i managed to get out twice over the weekend to ski - both at pleasant view, both times for an hour (2 big loops) per ski. i wasn't breaking any records but i was still beating skaters on the hills with my waxless classic boards - it just hurt a little more than i remember.

saturday was my winter party for work - my little sis came over and watched the boys for us. it was fun being out and about but we arrived home at midnight to a baby that was awake. we finally made it to bed a 1:30/2am. last night i was up with miles at 3:45 and never went back to sleep this morning. i'm grinding today - and in an hour or so i'm heading to work my company's table at the uw career fair in the kohl center. i'm not getting home until at least 9 tonight - probably later.

on top of this, i've got a cold. probably from miles coughing on me countless times a day. babies are no good...but at least they turn into cool little kids.

the world championships cx race was something else - my two favorites duking it out the last two laps. fun to watch.

happy monday.


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