31 December 2009

All Anx iety

new years eve and this place is a ghost town. i guess if i have to be here i would prefer it this way.

made it out for the lap around lake wingra yesterday. there was a small layer of snow that rendered it pretty slippery. i took it easy (44 minutes for the 10k loop) but have some tender stabilizer muscles this morning. i'm contemplating a race tomorrow morning...although, it would be more just organized run from my perspective. this will be the first new years day that i won't be hung over in a long time. probably a better way to start the year.

happy thursday.

30 December 2009

i-i, oh-oh, i'm still alive

going into the holiday weekend robin and i expected the worst. calvin proved us wrong from start to finish. he is a great little baby. slept well regardless of where, put up with many many many people holding him. and handled all the travel really well. we all had a bad day yesterday which i'm chalking up to a hangover from the holiday.

i decided to leave my running shoes home over the break and rest my ankle. got out last night for a run and felt pretty good today. now, i've got a few hours to myself this afternoon so it is off to do the arboretum loop for the first time in a long time.

happy wednesday!

23 December 2009

timing is key

in anticipation of the impending winter storm that one moment is predicted to produce rain, and the next moment predicted to produce 9-14 inches of snow, we are trying to find the sweet spot in terms of when to hit the road. after doing a lot of regression analyses, running several models, and drawing from my 32 years of experience, it seems to me that it doesn't matter...the drive is going to suck it regardless. i could be a meteorologist or something.

no workout last night. i'm trying to rest the ankle a bit. i'll probably lay low until saturday. by then i will assuredly need to blow some steam.

happy wednesday.

22 December 2009

groundhog day

out for a run last night between solo stints with the boy. for the third time in 2 months, i severely twisted my ankle on some ice. this is getting to the point of ridiculous. each time it makes an audible popping sound followed by searing pain. that can't be good. i was pretty far from home so i sat in someone's driveway for a while and then run-limped home.

man it is sore this morning.

happy tuesday.

20 December 2009

i have a plan.

it's not a clear plan...more opaque. it isn't a resolution even though it is that time of year. resolutions are destined to fail. more later...

happy sunday.

18 December 2009

they justify my claim

no workout last night. my ankle soreness kind of morphed into a different area of my ankle (higher up) and i took it as a sign that maybe i should back off for a night. it still feels weird this morning but i'll probably test it tonight.

work has been trying lately. sometimes it seems as if our upper management has no idea what they are doing.

however, i had a conversation with my son about it last night. the exchange went something like this:

me: a-boo
cal: goo
me: a-boo
cal: goo
me: A-BOO
cal: GOO (big smile)

and so on. he is right, all that bs doesn't matter. he (and his mother) are what matter.

happy friday.

17 December 2009

medium grind

another 45 minutes of running after work. felt good besides the ankle. no big whoop. my sis and brother in law arrived from dk last night. i'm really happy that they have now been properly introduced to the boy. and, i woke up thinking it was friday.

happy thursday.

16 December 2009

i didn't fall off the back

45 minutes of treadmill running last night at the 'club.' i managed to run the whole time without falling off the back of the treadmill. go me. ankle is still sore especially when getting up in the middle of the night to make bottles.

happy wednesday.

15 December 2009

rough night on the home front

got out for 5 laps around the block last night. the block i speak of is almost exactly 1 mile in length so it was a good little workout. the ankle is definitely sore but not terrible. if there is time, i might be hitting the treadmill tonight.

sometimes i feel bad about leaving the house to run after being away at work all day. but this 30 - 60 minutes is much needed. it's like a reminder of who i am while we are in the haze of this new life we have embarked upon. i know that after a while this will all seem the norm, but right now i still feel like we have adopted someone else's life. people say that we should be enjoying every minute of this newborn's life. but i think the reason that most people with kids say that is because the first two months suck more than they don't and their clouded memory of the infant time is from the self induced amnesia that is the only way one can perservere without a major emotional melt down.

it is not that bad. he is a great little baby and i am happy for every minute with him. but this tiny human can and does occasionally bring two strong successful adults to their knees.

happy tuesday.

