my hip flexors hurt. but it's a good hurt and i think i'll try to keep some running in my training this summer...if this much is hurting from a couple of hours of running over 3 days then i have deficiencies that i need to get rid of...

enough run/bike crap. the dog was raging on saturday. i was exhausted by the end of the day. robin did crazylegs saturday morny and rocked it. but, because she manned up and raced while i drank coffee and spectated, she got to sleep in and later on nap while i wrestled the little one. for how crazy he was saturday he made up for it sunday...a complete angel most of the time which is another bit of evidence that he alternates between good and bad days. that makes today a bad day...great.

i browsed my typical set of blogs/sites this am and i must say it's a little surreal seeing former teammates in different kits with a different group of people. hmmmm.

with all the rain our house has become a tick farm due to the length of the grass. we're not the only ones though. everything is in full on green mode so i guess that is good. hopefully the trails aren't too saturated.