30 December 2008

it's all just the same

every morning starts the same. i check through my list of bike blogs, think about how i should do more training, and then remember that i am dealing with a pretty big motivational crisis. how does one overcome this? the weather doesn't help. if we had good snow, i could ski and snowshoe. if it wasn't icey, i could ride my single speed or run more outside. that leaves me with sitting in the basement on the trainer. and lets face it, nobody is down with that. if i ever want to get back into anything resembling fitness, i'm going to have to actually start doing something. maybe tonight...

i'm currently reading the book 'outliers: story of success' by malcolm gladwell. i've only made it through the first few chapters so far (i would get a lot further if i read it sitting upright and earlier in the day) but it is already interesting. most people assume that the uber successful are just inherently better than everyone...and to a certain extent that is true. but the book also shows that hard work is a key component to success...and it seems that 10,000 hours of practice is a pretty good standard to become expert in any field (or at least realize your full inherent potential). but, as someone with a lower talent level but high work ethic, i already kind of knew that. the book also points out that most successful people are lucky.

i've been working at my current company over 5 years now...which puts me over 10,000 hours. i do fine here, but it is clear that i am not expert in my field. i don't think it disproves what the book says...i think it shows that this is not my calling in life. i guess i knew that too. on my to do list during break, i have 'update my resume' just for that reason. i'm beginning to develop an affinity for a certain field and now i just need the gumption to take the necessary steps.

this post has become quite obtuse. maybe i'm getting a little introspective due to the impending close of 2008. maybe it's because i think 2009 will be a big year for me and my family. maybe it's because i don't want to do my work.

happy tuesday.

29 December 2008

resuming transmission

so our tour de northern wisconsin is over. i'm happy we did it but i'm also happy to be home. it was good to see just about everyone in our families and it reminded me just how lucky we are to have so many loved ones. i hope everyone else had a great holiday as well.

and now here i am back at work. i wish i was home sleeping like my lovely wife (and dog).

oh well.

happy monday.

22 December 2008

my hands are cold.

so, mother nature keeps not so subtly reminding us that we should buy a subaru. tonight and into tomorrow we are on the hook for 5 or 6 inches. then, wednesday is more of the same with higher totals predicted.

we've got books on tape, some new music and each others (and the dog's) company to get us through the slog north. patience will be key.

happy monday.

21 December 2008

are we dancer?

got out on the snowshoes on friday night...ended up tromping around the perimeter of the u-ridge golf course and hit every 4 foot drift i could find. i woke up heavy but not sore...and that was good because we had a long day of shopping to do. we managed to get everything finished up and averted a major traffic snarl to get home in time to hit pleasant view prior to the frigid weather hitting. it sure felt good to do a few laps and finish being the only car in the lot. brings back memories of times when i could be more devoted to my training. today, sans 1 trip to get baking supplies, we have been house bound to avoid the windchills. i was going to hit the trainer but i'm not feeling it...instead, i've been doing cookie curls testing all the baked goods we've cranked out.

and with that, the christmas week is upon us. two days of 'working' and then it's tour de northern wisconsin. i'm excited to see everybody!

happy sunday.

19 December 2008

i made it.

well, my little crappy snow car made it to work. the storm was as advertised with a foot of snow in the driveway this morning. luckily, our street was plowed early and our good neighbor had our driveway cleared in time to make it to work by 10. now that i'm here, all i can think about is snowshoeing in a foot of fresh powder snow by the light of my headlamp. headlamp snowshoeing is the best...and makes me welcome the snow and the solstice.

but now i need to think about work.

happy friday.

18 December 2008

every other day

as yesterday progressed, my body got more and more sore. i guess that is what happens when you try to get back into shape after a long period of inactivity. until i started this grad school thing, i had always had the time and motivation to train and train hard. over the past year or so, even when there has been a spare hour here or there i have been lacking the motivation to get out and do it.

ironically, now i have the motivation but i need patience to allow my body to recover as i start the process of training. long story short, no workout last night. tonight we may try to hit pleasant view for some skiing if there is enough snow. after tonight, that won't be a concern...

happy thursday.

17 December 2008

here we go again.


feel the burn.

i did a nice and snowy 30 minutes of running last night with oliver. then i tacked on another 30 minutes of core work and one leg pedalling drills. and i feel really good today. i've got the heavy but no sore feeling i get addicted to when i am training.

the weather folks are calling for another snow event on thursday. i'm hearing 7 to 13 inches of snow in a short amount of time. talk about kicking winter up a notch. if we are going to have it, i want it in full force so i can snowshoe and ski. this past weekend of warm and rain was a total buzz kill.

happy wednesday.

15 December 2008

cold, warm, cold, snow...repeat.

wierd how it was both warm and cold yesterday. nice that the snow is crap, just as i'm pulling out of this cold. so is winter.

yesterday, i spent some time putting up a wreath over the garage door. it looks nice but i thought for sure it was going to get ripped off in the overnight winds. somehow it didn't.

man, i've got nothing today. how is that different from any other day?

happy monday.

