lighter week

so, my hours last week were about half of the week before, but somehow i'm feeling a lot more tired this morning. i started doing some yardwork yesterday so i'm sure that is contributing. i did my 2 hours early on saturday while it was still pretty cold, windy and overcast. i loved it! but, it took a lot out of me. i rode observatory in my 53 into the wind. by the top of the first pitch i was barely moving - good training but tough. i'm going to try and replicate my training approach from last year, commute on the 1x1 and road ride on the weekends keeping it in my big ring. seemed to work well to get me ready for hard 1 hour races in the fall.

m: 0
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 1:10 (commute)
r: 1:10 (commute)
f: 0
s: 2:10 (road ride)
n: 1:20 (road ride)
total: 7 hours

not the greatest but not terrible. this week is looking to be pretty wet - it was pouring rain this morning which forced me to drive in. it's looking like that will be the story through thursday... time to bust out the running shoes for a little "cross training."

there are tons of little projects i want to get done around the house. cleaning/organizing the garage is high on my list - the bikes are back out and there is nowhere to put them....

happy monday.


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