29 November 2008

so tonight that i might see

break time.

thanksgiving was all i was hoping for. the grilled bird breast turned out great. good food, family and friends made it very enjoyable. yesterday, i managed to get the christmas decorations up which is something i wasn't even considering getting done prior to school finishing...ah, the power of procrastination. now i'm holed up in the basement trying trying trying to finish this paper up. i've made some progress, but i need to make more.

so back to work i go.

happy saturday.

26 November 2008

our dog.

at almost 3 years old, my dog is still an annoying adolescent airedale that drives us crazy on the hour every hour. why do we put up with it you ask? well, because he is so damn handsome.

we cleaned the house up last night to prepare for thanksgiving guests. after that, i tried to do some writing and got a paragraph. i've lost my muse i guess...hopefully copious amounts of turkey and red wine will give me back my motivation and writing ability. or, at least make me forget about it all for one day.

thanksgiving is my favortie holiday by far, i love the idea of family and friends getting together to share a great meal and each others company for no other reason than to give thanks for everything we have. no obligation of gifts. no (major) decorating. just the good things in life. i hope everyone enjoys the holiday, if you read this you are one of the things i give thanks for every year.

did i mention our dog is handsome?

here he is mimicking how i am going to feel thursday night.

happy thanksgiving.

24 November 2008

fiscal responsibility

so, we toyed with the idea of buying a brand new subaru forester a few weeks back considering the winter driving schedule we have but, after reviewing our financials, opted for fiscal responsiblity. today's 1.5 inches of snow reminded me why i really want to get rid of my honda. for whatever reason, our LX is a dog while our EX is a champ. if we get a new car, i get the EX. oh well, here is to another winter of getting stuck on hills.

i'm feeling good today. i'm happy to have my group stuff wrapped up...well, the paper anyway. i've yet to hear from my teammates about any of it...bums. and that leaves me with 1 3000 word paper...and i have about a third of that in the books already.

we did our thanksgiving shopping last night and i saw a 15 pound turkey breast...that is one big bird. it was organic and never frozen so it cost $85. our frozen 10 pounder will be just fine, thank you very much.

happy monday.

23 November 2008

waiting for the end.

i'm sitting in my ad-hoc office in the basement and all i really want to do is ride a bike. i haven't felt it this strong for awhile, maybe it's because i'm starting to feel the end approaching. i fear i will need one more weekend to wrap things up, so i better stay mentally in the game.

two weeks from right now i will have nothing to do but nurse my hangover. and maybe ride a bike.

happy sunday.

20 November 2008

trailers for sale or rent.

last night i was going to try and crank out 1000 words for my final drug discovery paper but i wasn't feeling it. instead, i played around graphpad to finish up my presentation for molecular technologies. it probably wasn't worth the time i invested, but it looks pretty good.

i have a good outline for my paper, so i'm not all too worried...i just need to get myself going one of these days and crank it out.

someday i will do something athletic. someday.

happy thursday.

19 November 2008

cool stuff.

last night's lecture series was pretty cool to say the least. alta couldn't make it, she is too busy working on president elect obama's transition team...hopefully collecting all the presdential orders to restrict scientific endeavors so they can be shredded in a month or two.

madison is literally ground zero for the field of stem cells. one should almost get into said field with the training i have accumulated. hmmmm.

other than that, not much to report. tonight through sunday is the big push for homework. yeaaaaaaa!

happy wednesday.

18 November 2008


we went to edgerton last night to check out a house my sis/bro in law were contemplating putting on offer on. it's new so there is not much to say about it, except 'it seems nice.' more than that, we were there to offer moral support. it's a big step in life and i'm happy we could be a part of it.

besides that, the night was a wash. i'm ready to be done with school, but i guess i need to accomplish something to actually reach that end. tonight we are going to a 10 year celebration of stem cells at the overture center. alta charo (one of my instructors and a world leader in the ethics of science), jim doyle and jamie thompson are speaking tonight and we couldn't miss an opportunity like that.

there is always tomorrow for homework i guess.

happy tuesday.

17 November 2008

harsh reality.

well, 1 more session to go. i have some work to do before the final session arrives, but for some reason, i'm not as stressed about this as i was for the last few weeks. not yet any way.

we drove a 2009 subaru forester on saturday. without a doubt, this is our next car. we've spread ourselves a little thin the past couple of years (school doesn't help), so it is not in the cards for another 6 months or so...but someday. our civics aren't bad, but they are starting to get old. mine is 10 years old already.

anyway, the simple dashboard, the extra space, the all wheel drive and the huge back seat are some of the things we like the most. plus, while driving it, it didn't seem big...it felt more like a station wagon that sat up a little higher.

anyway, i'm babbling.

happy monday.

