29 June 2012

more grinding

finding time to get things done is becoming increasingly difficult. professionally and personally alike. i am to the point where i feel like i am half assing everything because i just don't have enough time in the day. reacting instead of planning. i don't like it one bit.

calvin wasn't feeling well yesterday but wasn't super sick either so we were able to at least run some errands. the poor little dude threw up wednesday night (quite substantially), flipped his pillow over and went back to sleep. i asked him why and he just said he was tired. he is one funny little man.

rode in this morning and it didn't feel too bad out. am i getting used to these warm temps? seems like i need to be as the number 90 seems to be coming up a lot over the next 10 days. and to think it was only a few years ago that we went an entire spring/summer/fall without once hitting 90.

robin is doing the triterium tomorrow. she isn't feeling especially confident going into this one but i really have a good feeling for her. she is going to crush souls on the bike!

happy friday.

28 June 2012

hot but good

got out for a nice ride at blackhawk last night with ron. we spent some time doing spirited laps on the course set up that was supposed to be used for the short track, then did a big loop around the grounds and wrapped up with a few more laps on the course. it was hottest when you were standing still - motivation to ride i guess!

i'm sitting on the couch with my son right now. he threw up in the night so we kept him home from daycare. he seems tired but otherwise ok. oh well, it'll be a nice day with my boy if nothing else.

happy thursday.

27 June 2012

what's the matter you?

many things go through my head while i ride a bike. sometimes, it is very existential. sometimes it is supremely petty. last night's ride was predominately spent thinking

'why so angry, bro?'

those birds are crazy. flat out crazy.

robin was out with friends so it was a daddy/calvin evening. he was out of sorts for a bit after spending a week developing bad habits with his grandparents (in a good way mind you) - but last night our sweet little boy was back. he is a bright little dude (more so than i thought possible for a 2 year old) but there is one thing that he refuses to consider. the potty. not a big deal for #1. but, #2 is getting to be more and more, how you say, adult like. i'm over that but i guess we need to be patient as, he is a boy and he is only 2.

riding mountain bikes tonight. those pansy chainsmokers put the kibosh on time trials tonight because of the heat. so ron and i are having our own session at blackhawk. 

i think i need more coffee. check that, i know i need more coffee.

happy wednesday.

26 June 2012


i think it is a good thing that (at least relative to my personal life), my normal routine feels a bit abnormal. got a nice ride on the 1x1 last night via the military ridge trail. my legs missed turning the single speed and told me so this morning while going down the stairs. last night i put my new schwalbe tubulars on my ea70x wheels to stretch. i have zero experience with tubbies but these seem really nice, really well made. i suppose i should get some glue soon and glue them up...

i could not get out of the house this morning. make a lunch, take the dog out, garbage/recycling to the street, dishwasher started - nothing that difficult but it all took me a long time today. the ride in was nice - sunny and mild. not going to be the case beginning tomorrow. time trials are going to be interesting in the heat. and i'm already thinking i will opt out of my ride to work on thursday (mid to upper 90's)!! i can't ride too many days in a row...

happy tuesday.

25 June 2012


well, that was a busy couple of weeks. we closed out our early summer break by 'getting the band back together' (picking up calvin friday night), getting some bike riding in, installing some new pendant lights in the kitchen (look great, jury is still out on the quality of light) and spending some quality time with my sis/bro in law who are visiting from dk. it was short as their time was limited - but sometimes those short visits are the best. calvin has been a complete pill since returning home - some probably due to him being two and some probably due to his schedule being off. i'm sure he was living the high life with grandma/grandpa over the week as well.

so, training. it's been awhile since i've summarized anything. i'll start with last week...

