31 August 2010

fresh grind for fall

i had a meeting last night for a new team side project that ron and i are working with for the fall cyclocross season. it's a group out of the cross plains bike shop (the uphill grind) that we decided to join up with. i'm still a fuel guy through and through...i'll just be sporting a ug jersey at the races for a while. the main reason for the temporary change is to have shop support close by. ben's is great but when you need something and live in madison it can be a little inconvenient so i'm really looking forward to building a relationship with this local shop.

cali had his 9 month check up yesterday. 21 lbs 6 oz (around 50th percentile) and 30inches long (89th percentile). long and lean. at 9.5 months the kid is borderline obsessed with balls...and he is already pretty good at throwing/catching. tall, lean, strong with a good arm...shortstop anyone?

happy tuesday.

28 August 2010

logging time

as planned, i rode up to blue mounds to ride/watch my buddies finish the unnamed epic. based on the expressions for those finishing i think it was a brutal effort. warm temps, wide open for 50 miles and then 2 laps of some of the most challenging single track wisconsin has to offer.

i managed around 3.5 hours all told which is a pretty good day in the saddle. better yet that puts me up around 7 hours for the week...i'll take it!

happy saturday.

27 August 2010


last night, robin asked me if i wanted to go for a family run which is one of my favorite things to do. however, as my left hip flexor built soreness throughout the day i opted out. we took a trip to the dog park instead and let ollie rage for a bit.

the plan is to ride up to blue mounds tomorrow on the mountain bike. try to get some volume/time on the epic and also cheer on some of my teammates/riding buddies. i'll probably leave the house around 10:30 or so to try and get an overload loop in before there is too much race traffic. should be fun.

happy friday.

26 August 2010


cross practice #1 is in the books. the course we set up was solid...there was some carnage but not too bad. i managed to ride strong (for me) the first 2 sessions but on the third had to bag it after 2 laps. i need to relearn how to ride hard and parcel my efforts a little but for the first high intensity ride since the h8er i'm pretty happy with it. cross racing is still a month or so away so i have some time to get the fast twitch twitching. what a great night weather wise...a hint of fall in the air.

and, i even got home in time to give cal his night time bottle.

happy thursday.

25 August 2010


well, it has been a long time since i've felt the lactic acid coursing through my veins or bitter taste at the back of your mount from a hard effort. with the first cross practice of the 2010 season mere hours away, i'm beginning to get butterflies in anticipation of the deep and dark pain cave that cross inflicts.

but nervous is good. it means i'm getting excited about something again... and it's been awhile. while i'm not entirely sure when i will be able to race, i'm going to try and relish when i'm able to race and embrace those opportunities because they are harder to come by these days.

i have only one partial cross season in my legs so far, but i love it. i love how accessible it is (or should be anyway), i love that it is compatible with my current lifestyle and i love that it is concurrent to my favorite season of the year. the feelings i get leading into this cross season remind me of what it felt like going into cross country season in high school/college. it is a sport that rewards grittiness as much as it rewards fitness. plus, you get to run a little.

anyway, practice at garner park starts at 5:30. be there if you can.

the excitment for practice is only tempered by the fact that i have a dentist appointment in an hour. my dislike for the dentist is only slightly lower on the scale than horses. but not by much.

happy wednesday.

24 August 2010

take it when you can get it

got out for 1:40 on the cross bike last night. boy, i didn't see that opportunity coming but it felt damn good to get out and stretch the legs after this past weekend. cross practice on wednesday and then a long ride on the epic saturday to and at blue mounds to watch some of the boys finish the epic ride that is still seeking a name. just need miles in the legs...probably won't help my fat tire finish at this point but it will help for cross.

speaking of cross, they have changed the schedule a bunch of times already and i'm hesitant to plan anything at this point. get it together already!

happy tuesday.

