30 October 2008

throw out your gold teeth and see how they roll.

at work until 7 last night. finished up some class stuff when i got home. tried to watch the last three innings of the world series. went to bed, woke up several times to dog barfing, took him outside in my underwear in the pitch black night, woke up...and here we are, work for 8-9 hours and then a few hours of school on top.

now that the 2008 mlb season is in the books, here are my brewer predicitons:
1) ken macha will be named manager today (i'd like brenly but macha will be fine)
2) cc WILL accept the 4 year $100 million dollar offer he will receive from the brewers.
3) prince fielder will be traded to boston for kevin youkilis and coco crisp. matt gamel will play first base and bill hall will move to second.

well, 1 out of three won't be bad.

happy thursday.

28 October 2008


well, it makes me feel a little better knowing that others struggle with our assignments as much as i do. you sit down, look at something and think it'll take a couple of hours. 3 days later, you are still putting the finishing touches on it and sweating other impending assignments.

after getting kicked out of the libarary at closing time, i watched a little baseball last night and that was undoubtedly the worst conditions i've seen a game continued in. clearer heads prevailed when they called the game in the sixth, and everyone is better off with a suspended tie game. retractable roofs for everyone!

5 hilly miles yesterday and i'm feeling pretty good. so far, the saucony experiment is paying off with none of my knee pain characteristic of my prior running forray. i remember pat telling me about a friend of his who was able to split his year into 3 seasons (bike, run and ski) and do so competitively. i would like to try that model, and with the end of school on the horizon, it almost seems like a realistic goal...i would love to ski in the winter (culminating in the birkie), run through the spring (with a spring marathon) and then race cross (and fat tire) in the fall. i think this model would allow compatability with the disciplines. caveats? yes! i have no cross bike, nor do i have race worthy skis. details. speaking of pat, i wonder if he is ever going to post to his blog again?

even if i don't race, it is becoming very clear that i am a lot more happy when i'm training. and, for whatever reason, i'm unable to focus on 1 sport year round like i used to.

man, i just blew this thing up.

happy tuesday.

26 October 2008

another weekend that was.

first off, i just want to say that after 5 years and 2 days, i'm still amazed i found a way to get robin to marry me. in the beginning, she put up with a lot...and still does frankly, and i'm glad she does.

friday night we enjoyed the company of my mom and jim for dinner at samba. a brazillian steakhouse, i ate more meat in that sitting than i had the previous 2 weeks. saturday robin and i spent the day together, taking a short tour of new glarus and monroe and having dinner at our favorite quivey's grove.

quivey's was an odd experience...our waitress told robin that they were out of the prime rib but the waiter at other tables kept bringing it out. we were going to say something but figured she did us a favor...the lady at the table next to us had to send it back due to temperature (or lack there of). there was some other hi-jinx at that same table earlier in the evening but i don't even know where to start recounting that story...let's just say it had to do with a hot dog, tongue flicking and a very mortified father.

yesterday i studied. while i didn't get much done, i managed to somehow feel a little better about the upcoming 'stretch run.' i've learned that i usually come through under pressure, and that has given me a little confidence heading into several big projects over the next 6 weeks.

i managed a nice 45 minute run in the flurries and wind yesterday. and, it felt really good.

and now it is monday...

happy monday.

23 October 2008

missing the good ones.

reading all the race reports of the beechwood blaster, sheboygan, blockhouse, fat tire festival and cyclocross has me feeling really left out lately. cross is probably something i could find a little time to do, but i have no bike. the others require too much travel for me right now (not to mention most have fallen on class saturdays)...but may of 2009 will be here before i know it (i only have 3 class sessions remaining for this semester).

happy thursday.

21 October 2008

i believe i can fly.

it's a great day for golf....too bad i'm at work. it's weird, the more i play, the more i want to play. i shot nine with my dad on saturday and had the best round of the year (41). then, we played an 18 hole scramble in dubuque and i played pretty poorly. we finished 11 under with a chip in eagle on 18 which won us a skin and made it a money making day (i did not execute that shot). fun.

i'm running tonight and this will be the first workout with the marathon goal in mind. not that it changes anything, but, it changes it. i've been doing a little of this and a little of that without any major goal in mind (since 9-mile) and it feels good to know that i'm building towards something big.

happy tuesday.