14 December 2009

at least that's what you said.

monday again?

friday night i got out for a nice 45 minute run. since most places were an absolute mess from the snowstorm earlier in the week and it was dark, i decided to run laps through a neighborhood where i knew it was safe to run in the street. it turned out to be a really good run without too much slipping trouble.

saturday, i should have followed the same route. instead, i ran a loop i haven't for a while and about a half mile from home slipped on some ice. there was a block of ice fused to the sidewalk that my foot hit during the slide causing me to re-sprain the ankle i hurt 5 weeks ago. i could barely walk yesterday and it is still sore this morning.

we've been members at a new athletic club for several months that just opened over the summer. i signed on for winter use and i guess it is that time. we took a tour last night and they are doing amazing things with treadmills these days. i just may have to start using in lieu of more ankle damage. yuck.

another good weekend with my family. calvin is getting more interactive daily which is very cool. i feel really lucky.

happy monday.

10 December 2009


3 hours of shoveling yesterday has rendered my core muscles a little tender. the whole time i was thinking i really wished i had a snow blower. but just 12 hours later i'm thinking it wasn't so bad. i made it out for a run tuesday night so i guess technically i trained in a blizzard. and best of all, it is just a 4 day work week.

happy thursday.

08 December 2009

great run

got out for a quick 6 miles last night. cold air and quiet streets made for a great run. there is something about running that really makes me feel alive. too bad i can't stay healthy doing it...

calvin and i had a daddy/son hour last night and it went well except he always figures out how to spit up on my clothes. no matter where i place the burp rag he finds a way...last night it was down the back of my pants.

happy tuesday.

07 December 2009


i just got the latest weather statement regarding the impending snowstorm. one sentance stood out as amusing to me...for some reason it reads in a robot's voice in my head.


4 weeks

cal is 4 weeks old today. wednesday he'll officially be 1 month so we will have to change our units. saturday night he slept for 7+ hours straight. of course, when a newborn has the audacity to let his parents sleep...they wake up and assume something is wrong. i guess he was making up for the night before where he was sticking to a tight schedule of waking every 2 hours.

saturday we had vistors throughout the day. apparently, calvin is quite a draw. i made it out for a run and felt ok but still had the remnants of the cold i came down with earlier in the week. yesterday we did the knutowski-hoenisch annual christmas tree hunt. robin acted as baby sherpa (sling under a giant coat) while i was the tree sherpa. it was a great time as always and every year our k-h clan gets a little bigger. oliver ran so much with benny that he didn't even get out of bed this morning to eat. rare occurance.

happy monday.

04 December 2009


made it halfway home in terrible traffic induced by the snow last night before i (with consultation from my wife) came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it. i parked my car in a safe place and walked home. it was actually quite cathartic... tromping through the first measurable snow of the season, watching idiot drivers make idiodic decisions and feeling my cheeks slowly pink up.

i will say, you would think that back to back record or near record snow seasons would have 'seasoned' the drivers a little more around here. not the case.

happy friday.

03 December 2009

under the weather

came down with some cold tuesday night and so far it is just the stuffy head, swollen tissues, and run down feeling type of deal. i'm hoping that it starts feeling better soon so i can run the jingle bell run next weekend. i need a race pace 10k like i need a kick in the junk but it is something to keep me moving. we'll see, if i can't run tomorrow then i'll probably just bag the idea and find something in january.

calvin slept for 6 hours straight last night. what a good baby! getting up at 4 isn't so bad...it's the 1:30 wake up calls that hurt the most.

happy thursday.

01 December 2009

i have a plan (sort of)

grinding. that is what caring for a newborn is. while there are moments of bliss, most of it boils down to hard work, attentiveness and new (and difficult to master) sleep cycles. at least that is the case for our boy. robin is absolutely killing it as a mom...i merely help for an hour at lunch and again for a few hours at night. i will say that having a fussy baby is good for the core muscles...a squirmy little medicine ball that i heave and hold at different angles to try and comfort.

45 minutes of running last night on the old 'p' loop. woke up a little tender again...which is more proof that 1) running is hard and 2) biking doesn't use enough muscles. one of these days i want to make it to the gym for some weight work. of course, one of these days could very well mean one of these months.

happy tuesday.