29 June 2011

bike training

last night - after a frustrating day at the office i got the opportunity to get out and ride before calvin's bath time. i suited up and headed off on the cross bike and knew right away i wasn't feeling the best. now, the opportunity to ride comes only 2 or 3 times per week so stopping wasn't an option. i pushed on - it has taken some time to recover from my effort over the weekend (that is what happens when you don't race very often) and i thought i was still feeling that in my quads as i pedaled along. i never felt comfortable but i tried to push in spots including a 'hot' lap at badger prairie and some of the mowed paths along the bike path home. after we got cal to bed and dinner ate i really started to feel achy all over.

i woke up feeling the same way - very achy but otherwise ok. i play golf tonight so hopefully that gives my body enough of a break to get over this little thing.

i really hope this isn't the beginning of a cold/flu of some sort.

happy wednesday.

28 June 2011

still recovering

boy, my body is still recovering from saturday's effort. i'm paying the price for no cool down/not eating in a timely fashion afterward. i have a soreness deep in my quads which i really felt on uphills last night (around 6 miles nice and easy). i need to get some bike time in - maybe tonight?

happy tuesday.

27 June 2011

nice result.

after sprinting from work to get ready to leave (with a mow of the front yard mixed in) we got into eau claire friday night at 9:30. by the time we get all to bed the alarm came pretty early on saturday - not ideal pre-race but then again not too bad because i didn't have much time to think about it.

boom - i lined up with the 6min/mile group (wishful thinking) and tried to gauge my pace based on pat and the other fast guys. went out a little too hot (5:50) but i'd rather be 10sec fast than 10 slow. it was a good course with a pretty big climb right at mile 2. managed to maintain my effort through carson park and felt pretty good about my position mid race. after that it was about hanging on - and this is where i was especially happy with my effort. a couple of guys passed me and put some distance between us. over the past few years i've been apt to give up and let them go...but i resolved to stay within striking distance. i managed to not lose contact and pass them back in the last mile. 38:02 (6:08/mile), 13th overall (3rd in age group). better than i thought i'd do for sure. robin finished with a faster per mile time than she did at crazylegs so the real props go to her. my sister ran a great race in the two mile so good races were had by all.

the rest of the weekend was spent with family - beer, food, campfires and a graduation party...a great summer weekend.

happy monday.

24 June 2011

up and at 'em

since i'm racing (gulp) the rcu charity classic tomorrow morning and i wasn't able to do any training last night, i opted for an early morning 'constitutional' to get the blood flowing a little. easy 4 miles on a mix of pavement and trail. i'm dubious as to how i will do tomorrow but the main purpose of the race is to be able to get an idea of training intensities i might want to use if i start sprinkling some quality workouts. i'm still up in the air on my goal...i guess maybe the following is reasonable:

a: average 6 min/mile
b: average 6:15 min/mile
c: break 40 minutes

i should be able to get the c. i think i can run 6:15 per mile in a race situation - the rub is that i haven't been doing anything at that intensity in training. i've been hitting a lot of trails which doesn't help with turn over either. but, you don't know if you don't try. i'm pretty sure that i'm not ready for 6 min/mile pace but i do like having a reach goal.

now i remember why i've been less inclined to race lately...i over think it!

happy friday.

23 June 2011

not a great day

man, i felt crappy yesterday. something i ate on tuesday i guess. my health issues have greatly improved of late through a combination of keeping my environmental allergies in check, taking a semi-daily probiotic and trying to adapt the way i react to stress. this was the first time i've felt poorly since we got back from las vegas, and 1 out of 20 days or so is much better than when it was at its worst (several days a week).

enough of that. i did manage a 5 mile trail run at a pretty pedestrian pace. but, it was a moral victory in that last year i would have just bagged the workout. consistency is key to my plans to a run at a spring marathon and so far so good. 20-30 miles/week running and 2-4 hours/week of biking is what i'm shooting for and i've been right on those numbers since early may or so.

happy thursday.

22 June 2011

more of the same

got out for an hour and a half last night on the cross bike. tried to push at times and ride off road where i could. somehow, i didn't get rained on but did get wet riding on water logged roads. a good ride but my bike is in need of maintenance for sure (lots of creaking at the moment).

something i forgot about my run on monday night - i was running along the ice age trail and i saw a young lady plodding along ahead of me. i noticed right away that she had headphones in so i figured she wouldn't hear me when i called out my pass. i call three times including once as i was making the pass...she heard none of my calls but as i got even with her she saw me and started screaming like i was going to kill her. she was jumping up and down and screaming and i wouldn't be surprised if she peed a little. if you are that nervous than why run with headphones on a trail? just a little rhetorical question on a wednesday.

happy wednesday.

21 June 2011

(not) happy to be here this morning.

got out for a quick 5 miles on the ice age trail last night before robin was off to swim. tonight should be my bike night but the forecast is looking pretty dire so i will be postponing that until (hopefully) tomorrow night.

happy tuesday.

