30 March 2005

mine's not a high horse!

my first build week and i'm exhausted. it's not from the workouts, either. i'm just super tired. swimming is tapering a little. instead of doing 4500yds we're doing 3800-4000 yds. i did a running workout 6x1:30 at mid to upper zone 4 with equal rest last night. ran in badger prarie park because there was still practice on the verona track. my objective?...get my legs used to running fast so i can get into some longer repeats. tonight, i did a bike workout of 4min hard, 2min easy (6x)...so about 24 minutes of biking at around race pace. unfortunately, there were thunderstorms blasting us around then so it was done on the trainer. i never get my heartrate as high on the trainer....but it was a good leg workout anyway. next week i'll up it to 5 min hard 2 min easy. i'm trying to get a good chunk of time at race pace without doing too much leg damage.

anyway, about being tired. i feel absolutely drained lately. i know what is causing it...lack of sleep. i really need to work on that.

not much else to report. my side of the family came for easter, and i think it was a good time for all. i had fun, and the food was scrumptious.

i'm doug...

28 March 2005

build phase

on to build phase. maybe i can get a little speed going over the next eight weeks. my major objective will be to eat better, i've not been eating well the past few weeks (lots of burgers, pizza, etc.). not exactly training food...

i think i may have a little swelling in my left shoulder. my arm feels a little weird, it's probably from having to support my prodominate right side breathing. i really need to develop my bilateral breathing. i'm fine doing it until i try to go fast, then i just can't hold it.

always something else to work on. i had a nice ride on saturday, i'm still tweaking my position on the bike but i was jamming pretty good. it was my first non-trainer ride in the aero postion and it felt pretty damn good.

66 tomorrow...holy crap.

25 March 2005

how about some gold bracelets?

check out the link on the title of this blog....

today i had off, robin did not. since i didn't have to train past 7am this morning, i had the day to myself. i did some mad cleaning and played some baseball on the playstation. nice. i gotta say, i had to be a good day.

i got into fat tire this year. weird, my essay writing skills will have to go towards something else. hmmmmm...letter to the editor about how i don't give a fuck about michael jackson's trial? probably not.

my family is coming to town for the easter holiday. we'll be doing the 'easter egg drop'. oh boy....

24 March 2005

press release...

March 23, 2005 - For Immediate Release

2005 U.S. World Cup 100Km Team Named
The Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Council of USA Track & Field has selected theUSA 100 Km Team to compete in the 2005 IAU 100km World Cup. The USATF 100KNational Team will compete in the 2005 International Association ofUltrarunners (IAU) 100 Km World Cup under the Patronage of the IAAF in LakeSaroma, Hokkaido, Japan on June 26, 2005.
The annual 100 Km World Cup race is the international venue at which USATFfields an ultra distance team. The United States will be represented by ateam of six men and six women ultrarunners. The 62.1 mile World Cup roadrace is one of two ultra distance events that has achieved internationalprominence under the auspices of the International Association ofUltrarunners. Another event, the I.A.U. 24 Hours World Challenge, will beheld this July in W├Ârschach, Austria and in 2006 will be staged in Taipei,Taiwan. A U.S. team will also compete at this event.
The 2005 U.S. team members for the 100km World Cup are:

WomenAnne Riddle Lundblad, 38 Asheville, NC
Nikki Kimball, 33, Bozeman, MT
Karen Scott, 37, Florissant, CO
Ann Heaslett, 41, Madison, WI
Anthea Schmid, 33, Florissant, CO
Laura Nelson, 39, Woodstock,VA
Alternates (in order)
Beverly Anderson-Abbs, 40, Red Bluff, CA - will run Western States 100 asopposed to the World Cup 100km
Tania Pacev, 45, Lakewood, CO
Mary Fagan, 29, Northampton, MA
Stephanie Ehret, 42, Boulder, CO

