missing the boy

i really miss calvin. we go to pick him up tonight and that has got me very excited. of course, i have to get through this day first. being away and now being back has really got me questioning my role as a manager here. it really is a role that can get tiresome - when things go well you people get the credit. when things go bad, you have to be the one to clean it up.

got a nice ride in last night. rode from work to mt horeb and then home catching some good punchy climbs along the way (garfoot/witte roads opposite the direction of the IM course). i woke up to another coughing fit again last night and ended up sleeping on the couch in the basement to not disturb my wife too much. i just want a good, continuous night's sleep for once!

my cross frame is in the country and should be shipped to me soon. i'm really excited to start the build and get my racing bike ready to rock. i have been planning this project for over 6 months and i'm ready to finally get it completed!

happy friday.


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