23 August 2010


whenever i spend time in wausau i daydream about one day living there. it feels like a different place to me with rib mtn and the wisconsin river. it almost feels like you are in the mountains. with nine mile, standing rocks, lowes creek in ec, levis-trow mounds and green bay only a 1.5 hr max drive away the training/riding options are endless. the downtown has slowly been transformed into something more urban than the population sign would indicate. and, we would have immediate family close but not too close. maybe someday...

the wedding was good and calvin went easy on grandma and grandpa k so all was well. the arts block is a cool venue for a reception, my family was there in full force and we even ran into a few acquaintances that we didn't know would be there.

leaving on friday and getting back later on sunday makes the weekend go really fast. i'm feeling the abundance of sweets, beer and food that i imbibed (with only a short run on saturday to counter balance) and so i need a good week of diet and training to get myself back into my comfort zone.

cross practice starts this week!

happy monday.

20 August 2010

that's different

i rode a bike last night!

happy friday.

19 August 2010

think about your feet

for fathers day, robin (with consultation from calvin) got me a 45 minute golf lesson at university ridge. i have been scratching my head all summer trying to figure out what part of my game needs help. now, let it be said that all portions of my game could use help but for some reason this year my short game has really struggled (greenside shots in and out of the sand). so, i worked on that with the head pro at the ridge. i was really happy with what i got. he taught me three really good set ups that, with practice, will get me more consistantly hitting sound shots. after the lesson, i practiced for an hour and by the end i was actually pretty happy with my progress. a lesson can make you better...who knew?

other than that, i got the lawn mowed and then it was dark. it is as if it is mid august or something...oh wait.

happy thursday.

18 August 2010

g.i. joe

got out for 45 minutes of running on the iat last night. never really felt right...and towards the end i battled a bit of lower g.i. distress that slowed my pace even further (ie. the 'trots'). i'm glad i got out but boy it was an unenjoyable run.

other than that, not much. tuesday night is bathroom cleaning night at the hoenisch house(we have incorporated a schedule now that there are little hands reaching for everything) so that was fun. when it was just us we might let housework slide if we weren't feeling up to it. not anymore.

happy wednesday.

17 August 2010

14 seconds till sunrise

tired, wiser for the time.

after a spike in my training a few weeks back i've been in a little bit of a funk again. i had planned on getting out yesterday but really wasn't feeling well. maybe tonight?

cal is a monster. every morning he feels 1 lb heavier and he is into everything. and, he is getting pretty close to walking. but the more mobile he gets the more fun he gets. pretty soon he'll be wrestling our dog into submission.

happy tuesday.

16 August 2010


my first time at a pga event was a dandy. although, now that i've been to a major i may be a little spoiled. we got there early (before many others did) and were able to watch several groups finish up the second round on the front nine. there was some waiting to be done while they determined the third round pairings. we ended up following brian gay/kyung-tae kim/charl schwartzel group for the full 18 and then found a spot along the eighteenth fairway to watch the top groups finish. tiger was 2 groups back so we caught a few glimpses of him. the only guy we didn't get to see was phil mickelson but it just was logistically tough. i'm glad we did it that way...we were able to see just about every inch of the course (except for the par 5 fifth which was very unaccessible to the gallery).

coincidentally, we sat in almost the exact spot that dustin johnson infamously grounded his club. without a doubt, he was in a bunker. they were trampled and (frankly) a mess but you have to know the rules. i feel for the guy but in that situation you need to think about everything. of everyone we saw play, his ball trajectory is different that anyone else...it is almost electric. the game becomes a lot easier when you can hit 8, 9 or wedge into a green rather than a 5 iron and that is what he can do with is driving distance (same with bubba watson). if he can get his head on straight he should be in contention for many majors to come.

it was a great day of watching a lot of golf at a world class venue. i can't wait to take calvin there when the pga comes back in 2015 although if he continues developing like he is now he will be running into fairways and trying pick up golf balls. maybe we'll start with a practice session...

happy monday.