m: 0 (on a ladder all day pressure washing)
t: 1:40 (road ride)
w: 0 (hot and unmotivated)
r: 2:10 (commute/add on)
f: 0 (picking up calvin in wausau)
s: 1:50 (road ride around mt vernon)
n: 1:20 (mtb at quarry ridge)
total: 7:00

and the week before:

m: 1:40 (commute w/add on)
t: 2:00 (commute w/add on)
w: 1:00 (commute)
r: 0 (traveling/sick)
f: 0 (traveling/sick)
s: 1:00 (running associated w/urban race)
n: 1:20 (road/bike paths)
total: 7:00

all things considered, i'm happy with the volume i hit amidst travels, house work, and having a pretty nasty cold that kept me from getting quality sleep most nights last week. i'm hoping to return to normalcy this week in terms of training rhythm...including a little extra tonight and a steamy short track at blackhawk on wednesday. i was going to do the capital criterium on sunday but just noticed it'll cost me $50. way too much for a 50 minute criterium. yikes!

back at it...my first full week in the past few. i've got a case of the mondays!

happy monday.

22 June 2012

missing the boy

i really miss calvin. we go to pick him up tonight and that has got me very excited. of course, i have to get through this day first. being away and now being back has really got me questioning my role as a manager here. it really is a role that can get tiresome - when things go well you people get the credit. when things go bad, you have to be the one to clean it up.

got a nice ride in last night. rode from work to mt horeb and then home catching some good punchy climbs along the way (garfoot/witte roads opposite the direction of the IM course). i woke up to another coughing fit again last night and ended up sleeping on the couch in the basement to not disturb my wife too much. i just want a good, continuous night's sleep for once!

my cross frame is in the country and should be shipped to me soon. i'm really excited to start the build and get my racing bike ready to rock. i have been planning this project for over 6 months and i'm ready to finally get it completed!

happy friday.

21 June 2012

fish out of water

i'm back at work. we had a great 'staycation' and even though it was hot as hell we managed to get a bunch of things done. the problem is that i now feel like we have more loose ends then ever. oh well. before calvin (B.C.), we had these 'staycations' all the time - we just never realized how easy our lives were then. the break was good but now i really miss him.

we stripped our front porch woodwork, pressure washed the house, painted the front door, installed new door nobs on the main level, stained a table, got flooring estimates, went to a movie, ate out a lot, did a little riding, and still felt like we had a little free time. i guess having a kid makes you a little more efficient - even when they are not around. but, all those projects have actions pending for completion. and we didn't even touch our deck. it was hot but the main problem was the high winds. that and there is a birds next under our deck. actually, our backyard is a menagerie right now. we have baby bunnies, mice all over the place and two birds' nests under our deck. because of the bunnies we haven't been able to let ollie out off leash for a bit - but he killed two a month ago so i know what would happen if we let him find them.

i don't have time to summarize now but my training hit a snag. first, we were busy. second, it was hot. third, i was sick the whole time which really wore me down (i haven't been sleeping well). oh well, got out sunday and tuesday. rode in this morning and will add on tonight. hope to ride saturday and sunday and try to get back on track.

happy thursday.

12 June 2012

too many causes.

i'm reading the book garbology right now and while i'm not over impressed with how it is written, it does contain a lot of interesting information that is really getting me thinking. we are also really giving our lifestyle some thought with regards to diet. and, i guess in a way these things have a direct relationship. garbage is one of those things we don't think much about - but when you consider how much junk (a lot of it that could be reused) is just getting buried in the ground it is a little freaky to think about the long term effects. maybe we should go back to piggeries?

on the food front, we are really trying to eat using local ingredients (which is a lot easier this time of the year). we are also trying to reduce fructuose and decrease consumption (read: not eliminate) of animal products to promote our health. i love me a good burger from time to time, but i do feel that sometimes we eat meat just because that is what we've always done and i think that, for health and sustainability reasons, moving towards a more plant based diet would be a very good thing for us. i've had cereal the past few mornings with almond milk and can't say i miss the dairy. my lunches are always plant derived and we are experimenting with more dinners excluding meat. next up, tofurky dinner at thanksgiving (not really).

anyway, more on that as we work though it i guess.

did a little add-on on my ride home last night. hope to do even more tonight ahead of our road trip. after that, all bets are off for a spell. my legs have been feeling pretty rickety the past few mornings so i'm probably due for a few consecutive recovery days anyway.

happy tuesday.