13 December 2008

still sick

i woke up with a face full of sick juice so i guess i'm still sick. based on how long robin has been dealing with her cold and assuming i have the same one, it will be at least 5 more days of dealing with it. as long as i'm just dealing with congestion, maybe tomorrow i'll be able to do some sort of work out. today's will be a walk in the woods, half of which whilst dragging a tree and yelling at a crazy airedale.

happy saturday.

12 December 2008

rough morning.

well, my plan to ride the trainer was flawed from the beginning. i went for a long walk with the dog after work, then got home and had a huge sneezing fit. heated up some food for dinner, turned on the nfl network and fell asleep on the couch. it's just a cold but it is kicking my ass...this morning is rough, but manageable (with more coffee).

maybe i'll get on the trainer a little tonight. my body can't handle exercise in the cold right now so if i do anything, that will have to do.

we're going tree hunting tomorrow...my least favorite part is the field dressing but after that it is exhilerating!

happy friday.

11 December 2008

well, it had to happen.

with just about everyone in my life sick with the latest cold, it was just a matter of time before i got it. i am feeling ill but it hasn't morphed into anything too bad yet. i'm super sore from my snowshoe excursion the other day and the mild aches of the cold are contributing to that for sure.

i still may try to log a little time on the trainer tonight if i don't feel too bad. my goal is to train 5 days a week (minus over the christmas expedition) through the end of january and see where i'm at. i just need to build a little base, so i'm going to mix the snowshoes, skis, 1x1 outside, trainer and running with the goal of moving. i mentioned taking a stab at the madison marathon this spring, but right now, that isn't prudent...i could change my mind....which i usually do.

i'm not really sure when i'll race again. it has taken me 3 semesters to figure out that i don't do real well balancing full time work, full time school, family and training. my new current fancy would be to train through the summer, race at fat tire, and then race the cross series in the fall.

who knows what i'll do.

happy thursday.

10 December 2008

breaking trail.

yesterday, work was closed due to the snowstorm. i still had to go into work breifly and then i managed to clean up the bike room and get the old diamond back rebuilt into single speed form. i could never get the chain-line worked out on the s-works so i'm back to the 'response elite.' too bad i'm about as far from elite as i ever have been.

i got out for 2 hours of snowshoeing and i had forgotten just how good of a workout breaking trail is. my calves are tender and i've got that heavy feeling you get from a good workout (it's been so long!). the ice age trail and its proximity to my house really is a treasure. the university ridge golf course really is beautiful after a snowfall.

happy wednesday.

08 December 2008

impending doom....

you'd think a nuclear apocalypse was impending...based on colleague reaction to the winter storm warning. i'm glad we'll have some snow...now that school is out i was worried about coming up for excuses for not riding the trainer...but now that skiing and snowshoeing will be options, i should have plenty of training modalities to keep me engaged while i ease myself back into fitness.

and i'm not doing homework.

happy monday.

07 December 2008

in the books.

well, semester 3 is in the books. this was by far the most grueling for me. when you look at the volume of work, it shouldn't have been...maybe it was the concurrent work stress but by the end i was feeling pretty fed up. it's hard to mentally shut it down until i see my grades, but no matter how they turn out i've got 1 semester to go. while you are living it, it seems to be taking forever...when it is done, you instantly look back and wonder how it could keep going so fast.

too much beer yesterday rendered me workoutless for 1 final day. tomorrow i start from scratch, just in time for what they are saying could be a big one...6-12 inches. here we go again?

happy sunday.

03 December 2008

tipping point

it's funny, you know you have a 'tipping point.' a point at which you can take no more, and you know it is time for something new. i think i've reached that point at work. i know, i've said things like this about work before. and maybe this will pass as well...but for how hard i work and how much thought and energy i spend on that place, the last thing i need to find out about is ANOTHER disproportionate award. someone has been granted the ability to travel to europe for a conference and meet and greet with some clients. no biggie...except in the past 12 months this person:
- left the company disgruntled.
- returned to the company exactly 6 months later.
- announced a pregnancy shortly after that.
- and now is going to do something i would kill to be able to do (she is at my level).

i do my job, i manage my projects quietly and efficiently. i don't complain. and look where it is getting me.

i've always felt great loyalty towards my boss and group. but even the strongest loyalty can not reconcile every thing.

sorry for the vent.

happy wednesday.

02 December 2008

song in my head.

i've got the song 'spaceman' by the killers in my head. over the weekend, we watched our recorded snl from when they played and ever since it has been stuck. it's a great song, but it can leave my head now.

i finally heard back from my delinquent group members. i received the sections and they were in completely different formats which took me 2 hours to get standardized. 1 person increased the margin size, increased font size, and referenced wikipedia a lot so she must have been busy with shopping or something.

group work sucks.

a little over 4 days from now this semster will be done...and i will be drinking fat tire beers and watching football.

happy tuesday.

01 December 2008

and the spaceman says.

i did a workout this morning before work. it involved a shovel and my driveway.

rock bottom.