13 August 2010

is that taps or revelry?

well, my training has not been ideal lately. i'm beginning to feel that pit in my stomach that you feel when you are going into a race season without the fitness you'd like to have. frankly though, i'm powerless to do anything. sometimes i wish i had the singular vision it takes to reach one's potential in one thing only...i'm more of a 'good at many things but not great at any' type of a guy. my free time has become greatly limited in the last few years and my hobbie list is expanding.

i'm thinking i'll opt out of fat tire next year...it is a great race and i love it but i am definitely not honoring my most favorite race by going in unprepared.

anyway, i followed up tuesdays trail run with an 1.5 hr ride at a pretty moderate pace. last night i chose the mow the lawn route in the triple digit heat index...if i collapsed from heat exhaustion at least i was close to home. a few years back i would have set up the trainer in the basement and hammered for an hour and half. not so much anymore...

the pga is tomorrow and i am super excited. hopefully the rain passes through overnight so we get a full day of action.

happy friday.

11 August 2010

black clouds rolling up the valley

man this heat is something else. last night it didn't feel bad when i started my trail run but around 30 minutes in it hit me like a ton of bricks. managed 45 minutes on the iat/other trails. training the past 7 days has been hit and miss...well, mostly miss. calvin getting sick put a big wrench in my training...plus we had a busy weekend which saw me getting only a 10km run w/cal in the jogger at the arb loop. so much for bike training...hopefully tonight.

august is a tough month on me allergy wise. i'm medicated, and that helps with the symptoms but does nothing for the malaise i feel. i could sleep for 12 hours and still not feel rested. this is nothing new...i just need to push through. a cold front passing through wouldn't hurt either.

and with that i better get to it.

happy wednesday.

06 August 2010

a day with the calvinator

the day with calvin went pretty well yesterday. he was in pretty good spirits all things considered. it was a beautiful day out and i was able to get out for two walks (once with cal, oliver and myself and another with the same cast plus robin). i was hoping to get a workout in but it wasn't meant to be. we're hoping he makes it through the day at daycare...

i'm golfing this afternoon at university ridge. i love that place but never end up playing all that well. every hole looks like it should play easily (with the exception of 17) and every hole ends up challenging my patience. i guess that is what makes it a great robert trent jones design. if nothing else, it will get my golf juices flowing for next weekend...my dad and i will be at whistling straits for 'moving day' during the pga championships. i've never been to a pro event...i'm super excited.

happy friday.

05 August 2010


looking back at some old photos and found this one of josh burning some poor hack's crutches...he only burns them after the spiritual healing.

our sick little kid

so, after going home early yesterday to care for cal, i'm home again today with a dr. appt at 10:45 to see if he has yet another ear infection. he woke up very unhappy and rubbing at his ear so i'm pretty sure i know the answer. our poor guy is miserable...i wish there was something i could do to make him feel better. i'm regretting the fact that i took monday off...i'm leaving early to golf tomorrow so all totaled i will have worked only 2 full days spread over 3. i know, i know...i don't have to golf but after this week i need a respite.

robin was kind enough to give me an hour yesterday to ride. i took it real easy since i'm still feeling the cold but i am slowly getting better. with all of this time on my hands, i've been looking at cross sites and they are starting to blow up...must mean it is about that time!

happy thursday.

04 August 2010

back in black?

got out for 2 hour training rides saturday and monday this past weekend (i had monday off). as with every 3 day weekend his parents have had during his short life, calvin was sick. i caught his cold monday afternoon and have been grinding since. anyway, the bike sensations are feeling good considering my volumes this year. just trying to get out and get some mileage building up to fat tire/cross.

in other news, our computer crapped out. the home desktop that has all of our photos and videos and music (90 gb worth). so, in a bit a panic we were able to get all the photos backed up (we weren't exactly up to date on backing up our files) and then made the leap...that's right, we are proud owners of an imac. we got it monday night so i've only spent an hour or so on it. i'm being forced to relearn some of the habits i've developed in the past 10 years of using windows machines but other than that it is pretty cool. the specs: imac 27" screen, 2.8ghz quad i5 processor and a terabyte of hard drive space. iphones are the gateway technology to more hardcore technology.

and with that, i better get to work. robin and i are splitting the day since cal apparently had a fever at daycare yesterday. conveniently, it was at 4:25 to ensure he couldn't go back today.

happy wednesday.