11 June 2012

hot times

busted out of work a little early friday and extended my ride home. i felt really tired after the long week and between the heat, activities and riding i came out of the weekend feeling just as beat down.

saturday morning we headed down to bradbury's for breakfast and then walked around the farmers' market/state street. it was heating up pretty good towards the end. headed home for lunch and then during nap time i got out for 2:15 of road riding. windy and hot left me feeling pretty tired. robin went to pick up her race materials and cal woke up challenging from his nap which kind of initiated a crabbiness spiral which i still feel like i'm in. sometimes my brain just needs quiet time which really doesn't exist anymore. i never truly appreciated it before we had our son!

sunday morning came fast when i woke up at a little before six robin had been gone a good 40 minutes. calvin continued to be a challenge which made getting out the door tough - especially when he decided to have a poop right at the time i wanted to leave. we made it in time to see robin a little before she started swimming which was nice (i had to run most of the way from our distant parking spot to do so). we saw robin exit the water and were also able to see here exit the transition area on the bike. much to my disappointment, we missed robin finish the bike - i most likely was tending to cal when she rode past. after a bit, we walked through the transition to make sure here bike was there and then went to the finish area to see her a couple of times in the run. she has been sick most of the week and still had a great race.

we had some lunch and then headed home. i got cal down for his nap and was feeling pretty lethargic myself. after sitting for a bike, i got myself out the door for 1:15 of riding to, at and from quarry ridge. i like that place for these types of days. while i was riding it didn't seem that hot but boy once i was done i was feeling pretty overheated. burritos for dinner then *poof* it was time to start thinking about the week ahead.

m: 1:15 (commute)
t: 0
w: 2:00 (commute, blackhawk short track)
r: 1:15 (commute)
f: 1:45 (commute)
s: 2:15 (road ride)
n: 1:15 (mtb)
total: 9:45

this week will be much lower training wise. thursday/friday we are heading up north to do some fun things w/cal and the in-laws. cal is spending the next week in gresham. i'm happy to have some time to do things around the house and for him to spend some time with his grandparents but i sure will miss him on fathers day (it just worked out that way).

happy monday.

08 June 2012


throughout late fall, winter and "normal" springs i wistfully think about how nice it would be it were summer right now. but, what i always forget is just how annoying summer can be. i mean, for whatever reason summer/summer weather seems to bring the crazy out in people. plus, there are fewer barriers to people being out so it just brings more crazy people out that spend the cold months indoors. i had a run in a lady crossing a pretty wide/busy street right in front of me (not at anything resembling a crosswalk) on my ride in. as i slowed to make sure i didn't hit her, she told me that bikes should be using the sidewalk. after the week i've had, i'm proud that i held the f-bombs inside. i did tell her to use a crosswalk next time and to have a great day. winning!

on my ride home last night, i caught a dude on the midtown hill riding a full carbon look road frame with 50 mm (at least) carbon rims. as i passed him on my motobecane, i could see his expression change when he noticed that my bike was far less superior (with at least 19 fewer gear combinations - he may have been riding campy 11 though). we talked a little about why i needed a tensioner, why on earth i was riding out there if i worked in middleton, and why on earth i would choose to ride cross tires/1x1 on the road. i'm not sure he liked any of my answers but he seemed like a pretty nice guy so i wasn't too annoyed when he rode my draft all the way to my neighborhood.

i'm feeling pretty bike fit these days - which is something i haven't felt for a while. the irony is that i'm really not able to race a whole lot this summer with different obligations/plans. it's ok, i'm not stressed about it - just funny how life works. there are times when maybe you can get to races but you can't train optimally. there are other times when you seem to be able to do the training you think you need to but can't get to any races. and, there are those rare times when it all comes together. hopefully that is what cross will be for me this year.

happy friday.