20 June 2011

a great weekend makes monday feel even worse

all around good weekend.

friday night i got out for a run and at about the 1 mile mark i managed to twist my ankle when i stepped on the edge of the sidewalk. it did it's normal pop sound and smarted pretty good but once i walked it off i was able finish my run without issue. it is still sore but not debilitating.

saturday, robin's sister hung out with calvin while we got out for a nice 2 hour ride around the capital city trail. we pushed at times and it felt good to have some time just the two of us. later, my dad and brother brooks came to the house and we spent a ton of time throwing the football around...probably not the best thing the night before golf but it was too much fun to stop.

sunday morning (bright and early - well, without the bright - we woke up to pouring rain) we headed to mt. horeb for the father's day golf tourny (our 4th year!). we were delayed a bit but it ended up being very nice - we shot 43 in the chapman formatted event but left a lot of strokes on the course. putting killed us, tee to green we were respectable. anyway, after dad and brooks hit the road calvin took a nap and i got a chance to lay ill and watch the us open. rory mcilroy is the real deal at 22 years old. he has all the game in the world and is an infinitely better person than what's his name. anyway, after spending the afternoon with cali and r i got out for a quick 5 miles to/at/and home from elver park. we are both signed up for the rcu charity classic 10km in ec this saturday and i guess that inspired me. i ran a hard 1 mile loop on the hilly course...this usually takes me 8 minutes at regular training pace but i ran a 6:45 last night. it was dark so i think i could have been 15 seconds or so faster. i'm not really sure what that means except i was able to shave 1:15 off and felt good doing so.

i always feel like i need a time target when i do a foot race. i'm trying to decide what that goal time should be. hmm.

happy monday.

16 June 2011

getting into a groove

work has been crap lately. all may it seemed like i had a client here which means my regular work gets pushed back/delayed while i cater to their every need. now, while i am catching up my presence is required at meeting after meeting telling my colleagues and i that we need to do more. when we do well, it is because of our upper management. when we do poorly, it is because of our line level management. whatever d bags.

i did manage a 2 hour ride on tuesday (thanks r) and i ran a hard 6 miles last night. i felt like going longer but it was after 10pm by the time i wrapped up so i opted to call it a night.

happy thursday.

14 June 2011


i'd like to get back into regular blogging. not so much for my readers if there still are any, but for me. a few words into the electronic ether that allow me to look back on what was happening. plus, it is the closest i ever come to a training log.

i was going to run last night but robin had to push her swim back a bit after cal's bedtime due to a masters class at the pool. by the time she had returned i was pretty cozy on the couch (plus it was 9:20 which is pushing my limits of exercise before bed). no worries, i've managed some sort of training 8 out of the past 9 days prior to that so a rest day wasn't a terrible idea anyway. i'm going to try and log some bike time tonight then some more running the rest of the week.

i'm contemplating running the rcu charity classic 10k a week from saturday. we are heading to eau claire because 1) my sister/brother in law are visiting from denmark and 2) one of my half sister's graduation party. might be a good time to squeeze in a little racing.

btw, robin is killing her tri training for her upcoming race. she is transforming before my eyes and is poised to have a very good first race. she is doing all this while still running the household so i am pretty much in awe of her. it is fun being her equipment manager so i hope she hires me on full time if she continues down this racing path!

happy tuesday.

13 June 2011

this blog is lame

man, i just don't update like i used to. i've been trying to stay active and last week was pretty good. i managed to run or bike everyday but wednesday which was golf night. as soon as i finished playing the storms rolled in and we spent the hours from 7 until around 11 with the power out. i did the dishes by the light of a headlamp which was kind of fun. anyway, several of my runs came after cal was in bed so i've been training into the evening a bit.

i'm beginning to feel very faint urges to race again. not because i think i'll be fast but because it is fun to compete now and then. right now, the running is what i feel strongest with at the moment so maybe a 10k or thereabouts. we'll see...this weekend is fathers day which means the fathersday scramble at the norsk in mt. horeb.

happy monday.

06 June 2011

great to be back.

here i am back at work and i'm really only grinding to a start. i've made it through my emails but now have to go back through and re-read the important ones. and there were too many 'important' ones. oh well.

we had a very nice trip to las vegas. the highlight was on robin's birthday. we went to absinthe at caesars palace which was great (if you are going to lv in the next 6 months or so, go see it - it was better than cirque in my opinion). then we hit rick moonen's restaurant at mandalay bay. great food (certainly for a price - the table behind us had a $6000 tab when we left. our waiter showed us a copy of the bill which included three rounds of scotch - the third was 6 glasses @ $260 per - high rollers!) and then on our way back out through the casino we saw hubert keller. a top chef masters evening all around! we also saw/met penn and teller at the rio which was fun as well. las vegas is a disgusting place in terms of the excess that you are immersed in...but in small doses it is really quite fun. we are still re-adjusting to normal life...and the central time zone.

happy monday.