Howard Nippert, 39, Pembroke, VA
Greg Crowther, 31, Seattle, WA
Chad Ricklefs, 37, Boulder, CO
Patrick Russell 28, Duluth, MN
Mark Werner, 32, Boulder, CO (although presently working in Cairo, Egypt)
Tim Clement, 44, Solon, OH
Alternates (in order)
Scott Creel, 42, Bozeman, MT
Jarrow Wahman, 43, Duluth, MN
Bob Sweeney, 38, Rye Brook, NY
Brad Lael, 40, Carmichael, CA
The athletes selected by USATF/MUT comprise the officially sanctioned teamfrom the United States participating in IAU World Cup 100 Km competition.Howard Nippert and Anne Riddle were automatically selected to the team basedon their top ten finishes at the World 100km in 2004. MUT selected theremaining team members and alternates for the US National 100 Km Team basedon their ultrarunning performances that met the published criteria duringthe qualifying period. Some of the aforementioned athletes may declinetheir spot based on training plans, injury, or other commitments with familyand work. Each athlete must be a current USATF member to compete in thisevent for the U.S. national team.

PAGE TWO/100km team announced

The team receives limited funding and most athletes must pay for a largeportion of their expenses out of their own pockets. There is a non-profitorganization, Ultrarunners Supporting Ultrarunners (USU) and thisorganization has raised funds for the team for a number of years. Donationsare always welcome.
Managers of this year's team include Minnesota resident Lin Gentling who hasbeen a competitor on the team in the past as well as manager in 1993 to1997,1999, 2001 to 2004, first year manager in an official capacity TimYanacheck, WI, who has been on numerous 100km World Cup trips as a handlerfor athletes, and Lion Caldwell, NM who will serve as the team doctor.Caldwell traveled with the team from 1995 to 2004 and is also a seasonedultra distance competitor.

23 March 2005

worlds team.

no, i did not make the worlds team in anything. probably won't. but mr. patrick russell did. holy shit that is great news. i don't know of anyone who is more talented or that works harder than that guy and he has finally gotten some well deserved play for it. he is the real deal and just getting into his prime (with respect to age)...watch out. maybe he'll post a comment here with more details??

anyway, back to my humble life. 4000 more yards this morning. we did 20x100yds for the main set, with alternating hard easy hundys. my last 100 was a 1:17. not really that fast compared to actual swimmers, but for me a bit of a break through. back in november, swimming all out i'd be lucky to hit 1:35. vindication for bagging some of the ride on monday i guess.

spent two plus hours cleaning my bike last night. not just your run of the mill rub down with an old t-shirt, but disassembly, degreaser, the whole nine. it looks better than new. got the aerobars mounted and now i'm itching to get back out on the roads. too bad it's a rest week and i'm only doing 1 workout a day. maybe on saturday?

oh yea, have you noticed my bracket? yikes it's ugly. i would guess most everyone has had a rough go of it. i could still hit 3 of my final four though. although i'll be cheering for uwmilwaukee for sure...

22 March 2005

training camp recap...

woke up to an accumulation of 8 inches from the snow we recieved thursday and friday night. not exactly ideal for opening day of training camp, good thing we're mountain bikers and not afraid of a little weather. we were riding by 1 (ish) on saturday. 35 miles in some brutal winds and wet/snowy condition. we got pelted by some ice pellets from the sky and i got smoked by a mini van driving through the slush in the middle of the road (5 minutes into the ride). being wet made it even more of a suffer fest. the group: scotty and lisa on the beast, ben, sam, kevin (free flighter), ronny boy and myself. not bad for a snow fest. kevin cranked out some mad pizzas that night and we sat and watched uw-milwaukee pull one out followed by the wake forest game. can you say overrated?

