29 June 2007

the more i think about it...

10 miles this morning. it was perfect conditions, sun rising, 51 degrees, calm wind. i struggled around the 6 mile point...i think because of a drop in blood sugar, but bounced back to finish in good spirits. my physiology is different in the morning, partly because i don't eat before i go, and partly because i'm tired or something. anyway, 18 miles tomorrow and an easy 5 on sunday in more great weather.

happy friday.

28 June 2007

what i want to know.

5 easy miles this morning. ah yes, recovery days. the weather was great, and more of it on the way.

i'm feeling uninspired.

happy thursday.

27 June 2007

i hear the ticking of clocks.

8 miles with strides this morning. i am still getting used to being up and running 15 minutes after waking up, but once the juices are flowing it's pretty nice. the humidity is supposed to break later today, and tomorrow's high temp is 71...i'll take that. it will almost feel chilly.

that's all i've got. happy wednesday.

26 June 2007

now we're cooking.

5 miles last night. 8 miles this morning. i was supposed to do 9 miles with 10x100 strides this morning but come on...it's my first a.m. workout so far. then again, last night was supposed to be a rest day but who needs rest if you aren't really running much?

over the weekend i ran into someone i knew on the train in washington dc. granted, i met him at the conference i was at in baltimore, but what are the odds? i mean, the trains are big. there are a lot of trains. the city is big. it was really weird. in hindsite, i probably had a better chance of being murdered than running into someone i knew.

ok, enough about the crime rate in the greater baltimore/washington dc metro.

i haven't mentioned the brewers lately. there, now i have. baseball is tough. you really need to be patient and not too excited in the highs and not too depressed in the lows. right now they are going really well. 10-2 since the no hitter. go brewers.

man, another random blog about nothing in particular. i bet you all missed it the week i was gone (not really).

happy tuesday.

25 June 2007

we survived the gauntlet.

2005 violent crime rankings (homicide rate in murders/100,000)

Rank City Population Homicide Rate
1 Baltimore 641,097 42
2 Detroit 900,932 39.3
3 St. Louis 346,005 37.9
4 Washington 550,521 35.4


the summer before my junior year of high school, i ran like crazy trying to get my miles in for what was supposed to be our team's year at state. we had some fast guys coming back, and we knew if we could bring everyone's level up a notch we could compete at the state cross country meet. day one of practice in the fall, one of our runners described his summer running as: "well, i didn't really run that much but i walked a lot." i knew we were screwed.

well, i walked a lot this past week. i hope this doesn't hurt me too much, but my training was less than optimal. i have no excuse, so i'll move on.

baltimore could possibly be the arm pit of the east coast. not to say i didn't have fun, quite the contrary. but it's not a place i would take children. and i would not recommend walking anywhere after 10pm.

robin and i spent 2 days in washington dc. the mood of that was somber. the memorials do a good job of putting life into perspective. we were on the walter reed medical campus for a museum visit and that was a little depressing as well. you'd think with the billions upon billions we spend on war that maybe we could chip off a billion or 2 for our wounded troops/veterans. i guess not so much.

highlights: seeing the president's motorcade, the world war 2 memorial, arlington cemetary, the nationals game, crab cakes in baltimore, and sleeping in.

more later i'm sure, this post in no way can sum up a week's worth of adventures. but i'll say i'm happy to be home, but not as happy as oliver was to see us this morning....

oh yea, and everytime we go on vacation one of our friends has a baby. congrats to mark and lisa, what a cute little baby!

17 June 2007


15 miles today in what was supposed to be 17. i was way dehydrated and was a little worried that if i went further bad things would happen. and i can't afford that, because i'm heading to baltimore in a few hours for a conference and then vacation. a quick check of the weather is a little disheartening: 98 degrees today. 99 tomorrow. so on and so on.

this week was a struggle running wise. one of those weeks where you wonder if you really can do what you are setting out to do. but i will prevail, and without the bad weeks the good ones wouldn't exist either. last 7 days: 53 ish.

so i won't be posting for awhile. probably ok. hopefully i'll keep some sort of fitness going. i'm not going to kid myself and think i'm going to hit my workouts as they are planned, i'm just not that good on the road. but if i can do a little something everyday it'll just work out to be a nice break without losing too much fitness.

see you next week.

