i've got to figure something out. work wise, i'm putting in consistent 10, 11 hour days and still leaving piles of work. my client is sending me emails at 10:00 on sunday night - but not responding to other things that i need to do their work. i'm finding it very difficult to remain motivated by my job at the moment. life with a baby isn't helping. we are going on 4 months of this baby thing - and i must say it is getting old. i forgot just how much having a baby in the house impacts everything you do - nothing about a baby is hard. but, at the same time it is really hard. the baby never seems to want to sleep yet somehow you can't go anywhere/do anything because the baby needs to sleep (paradox?). it is so much harder with an older child in the house that needs mental stimulation and activity. on top of it, it is a classically harsh winter. a winter of discontent if you will. i am over it.

and don't get me started on my fitness - although i did get out on skis saturday and sunday i'm a dog right now. i really need to start training after i do my 4:30-ish stint with the baby. i barely fall asleep before i have to get up again - and that little extra sleep has me feeling super groggy until mid-morning so i might as well make the sleep deprivation a little self serving. 

my client is here all week minus today. i should be worn to an even smaller nub by friday afternoon.

i apologize to anyone reading this.



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