saturday was cold, but sunny. this was the big day, with 4500 verticle feet in 65 miles of riding. not bad for march in wisconsin. ron was hurting but we all made it through. ben, kevin, mike and i rode all the way up to blue mounds. that climb is a biggie, one of the best in the midwest. it was an epic day and i even got some sun on my cheeks (and wind). we followed that up with a couple of beers and some grease at the grumpy (dusty) troll. great food but bad for recovery. we stopped by to see greg and then went to mike's sisters for a little while (and met chippy the cat). so, after all that i thought i would sleep hard for sure. just the opposite, i probably only slept 3 or 4 hours (none really after around 2:30am).

up at 5 and in the water at 5:40, the whole swim felt rough. i managed to make it through the workout, but it hurt. home for breakfast and a little laying around and then it was round 3 on the bike. i didn't think i should start but i did, hoping that i would feel better as i rode. i didn't, and bagged it after about 1:20. still got around 3 hours in of biking (around 50 miles) and an hour and twenty in the pool. no slouch day by any means. felt bad to bail on the guys, but i'd hate to drive myself into the ground in march.

in four days: 13 hours of training, 9.5 of which were on the bike. sweet. speaking of the bike, it's a mess and that is what i will be working on tonight. it is, after all, a rest week....

19 March 2005

tired! (of several things)

i couldn't keep my eyes open past nine last night. here i am, a twenty something healthy guy and i fall asleep by nine on the weekend. i'm kind of in a rut right now in terms of how i feel. wednesday really blasted me i think. just trying to keep the calories up and i'm drinking tons of fluids. my training was going nice for so long (in terms of how i felt) that i guess it was a matter of time to go through a stretch of feeling a bit crappy. oh well.

i'm definately tired of the weather. snow is not what i want to see. i wish i could live somewhere else during the months of feb/march. arizona, new mexico, california...all nice places this time of year.

the crew is coming to town this afternoon for a ride in the snow/wet/wind/shit. i'm looking forward to it (can you tell?).

bitter little man, signing out.

18 March 2005


in the words of the strokes, "this is it."


here is this year's kit....

bag it.

yesterday was one of those days. after the day i had on wednesday, i was feeling like the bottom of pig farmer's shoe all day. literally falling asleep at my desk, yawning towards a bout of lock jaw. tired is one thing, precipice towards illness is another. robin was home sick as well so i opted out of yesterdays workout. my brain was telling me to go, but my body was sending me warning shots and i listened. this winter has been a big step forward for me in that regards...in the past i'd always do that one workout that pushed me into a 4 day illness. maybe i'm getting smarter? debatable.

anyway, with the impending doom that is team training camp this weekend (with a potential for 10+ hours of riding in 3 days), it was best to enter it with my health intact. i'll probably hit the run tonight and then sleep in tomorrow.

we've been slightly lower in terms of yardage this week in the pool. long sets though, and i'm still getting faster (although the slope of my development is leveling off considerably).

anyway, i have a bracket that i filled out yesterday that i will try to post today. that way, you readers can chart my rate of failure (all 3? of you).

17 March 2005


typically, in the past, when i've helped people move i've always had a pretty good idea of what would transpire. you lift a bunch of your friends stuff into a truck and then unload it. there are always a few things that come up unexpectedly, but if there are enough people helping it all works out.

last night was a new experience in moving. we loaded up the truck first with sara's stuff (greg and i) and united with ron and adam to load gregs stuff up. appliances, couches, standard stuff. drove out to mt. horeb and began the unload. no problem.

the people that are living there (greg and sara close on friday) were still around. and oddly, they still had all their furniture there (there was a previous agreement to do a little pre closing moving). well, she asked if we could take the living room stuff outside. no problem. then we unloaded gregs stuff, including a range, dishwasher and refridgerator up stairs. cool, we're done.

not yet. the lady proceeded to walk us upstairs and point out everything that needed to be moved. dressers, king size bed, full size bed, tv, some other shit. now this is where we should have hit her with our bop gun. but we hauled it downstairs instead. oh, and onto the truck greg rented and into their new house. we moved two houses last night, this after 4000yds of swimming and an hour of biking for me. plus i had to get my car to beth so she could pick up morten at the airport.

so i got home at 10pm to find robin sleeping (and a little mad). then i waited up until beth got back so i could drive her and morten downtown and back where i collapsed into bed at 12pm. boy 6:30 came fast this morning.

what a day...

