28 July 2005

no aloha

tonight's to-do list:
-prep the bike
-pack everything up (don't forget the light(s))
-mow the shaggy lawn
-call utah katie (she's been in town for two days now and i haven't called yet...i'm a bum)
-help robin make some food
-i am missing something.

i'm in a real crap mood this morning. i'm dealing with some impending dental problems...and me an anti-dentite. seeing how i haven't seen one in over 5 years, i'm totally screwed. i won't be able to talk for months.

biking has been awesome. i forgot how much i enjoy being in good bike shape (relatively). this all comes back to questioning the triathlon thing again (at this point in my life) and if i really want to dilute my biking abilities training for the slaughter fest long distance tris. decisions.
i am on the right track racing less, and whatever my racing focus is for 2006 it will definately include a light schedule (relative to 2003 and 2004). maybe ron and i can dominate the wems series in the duo category next year?? ask me if i want to do that after this weekend...

27 July 2005

went to a dog party (b.y.o.d.)

benny's dog party was fun last night. tons of dogs chasing balls, pooping and barking. it was kind of like a human party. as the night went on, a few of the dogs starting showing off some tricks. roll over and play dead are classics that not all dogs can grasp. the night finished with cake and a whole lot of panting. all this combined with the lack of any fireworks or loud bangs and benny's day was a good one.

recovery spin last night. pool session this morning. we did a 'water polo' drill...swimming with my head out of the water and changing directions. it was fun mostly because it wasn't the butterfly or breaststroke. i'm going to opt out of tt tonight in exchange for a longish road ride. then i'll ease up into the weekend and hopefully be fresh for the epic at 9-mile.

26 July 2005

this is how it sounds if you're a bee...

the 9-mile enduro challenge is quickly drawing near. this years edition sees me teaming up with mr. peterson in the 2 man 12hr. i think this will be physically more challenging but a little less mentally difficult. if we alternate all the way through, there is just enough rest to stiffen up but not enough to really rest. it will be a great workout for pigman for sure, as that is less than a month away. i'm having equimment issues...my fork. i think i'm getting near to figuring out what is wrong with it, but fixing it is a whole other story. hopefully i get it worked out (or at least improved).
anyway, hopefully we'll get ron back in the mix for next year, the race will not be the same without him.

other news...not much to report. it's been hot (stating the obvious?), i've been training hard and working on the house some. benny the dog is 21 today and we will be celebrating tonight with the knutowskis. we got our bar cabinet for the living room yesterday, and the couch will be here next week. we found a chair to be ordered, so the house is progressing nicely. hopefully by mid fall we'll have it mostly in place...


19 July 2005

wors cup.

this weekend had me racing the omnium at wors cup. this had two components...the super d and the cross country. super d was a 3/4 lap of the cross country, with the big climb excluded. there were enough smaller climbs though to keep it tough. i lost my chain which lost me some time, but it was still a good run.

the cross country was long, hot and tough. i had water bottle cage issues, suspension fork issues and power issues (as in no sprint power to speak of). these are all the result of two things: an aging bike (in terms of race hours) and a shift in training focus. i must admit that i walked away from the race missing the mtb circuit. maybe a couple more next year but not too many...

anyway, i finished 44th in the comp class. mostly due to a couple of minor crashes and being at the tail end of the bottle neck at the first set of single track. oh well, i wasn't expecting that much. plus, i had a lot of fun.

scott and lisa stayed with us. it was great to see them again.

did a long run yesterday. i recovered a lot better than i have under similar circumstances in past years. must be all the miles...

18 July 2005

Way to go, George!!

15 July 2005

hot time in the old town...

tommorrow is the super d, my goal is to ride as fast as possible without stacking it. i wouldn't want to start sunday's cross country with a sore something or other. the pressure will be on,though, scott is also racing the omnium so i'll have a little intra-team rivalery going on. considering my logged mtb ride time this summer though, my money is on him. it's going to be hotter than a m-f-er so hydration will be the mantra of the weekend.

did some yard work last night and now i'm feeling the full affects this am (allergies). so goes it i guess. the stuff i did looks really good (i must say) but now there are 5 other little projects i'd like to do.

into work at 6:30 a.m., good because i get to go home at like 3...bad because it's 6:30 in the am. i got up with rowing robin at 4-5-5 and set up a sprinkler and then sipped coffee while watching the pair of adolescent raccoons we have living in the back yard. not a bad start at all. now if only my allergies improved...

tonight, maybe more yard work (maybe), a short spin to get the legs ready to rip, and a trip to the trek store to pick up my new road kicks.

thanks for reading.