13 November 2008

minus 5

well, three assignments to go...after i give the presentation tomorrow anyway. i've been practicing some, and this one has been tough to get the words out. but, it'll be fine.

not much else going on.

i'm tired.

happy thursday.

11 November 2008


i feel more motivated this morning. and more optimistic.

yesterday was the work into meeting for school into trip to the library...hence, no time for a workout. oh well. some day, this blog will go back to logging my training hours rather than my homework hours. i really am sorry for all the complaining...but it feels good to get it out every so i can move on with my day.

looks like sue haywood took a swing at usa cycling and connected. good for her, here is to increased license prices in a couple of years. she should have been an olympian, and if i were in that position i think i would do the same.

and now...it's time to go to work.

happy tuesday.

10 November 2008


well, i registered for the last time this morning. the end is in sight, but it still seems a long way away.

between work and school, my work load is heavy for the rest of the month. i'm beginning to feel some pressure and general nervousness about getting it all done...and more importantly, getting it all done well.

by the way, anyone have a rigid fork for 26" wheels? since NOBODY rides 26" wheels anymore i figure someone has fork laying around that they aren't using.

happy monday.

09 November 2008

mixed results.

yesterday's attempt at productivity had mixed results. i have my presentation ready to go, so that is good. i did a bunch of reading/research for my final drug discovery paper so that is good. however, i've written nothing...and i was hoping to get it half written this weekend. but, there is always today.

i opted out of being a superfan at the cross races in stoughten today. i need to get some stuff done (homework and some other house stuff) but mostly it would have killed me to see people out racing their bikes.

i did manage a short hike at the dog park with oliver yesterday (i guess 'with oliver' is implied...it would be pretty weird if i went to the dog park without him).

happy sunday.

06 November 2008


he really is back. and he looks fit.

red squirrel in the morning

long day yesterday, work meetings, lunch interviews, and a group meeting for school had me busy from 7 until 7. worn out, i managed to do no additional school work and had zero time for exercise. this trend isn't going anywhere any time soon...

as far as my group meeting, we were going to get together for a short hour to all get on the same page. one group member (the same one that was suspect last semester) emailed last minute to say she couldn't come but would like to reschedule sunday when she got back from traveling. i said no and met with jeff anyway. we ironed out some things and i feel pretty good about our progress. last semester, this would have made me mad. this semester, i'll just write her section if i have to. that way at least i know we'll have a good final deliverable.

oh well, it is what it is. i'd like to do something fun this weekend, maybe if i get a lot of work done on saturday.

happy thursday.

05 November 2008

well, time to turn the page.

it has been a while since we've had an articulate leader. while i agree that he is a bit of a wildcard relative to experience, there is something to be said for the ceo of our nation to possess effective communication skills and the ability to motivate. we have instant credibility with our allies in europe. and, finally, no bush in the white house.

voting kind of blew. we live in the worst voting district...and it took both of us (voting at different times mind you) 1.5 to 2 hours with lines being constantly shifte and re-ordered. the only reason we didn't make the news was the bomb threat at the middleton high school polling place. the polling volunteers are not to blame...it's the dependably poor turn out at all other elections between the presidential. get out and vote regularly you free loaders.

boy, i haven't done much for exercise lately. i know, a few weeks ago was the beginning of a new stretch of training. i've just been too busy/tired. robin is gone this weekend, and my former self would be salivating at the oportunity to log 12-14 hours of riding. now i'm excited to have a huge block of time to try and cross some homework of the list. i've always been a little square...but now i've moved to a larger size.

and with that...

happy wednesday.

03 November 2008

short lived.

i'm getting over the cold i developed over the weekend. i'm pretty glad is was a short one. i still feel crummy today but that is for other reasons.

the yard is cleaned up for winter...just in time for 1 more 70 degree blast of weather. weird but nice.

other than that, not much to report.

happy monday.

02 November 2008

2 more sessions to go.

i've got 2 sessions left of third semester. that equates to 5 weeks. while i normally take the sunday after saturday class off to recover, i'm at the coffee shop staring at the screen once again...i have way too much to do. it's really hard to remain dedicated to this, and it gets even more difficult when i read things like this and this.

i miss my friends. i miss having free time. but, i'm all in and i need to extract ever bit of value out of this program as possible...which unfortunately is incompatible with play time. for now anyway.

i've developed a bit of a cold. nothing major, just one more thing to keep me feeling wiped out. oh well.

happy sunday.