15 June 2007

(no) recovery

man it's hard to recovery in this weather. we've had air quality alerts everyday for the past 3 and i think i'm feeling it. 6 recovery miles with drills pretty much wiped me out. so much for the recovery part. last 7 days: 53 miles

yesterday i was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a promotion to go along with my added responsibilities at work. my new title is senior scientist which seems weird because it really doesn't seem that a 30 year old should be labelled senior anything. the big difference is that i'm now salaried for the first time in my life. so i guess that's pretty cool.

14 June 2007

felt like walking

man, last night's run was rough. i set out with the intention of 12 but only got 10, and i barely made that. i guess the combination of not enough sleep and not enough water through the day got me, i felt like i bonked about 2 miles in and then just tried to endure the death march from there. oh well, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't i guess.
last 7 days: 52miles.

13 June 2007

they're baaaack.

the triathletes that is. it seems around madison nobody really starts ironman training until after memorial day. sure, they are swimming 9 hours per week all winter long, but that doesn't really count. the aerobars are starting to come out in packs and frankly i'm a little scared. they used to be a friendly lot, waving and smiling as you pass by. but the novelty has worn off a little, and now apparently everyone is out for business. last night, on my way back in on my out and back 8 mile loop a guy on his 'aero' bike swerved over behind me and yelled "run faster, come on!" i mean yelled it...scared the shit out of me. i gave him my standard 'thanks dick, want to race?' response but i guess he wasn't interested because he just pedaled away (very slowly mind you).

while i'm on the subject, to those of you who have ever found it funny to roll down the window while driving past a runner and yelling 'run forest, run!': fuck off.

sorry about that, sometimes you just need to vent, you know?

so 8 miles last night with 9x100m strides thrown in for good measure. felt a little more tired than last week, but that makes some sense to me.
last 7 days: 53miles.

i'm a little grumpy this morning (if you couldn't tell). our friend korina (and dogs fleck and baily) stayed with us to get an early start on the dane county sections of the ice age trail. they were fine. but our dog, on the other hand, kept whining all night because he wanted to play. he'll get his...he gets his annual shots this afternoon.

happy wednesday.

12 June 2007

if only i could...

yesterday was a rest day. it's weird, now that i'm following a program a rest day causes me no remorse or feeling that i should be out there plugging away. hmmm. not that i'm blindly following this program, but seeing it in print (written by someone other than me) somehow makes it easier to rest.
last 7 days: 53 miles

i signed us up for dish network last night. this is something we've been talking about for, oh, 2 years at least. so the best part is getting away from charter, but the other best part is that we get better channels and more of them. including all the fox sports regionals and the nfl network. all for far less than cable. i sound like a dish representative (i am not getting kickbacks...but will accept if offered).

anyway, time to work. happy tuesday.

11 June 2007

there's a whisper.

wow, what a great weekend. the weather was perfect and we took full advantage by getting outside a lot. friday we went to the student union terrace and watched the sun set to the sweet sounds of the madison jazz festival. saturday was a house work day, i got the garage ready for our canoe (only 1 trip to menards and a cracked windsheild was required for that operation). then we got the crochet set out for some championship backyard crochet. talk about captivating, eh?

yesterday robin joined me for my 15 miler on the military ridge trail. with her pushing me on the bike it felt easy runing the middle 11 miles at 6:40 pace, which is encouraging. 1 week down, 17 to go. week 1 mileage: 53 miles.

monday again. seems like we just had one like 7 days ago or something.

08 June 2007

it's all happened here before.

easy 5 miles last night with some high knee, butt kick and bound drills. now that i'm on a 'program' i need to remind myself how important these recovery days are. for the past 6 months i've run harder than i probably should have, but it was mostly unstructured with the intent of getting back in running shape. now, i'm trying to optimize my capabilities which means good recovery is required.

work is changing a bit, and i'm going to be assuming a bit more of a management role. this means my 6:45 to 3:45 shedule may have to be adapted so i'm there during the 'crisis' hours. this is actually a good thing, because the furry alarm clock will continue to wake me up at 5:15-5:30. long story short is that i may be transitioning to morning workouts which is something i've wanted to do for a while now.

i'm glad it is friday.

so i finally ordered new shoes from holabird. another pair of the mizuno wave inspire 3's (i'm infatuated with these shoes). i opened the box and to my surprise (and delight) was a mizuno running t-shirt that i wasn't expecting. here's to simple pleasures.