15 March 2005

12 miles to freedom?

if it is, then i am a free man. 12 miles or so running tonight...not bad. 90min is what goes in the log, but i mapped it and it was around 12 miles.

not much else to report. waiting to see our appraisal report that was supposed to happen this afternoon. hopefully it did. if it did, we are one more step closer.

chuck and loralei are expecting. props to the already happy parents of one, soon to be two.

pat is running the ultra marathon that runs from sacramento to, of all places, auburn. too bad the races don't overlap.

that's all i have.

14 March 2005

ss andy.

here it is...the rusty steed. now, it isn't that much to look at but it's my first born and even though it's a bastard it's mine. isn't he cute?

diamond back response elite, "made in taiwan" prominently displayed on the front plate and everything. chro-mo dreaminess.

and three fat tires to boot.

for good measure.


wow, this weekend flew by. but it was good.

saturday started with some coffee and then my 3hr brick. is it just me or is 3 hours starting to feel (dare i say), easy? i hope that this means my training is right on schedule. i've never had sensations like this before, usually when i've been in "base" in the past i'm pretty tired by now. then again, this is the first true periodization i've done and those half volume rest weeks just may be the key (imagine that....it's not like every single training literature states that as the key or anything). after that, it was off to sam's house for the single speed conversion of the century (well, in my personal relm anyway). i had permi-grin from having the old diamondback back to functional (and drinking a couple of coldies). then robin and i wrapped up the day with some tasty burgers and deep fried goods at dots and some fatty bo batty cream cream.

sunday, i was wide awake at 6:45am. i finally finished the armstrong book i've been reading one page a day. now i can try to crack into my book backlog. then we were off to milwaukee for lunch with aunt sue and uncle jim (and fam sans adam) and the art museum. i like that museum. there was some party there with all kinds of fuddy duddies art types. no wine though (i was feeling my beers from the day before). then back home for homeade pasta sauce and nooneys. tastey.

wow, the weekend was even better than i remembered.

anyway, i'll post some pictures of the ss. i really want to put some more time/upgrades into it...i think it could end up being a really sweet ride. new wheels and brakes would get that thing under 20 pounds. we'll leave that investment for next winter....

11 March 2005

white shit.

just when i plan a weekend of long riding, we get snow. it's sunny now so maybe it'll melt off of the roadways. all wishful thinking does is make you disappointed.

we got bonuses today. everyone is bitching about the amount. what i keep telling people is that it's better than getting beat up. we'll see if they can match cost of living increases with our raises this year (unlike last year) and if they don't, then there may be grounds for some bitching (our stock is at an all time high and our division is breaking records quarterly--3 or 4 in a row now). corperate is probably dragging their feet because of the capital they are sinking in the new facility. so it goes...

it's friday!! it's going to be a great weekend, i just know it. saturday morning i'd like to get my ride in, then i'm going to sam's to get some parts for my singlespeed. then we're having dinner with a couple that robin knows through work. then a morning workout on sunday followed by a potential trip to milwaukee to see the museum that can flap it's wings. cool.

10 March 2005

a very, very fine house...

here is a photo of the outside of our house. there are still some i's to dot and t's to cross, but we getting closer daily. i really like our house and hope everything works out.

mold problem....
i spent some time last night trying to clean up a mold problem we discovered the other evening. truly disgusting...i'm feeling alergic from it still today. stupid closet.

09 March 2005


i've altered my training plan a bit. not in volume (number of hours) but in philosophy. i'm going to hold off on the long bricks until my build phases. that allows me to consume my overload workouts in long runs and long rides. 85min last night running, and that is the longest i've gone since i did a certain marathon 8 years ago (holy shit--it's been that long?).
weather permitting, i'm hitting the bike for 3 hours with higher volumes to follow in base 3-3.

on the house front...nothing new to report. denny is making us a bit nervous, especially after talking to greg. i'm sure it will all work out in the end, but right now i'm on pins and needles. i'd hate to fuck this up because of denny's deliberate dealings.

it's all good. work should be calming down a bit. i still have a lot to do, but the timelines are a little more forgiving.