07 June 2012

mixed results

short track at blackhawk last night. took it easy the first few laps just trying to remember how bike handling works on a mountain bike at speed. i noticed right away that my front end is way too high for my liking - too much time on my road/cross bikes in the drops i guess. note to self: remove spacer and/or flip the stem over. after a few laps, it was vince (who i just met last night) up the trail with ron and i together. for some reason, vince shut it down for a bit in the middle and i went to the front and just tried to hold it steady. i looked back and nobody was there! so, with 2-3 laps to go i committed myself to trying to get as much time as possible. i was entering single track while passing someone and i heard a clunk from my back wheel - must have been a stick (i thought). i got around the rider and started to accelerate when a worse clunk sounded and my bike stopped. as it turns out, my rear wheel fell off the bike (similar to my experience at wausau 24 last year). not good! by the time i fixed it i had been passed by a fair number of people. oh well, the 'sensations' were good and i have a little confidence that my training 'plan' is taking me in the right direction. now if i could just keep my rear wheel in place! what i'm most happy about is that i had at least one more gear to go to. nice!

one more day with my clients here. it has been a good visit but i'm not unhappy to see them leave!

happy thursday.

06 June 2012


last night, after i got calvin to bed and the house cleaned up i headed out to get my kona ready for some short track racing at blackhawk tonight. i was finishing up when i heard a car door outside. i wasn't expecting company, but thought i'd head in and check just in case to prevent the doorbell. i turn the corner and there is a cop standing at my front door.

as it were, one of our neighbors had called the police (anonymously) to voice 'concerns' about our dog barking. we have lived next to the same people for 7 years so i would have expected a conversation prior to phoning the fuzz but i guess we're playing by different rules. does this mean i can call the police when one neighbor's very loud motorcycle wakes my son from his nap? or can i call the police when i can hear my other neighbor's television from their 3 season porch (which is every night, may through october)? i am still oscillating between being sad (i don't want to be nuisance/why couldn't we talk it over first) to very angry (mind you own fucking business). i do need to get over it but i am finding that difficult. i had a pretty challenging couple of days, wasn't feeling well and was exhausted. this just tripped my crazy switch a little. our dog barks. our dog barks a lot less than a lot of other dogs in the neighborhood. and when he barks we, as best we can, bring him in as soon as possible.

the cop was nice and you could tell he was just doing his job. he had to then rush off to respond to something that was of 'real' law enforcement concern.

i am going to try and get this out of my system by riding hard in a few minutes.

happy wednesday.

05 June 2012

questionable week

a questionable week of training ahead. i have a client here through thursday (starting yesterday). i did ride in yesterday. i hope to do the blackhawk short track practice race tomorrow if time allows as well. not sure about today/thursday. we'll see i guess.

the weekend was a good one. friday bike commute. saturday 50 miles on the road (including the climb up blue mound). ride the drive on sunday.

m: 1:30 (mix of trails on moto)
t: 2:15 (commute/add on)
w: 1:15 (commute)
r: 0
f: 1:15 (commute)
s: 2:30 (road ride)
n: 1:00 (ride the drive, moto w/trailer)
total: 9:45

not bad.

i went early to vote and there was no place to park and the line was huge. i needed to be here by 7:45 so i opted out. i found a few minutes later in the morning and it was easy peezy. i am over the re-call election. the whole thing makes me uneasy. should there have been a re-call? i don't think so. walker will win and those who 'efforted' re-calling him will actually make him stronger in the end. the silver lining is that when he is done using wisconsin to build a national name for himself he will move on - most likely before he is able to run for re-election.

they are all a bunch of bums so it probably doesn't really matter anyway.

happy tuesday.

01 June 2012

a great day in history

this is one of the dates in history that i am most thankful for. today is the day that commemorates my lovely wife coming into this world. i met her 21 years later and the rest is, as they say, history.

happy birthday robin!

happy friday.