07 June 2007

maybe all i need is a shot in the arm...

11 miles (at around 6:50 to 7:00 pace) last night at the arboretum. what started as a rainy, chilly run ended in some filtered sun and a great day to be out. this was a good one. and my legs feel fine this morning.

so i've been trying to cut back on the coffee. going without on some days, and for the most part it has been ok. i was feeling like a) i was becoming a little too dependent on it and b) it was contributing to my not feeling well. whatever. there are mornings that i still dream of starbucks, and this is one of them. so, if i drink two bottles of water maybe i'll allow myself a small dark roast. that sort of sounds like 'if you finish your vegetables you will get desert.' i guess you can grow up but down deep you stay the same...

severe storms are forcasted tonight. maybe we'll get giant hail so the cycle of every single roof in madison (except ours) gets replaced over the next 12 months can continue.

happy thursday.

06 June 2007

tired wednesday (there is a trend!)

man have i been tired in the morning this week. actually, i can't believe it is wednesday already. 8 miles last night with 10x100m strides thrown in. i was still a bit sore from the trail race, but the strides really felt good. i'll resume the 'last 7 days' listing in a week, right now it is too depressing.

not much else. happy wednesday.

05 June 2007

tired tuesday.

i'm still dragging a little from my 'training race' this past saturday. i think that might mean it was more than a training race. i got the official results this morning and the 2:32 marathoner that beat me is paul laeseke, the winner of last years lakefront marathon. he ran boston this year in 2:34, which is pretty strong considering the conditions. now, running a 15km trail race on par with this guy doesn't make me a 2:30 marathoner, this i know for sure-hell, if we weren't on trails he probably would have buried me. but it does bode well for what is to come...

what is to come, that reminds me. my first day of training starts today. technically it started yesterday with a day off, but today it really starts. the next four months of training are about a singular purpose, and that purpose is maximizing my performance in milwaukee in four months. if i can bring down my 5km/10km pr's in the process, well, that would be some sweet cake frosting.

happy tuesday.

04 June 2007

man oh man

the sorness started yesterday and is peaking at the moment. i knew i'd be a little hobbled by the slick conditions/hills on saturday but i wasn't anticipating this. i start my 18 week marathon program today, good thing it calls for a day off...

yesterday afternoon, with the living room windows open and golf on the television i napped while robin and oliver were out running errands. if that doesn't say lazy summer sunday afternoon, i don't know what does.

back to work today. there are some changes coming my way here that have gotten me a little excited. well, as excited as i allow myself to get about an ever changing workplace.

happy monday.

02 June 2007

rainy day race.

in the back of my mind, if it all worked out, i was hoping to do the blue mounds 15km trail race today. well, it worked out and i was able to participate.

i awoke to ominous clouds followed by claps of thunder and heavy rain. i decided this would be a training race only, since the track was sure to be soupy. i showed up, registered and did a little warm-up in my trail shoes. something wasn't feeling right, so even though i knew i'd miss the traction i also knew that the blisters would slow me down and i changed into my trainers. the race started and i worked my way to the front with 2 others, the trail was really really slick, but we managed to work together for 14 of the 15 km of the race (i only fell once). the 3 of us put a couple of minutes into the next guy. i just didn't have a kick at the end (the 1000' vertical gain may have had something to do with that) and came in third-30 seconds behind the winner (as i said, we were all together at 1000 to go). later i found out that both guys that beat me were avid triathletes/runners and one had just recently run a 2:32 marathon. so, i'm happy where i'm at. i have to say i really like the trail race format, no mile markers just out there trying to beat the other guys. fun.

most of the race was run in the rain, and running through the foggy mist was really cool. it was a great morning.

1:09.58 (my watch), third place overall, first in 30-34 age group.

greg had a nice race as well, and it was good to see our friend mitch playing in the mud as well.

01 June 2007

getting the kinks out.

5 easy miles last night, just trying to get some of the stiffness out that is remaining from our travels. i also had a few errands to run last night because it's someone's 30th birthday today...(i won't say who).

so if you see robin wish her a happy birthday.