20 October 2008

ticking of clocks.

well, after a long walk with my dog i managed to get a few things cranked out for school tonight. for once, i managed to get everything done that i thought i would.

i'm going to run tomorrow if it kills me.

happy monday.

15 October 2008

those test tubes and the scale.


last night i had two options: yardwork or workout. considering the rain forcasted for today, and the fact that i'm busy through sunday, yardwork won out. i bought a cheap leaf blower and boy does that make it easier. considering i'm only going to use the thing 3 or 4 times a year, i didn't want to worry about another small engine to maintain so i went electric.

other than that, not much to say. well, except i still think this bike looks cool:

happy wednesday.

14 October 2008

please understand.

well, i blew it. i stayed up too late and now i'm exhausted this morning. and i didn't finish my homework either.

i managed a nice 6 mile run after work and, after the first few minutes, it felt really good. it was a warm one for mid october, but i think it is cooling down now. i have a ton of leaves to remove from the back yard, and the lawn needs mowing hopefully for the last time.

it's starting to look like phillies v rays...yuck. i've got nothing against the rays except they play in a horrible stadium...really, it's an embarassment to the league. but...i hate the phillies. i don't like any team from philadelpha.

i'm going to put this to bed before i ramble on any more about things that don't matter.

happy tuesday.

13 October 2008

it's time.

with all the travel the past 5 days, i have been unable to exercise (with the exception of some much needed tennis with my lovely wife on friday). compounding that is my diet lately...which has been crappy at best.

i'm really looking forward to getting back on the horse this afternoon.

and while i'm keeping it low key, my plan is to participate in the 2009 madison marathon. with my current class load and work load...just finishing will give me some satisfaction. finishing feeling healthy would be a bonus. and, a sub 3:10 would be icing on the cake. i need some sort of a goal to get me through the winter, and that race fits the bill.

i'm also going to try to sell my specialized epic marathon. it's more bike than i need and i'd like to go back to hardtail riding. i'm contemplating switching to single speed, mostly because it seems like the best cross training for running. plus, it's cheaper. we'll see about that i guess...i'm not sure what i'll be able to get for the epic.

and with that...i better get to work.

happy monday.

12 October 2008

well, that sucked.

we're back from our 15 hour tour of wisconsin. i'm still pretty sad but we were able to distract ourselves (sort of) with some pontooning and apple orchard visiting in eau claire.

now, i need to get some homework done.


06 October 2008


you know, i was pretty bummed out about the brewers losing on sunday. i also spent some time thinking back to last year's milwaukee marathon and how stinking hot it was compared to this year. but all that really is insignificant compared to the news we received upon our arrival home. sadly, robin's grandfather passed away earlier in the day. and now i just feel like a fool for sweating the insignificant stuff.

03 October 2008

hell isn't chrome

i've been using google chrome for a few days and so far i like it. it is different, and like gmail, simpler than other browsers. i'm a simple guy so this is good.

cc really is human. good to know. let's get a win guys!

the cubs are doing their normal choke job. i didn't expect it at home against the dodgers...but they are playing against the best hitter in playoff history.

half way through class for the day. after class today, chuck and i will be completing a rematch of the verona open on the tennis court. power vs. speed.

happy friday.

02 October 2008

no marigolds in the promise land

tough brewers loss yesterday. they got bit by the weeks bug again, he has tremendous upside but unfortunately it doesn't seem like he'll ever achieve that. that play decided the game, from potentially getting two outs in front of the heart of that line-up to getting none cannot happen in the playoffs (i wish they both were assigned errors). cameron usually makes that catch in center but it seemed like, for whatever reason, both centerfielders were having a hard time picking up the ball. oh well, time for cc to step up. i mean, it is about time he contributes....yikes.

i hope palin has a really tough time tonight strictly for snl material.

school session 3 starts tonight.

happy thursday.

01 October 2008

odd feeling.

brewer baseball in october that didn't happen because of airplanes crashing into buildings is a weird feeling. i'm leaving here in time to see the first pitch.

ran a chilly 5 miles this morning. while it felt cool, it didn't feel like 42 degrees. i love my new shoes...and so do my knees.

i finished my first paper of the semester last night. it feels good to be done, but as always i'm not happy with it. that is usually a good sign.

happy wednesday.