13 July 2005

Toast and Jammy...

The swim Nazi was riding me hard this morning. I really don’t want to swim the butterfly. That stroke blows. Anyway, my shoulder is better but still a bit stiff so I pretty much told him to eat it (in a nice way). He is really taking the fun out of swimming for me.

My ride last night was fun. Did my Cross Plains loop via airport road. Some nice, sharp climbs (Cleveland hurts…it is/will be perfect for some power hill repeats). Then I did some garage cleaning and robin and I went out for barbeque. Mmmm…barbeque.

We have a carbon monoxide detector hard wired in our second level. Nice idea until it malfunctions. It was beeping intermittently (1 beep every 30sec) and was flashing the number 245. I disconnected it and the back said 4 beeps every 30 seconds was carbon monoxide, 1 beep every 30 seconds was device error. Great. It also said to read the owners manual (we don’t have that). So, my imagination kept me awake last night thinking we might die in our sleep from carbon monoxide poisoning even though the device said it was an error. Stupid imagination. My solution is to have 2 CO detectors so that we can verify a positive alarm.

I'm a great big dork.

12 July 2005

up, up, up!

the tour starts today. i love the first week in the mountains....makes my training seem so insignificant.

i cranked out my 12 miler yesterday instead of my normal tuesday long run (or relatively long if pat is reading this...12 miles is a nothing run to that guy). i felt pretty good but kept thinking "i wish i was riding the bike." i'm sure it's just a phase. i always go through this kind of thing mid summer. hmmmm.

nothing much else. one of our flower boxes fell yesterday for no apparant reason. the flowers look a little bedragled but i think they will pull through. more house guests this weekend...scott and lisa are staying with us for wors cup. robin's sister (non-roomate) may be coming next week for a few days. this summer is going to fly by...

11 July 2005


i had to bag swimming this morning after 45 minutes. no pain, but a whole lot of stiffness in my shoulder (and a little hand numbness). it's hard for me to pull the plug early with any workout, but i don't want a repeat of how i felt this past friday.

i'm in a funk right now...if you can call it that. i really dread swimming, running i could take or leave and it seems to be stealing my legs of bike power, all i really want to do is ride my bike(s). maybe that's what i should do?? i've got a pretty challenging tri in around a month that i need to be ready for. but, maybe it's not the right time to sign up for ironman? i guess i have some time to think about it/reinvigorate my excitment for the 3 discipline training.

saturday i rode 115 km with tons of climbing. then later we hit the military ridge trail (i rode my single speed) for another 25 km. nice day of riding. i went to blackhawk yesterday with the single speed (to work some skills) but my chain tensioner de-tensioned and i was force to go back home and fix it. with my window of riding opportunity closing quickly, i rode on some road construction in the neighborhood and then called it a day. win some, lose some...

anyway, i hope my shoulder starts feeling better...

08 July 2005

pollen counting.

whoa nelly, i feel like i got hit by a truck. or maybe even a train. i ran the elver trails last night and upon completion fell into a sneezing fit of the century. popped an allegra and watched the finale of stage 6. crazy crashing sprinters. mowed the lawn, picked up yard waste, picked out some thatch build up and swept it up....all great things when you are fighting allergies. looked at the weather channel today and they report a high pollen count. i could have told you that suckas!!

anyway, i slept like shiz (thanks to afore mentioned allergies and, closer to the morning, the crows and other birds yelling). that combined with my sore wing (rotator cuff...probably from my mtb crash but could be from my 'stroke clinic' in the pool on wednesday) i opted out of swimming this am. it was a make up session for monday. feels weird, i haven't missed a scheduled swim since the day after thanksgiving 2004. i really don't want to tear a cuff though.

i'm going to try and log a 1.5 hr ride tonight and then a 4+ hour ride tomorrow. hopefully i'll start feeling a little better. then, it's single speeding the trails on sunday to hone my skills. skills to pay the billz.

other weekend plans: none. art fair on the square perhaps? i'd like to clean out the garage and maybe organize the basement. or not. we'll see.

pat must be on vacation...

