i'm feeling a little more optimistic today regarding bike racing. for the past 4 months or so i had pretty much written off 2014 regarding bike racing. i mean, i barely have had the bandwidth for work and family so i thought it might be best if i just take racing/fitness out of the equation for the year. but, funny things are starting to happen. my circadian rhythms are adjusting to waking up at odd hours. i'm finding time here and there to get workouts in. and when i do, i don't feel terribly out of shape (out of shape for sure, but not bad for february). and, my wife and i are a great team. last week i had taken tuesday off of work and skied in the morning and snowshoed during the afternoon. over this past weekend i got a really good run in (for me) on saturday and 1:40 of bike time on sunday. i even ran after work last night! so, it still is a stretch but i am starting to scratch out a general plan for the year - in draft form, it looks a little something like this:

spring phase (crits just to get solid efforts in):
06-Apr: WCA great dane 1
13-Apr: WCA great dane 2
27-Apr: WCA fitchburg
18-May: WCA wheels on willy

summer phase (building strength, mtb = single speed):
01-Jun: WORS Camrock
15-Jun: WORS Wausau
29-Jun: WORS Eau Claire
July = 'big miles' and race specific workouts
26-Jul: WCA Fitchburg
09-Aug: SS state champs @ Beechwood

fall phase:
Fat Tire!

winter phase:
get some sleep.

anyway, it looks like a lot of racing - but a lot of it is either local or can be built into trips to visit family. for WORS, i'd like to race the Comp Single Speed class. Masters for road and CX. there is enough local racing where i can 'race' into shape without making a huge time/effort getting to races. we shall see...i've got some things in the works that may or may not conspire against this tentative plan. but, you have to start somewhere.

happy friday.


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