08 March 2005

tuesday hangover.

i don't understand what causes it. my new hunch is hydration. 2 workouts on monday, wednesday and friday and i end up feeling like crap on tuesday and thursday...hmmm. i WILL get to the bottom of it.

the inspection is in the books. seems like a pretty easy job at 275 a pop. in our case, that's 85 bucks an hour. and he's making comments about how much plumbers make....
house is fine, and i think we got to meet james taylor (there was a young cowboy...)

next up is the appraisal. supposedly it's going to come through less than we agreed to. then jay will try to talk us out of it or something. too bad i love the house even more after last night. the hard thing will be trying to forget about it for a few months (since we won't be moving in any time soon).

hopefully my hplc run is done soon so i can go home. i've got some long running of a different type to do.
adh out.

07 March 2005

inspect this!

the conclusion to my week was very, very nice. it really is nice to be surrounded by people who love me, and that is how i felt saturday night. thanks to everyone who could make it, and especially robin, r+c+s. you guys are the best.

hopefully this week will go better work wise. we get a thourough inspection of our newest purchase tonight...4 hours worth apparantly. i'm hoping to ditch out of here a bit early so i can get my spin in. if not, no biggie... i'll just add on later in the week.

no greg again this morning. on a nice note, i am continually getting faster. you know it's going good when you feel like a dirty diaper and you still are going fast. huh, huh...i said dirty diaper.

05 March 2005

great day.

with the earbud of my 1gb shuffle in my ear (thanks to my wonderfull wife) and my klein rocket between my legs, i set out on a birthday ride. this ride had purpose, to begin building my legs back into climbing shape. and i met that objective, 11x up old sauk pass. but mother nature was also passing out birthday gifts today, i got a glorious ride in. i suffered for sure, but not due to the weather.

tonight, rockies pizza and some free beer a j.t.w's. cool.

03 March 2005

housey house house.

"what did you get for your birthday?"

"a house."

crunch time.


it's crunch time for this piece of real estate that we're looking at. what to do? it's a bit nerve racking to think about it....unfortunatley we have to because the offer expires at midnight. yikes. i should say we recieved a counter offer, and the counter offer isn't too far off from where we started. our guy jay was a little jazzed up about the language the other agent chose, but i don't think the deal itself was bad.

i really do like the house. i like the location and the yard. i'd be very happy there i think. i wasn't expecting to have it thrown back, quite honestly. makes you decide twice about something very scary. anyway, i'm leaning towards yes...but i'm only half the vote (sometimes less...like when we're deciding if we should wash the sheets or not).

anyway, you'll notice the early hour time stamp...i'm heading to the grind early this morning to try and nip my potentially shitty day in the bud. maybe i'll even get done early (although now that is said that it's a complete lost cause).

...on a private lot on the michigan shore.

02 March 2005

shit storm.

boy what a day....

between doing a shitty method, surrounded by shitty people, add in a shitty fax machine and a shitty jersey design and i've had just a, well, you can probably guess, day.

however, the offer is through. the method is done (sans the number crunching) and the jersey is coming around thanks to the webmaster extrodinaire, mr. scott scootsonthemoots.

swimming was nice. 36 min steady swim and i galloped through 45 laps...around 2250 yards for all you non-counters. considering my swim in cali is around 2000 yards, i'm right on pace for the pace i want to hit.

i can't take this hammering anymore!! (i made a hasty retreat from work to recharge for my afternoon and the construction is on full force next door). why bother with nails i say. i mean, it's a jigsaw puzzle house. full tilt pre-fab baby. excuse me, does this house come with a warranty??