07 July 2005


i stacked it in the gully at time trials last night. i'm ok, but it drove home the fact that my technical skills are a complete mess right now... i'll have to take the single speed to blackhawk on sunday and just try to drill the twisty stuff. maybe robin will join me??

i did some early morning gardening today. well, mostly watering. i wonder how long i will enjoy doing yardwork? the turkeys came through at 5:30am again...right on schedule. i need to restock the feeder so i can watch my friend 'the littlest turkey' close up.

we had some drama at the house last night. it involved a certain house guest. she thinks i hate her or something. i don't, i'm just a damn weirdo. someone should have warned her i guess. the problem is, when you live with someone day in and out, you begin to act like normal which in this case is a bad thing i guess. now i have to convince her to hang around until the end of her summer teaching gig...

what would family be without a little drama anyway?

anyone want to come here and replace me at work so i can go home??

i wonder how pat is doing?

i know, i know. too many questions.

06 July 2005

.:. Crocodile Rock .:.

The turkeys have been coming by for 3 squares a day, and the runt can really eat. They are neat but I hope they don’t become a nuisance (or charge the house when the seed runs out). My dad stopped by last night to see the place. He joined us for dinner and it was a good visit. We didn’t have a whole lot to talk about, but that is how it always has sort of been.

You ever notice in Microsoft word that there is an icon telling you that you are actively typing? Thanks Microsoft, sometimes I can’t tell when I’m typing…

1.5hr run last night went well. I felt really good (I was worried because I hadn’t gone long for a few weeks). This morning, dick pulled me into another lane to teach me how to breast stroke and back stroke. Apparantly, I was flagrantly bad requiring a little tutor session. I’m an idiot but I’m starting to get it I think.

Time trials tonight and I’m excited to get on the MTB.

Today Lance rode the opening 5km neutralized portion in his normal jersey in honor of Dave Zabriskie who crashed out of the jersey yesterday. Then director Le Blanc stopped the race so Lance could pull on the yellow tunic before the racing began. Roadies are definitely interesting.…

05 July 2005

back to work.

independence day was spent with family. it was good to see robin's parents but we were pretty beat by the end of the day. the rain left us at a bit of a loss for things to do but it worked out well (her dad helped us pick out a lawn trimmer and then helped get the thing running). i can't believe we own a lawn trimmer... hopefully i don't "trim" too many more flowers.

now that we've had things completely moved for a few days the reality is setting in. i really love the house. some highlights so far:
-there is a family of turkeys that likes to eat breakfast and lunch in our yard. there are two adult females, and a half a dozen or so chicks (including a runt).
-last night we could watch the independence day fireworks from our couch in the living room.
-no banging or music sounds from next door.

the only bummer for me has been our house guest. she is getting on my nerves. it isn't even so much her, it's just having a semi-permanent house guest during our first days in the house. although, she kind of follows robin around like a puppy in a 'wet-blanket' type fashion...

i have been able to get back into a training routine the past couple of days. i'm really starting to get excited to do some bike racing, 2 weeks until wors cup (i may do the omnium--super d and cross country-- and trail run). then it's the 24 hours of nine-mile. sweet.

i better get to work. thanks for reading.

03 July 2005


ohhhhh-ohhhh iiiiii-iiiiii, ohhhhhh-ohhhhh i'm still alive. yeaaa.

the move is complete. there was minimal breakage, no fights and a lot of help from friends (thanks ron, greg, beth, morten and betsy). i really love this house and i have a lot to write about, but now i cannot.

i will say that this ended up being a quasi-rest week (albeit with a bunch of non-rest) in terms of training. i managed to get some training in, but it was minimal. mostly to keep my brain from thinking i've fallen completely out of shape.

oh, and the cable was hooked up in the nick of time to watch the tour. sweet.