31 July 2008

rickie f-ing weeks.

man, this guy is killing the brewers. now that i have an office with 1 other guy, i'm able to listen to the game while work. today, not a great thing.


well, last nights short track did nothing for my confidence. i got out to an ok start, sammy took a few chances early and got in front of me and a chainsmoker mark. i'm usually pretty even with mark, so i decided to sit on his wheel and wait for the first 20 minutes of the 30 minute race. well, i forgot to consider the sam factor. he bobbled on uphill section on the first lap and i was forced off the bike while mark just dabbed through. lights out. with my race this weekend, i decided that trying to bridge was not in my best interest so i rode in no man's land for the remaining 25 minutes of racing. mark gained no more ground on me then he had in the incident. i caught nobody but nobody caught me. rode there and back which left my legs feeling tired but not exhausted. off tonight, preride on friday and then it's game on. yikes.

happy thursday.

30 July 2008

throw it in the fire...throw it in the air.

last night i was all geared up to do some night riding to check the lights, get the eyes used to riding trail in the evening and to beat the daytime heat. of course, right around the time i wanted to go a thunderstorm blew through rendering the plan moot. oh well, i did a few laps around the neighborhood and feel pretty good about everything.

i forgot just how bright my niterider hid really was. that thing rips.

we finally got all the deck furniture back out on the deck where it belongs. this means that tonight i just might be able to park in the garage for the first time in 2 months...as martha stewart would say, "jail sucks." oh, and that is a good thing.

time trials tonight. rumor has it that we will be racing a short track format...i wish we did that every week, short track simulates racing so much better than a tt.

come on brewers...let's get the bats (and gloves) going tonight against dempster.

happy wednesday.

29 July 2008

vacation (readers digest version)

well, so much for blogging our vacation. it would take me too long to suitably document the fun we had. so, i'll do a brief summary....

in the upper peninsula, there are many things to do (and i feel like we did most).

mountain biking (robin can shred):

big chair sitting:

sea kayaking (my favorite part of the trip):

extreme minigolf:

seeing weird stuff:

seeing a spooky spring:

and our favorite, acting silly together:

the project is over.

i'm sick of rickie weeks. i watch a little of most games during the week, and typically i see rickie make at least 1 mental error per game...more often it's more. i'm sick of hearing about his 'upside' and his physical skills. the guy has a weak baseball iq and poor instinct which you cannot teach. plus, dude is hitting low 200's leading off for a play-off contender. it's time to cut bait. if the orioles were willing, i send him to baltimore straight up for brian roberts. done. next year, move billy hall over to second and bring up matt gamel.

my two cents. rickie is too much of a liability with little contribution. anyone hitting in front of hardy, braun, fielder and hart should score a lot of runs if they get on base. come on brewers, you've already committed to the play-offs, don't let this dud hold you up!

easy 1.25 hours last night. legs feel (dare i say it) really good. i'm starting to accumulate my supplies for the big one this weekend. i need to temper my excitment with the fact that it is still a few days away. i think we have a shot...but like every year, you need consistant laps and good luck (or rather, lack of big problems).

happy tuesday.

28 July 2008


thanks to twinsix (and mike c.), we'll be taking a run at a championship in style.

wow, i'm getting more excited by the minute.

mission accomplished

friday: 1.5 hrs (including observatory-still one of my favorites)
saturday: 3 hrs to/at/home from blue mounds no the mtb

after that, riding stopped. saturday robin painted the master bathroom and then joined me staining the deck. at least 12 man-hours spend on running a brush/roller.

sunday we got up, went to breakfast and then finished the deck...another long day but we got everything done. and it looks pretty good too. we rewarded ourselves with pizza from papa john's and it didn't disappoint.

while it was a hard fought weekend, it was very rewarding. now i can go into this weekend knowing the 2 big projects i was hoping to have done are done. and maybe, just maybe, i'll be able to park in the garage for the first time in two months.

happy monday.

25 July 2008

mr big shot

yesterday was a rough day...maybe i overdid it a little the night before because my cold reared its ugly head with a vengance. i feel stuffed up this morning but better. no riding last night because of said feeling shittay but i did manage to mount the new bathroom hardware and patch the old holes. dogpark and dinner as well.

are the brewers for real? this is the type of season i've been dreaming of for as long as i can remember. ryan braun is the franchise and it is most reassuring the management identified it earlier rather than later. the team's confidence right now should scare everyone in the national league.

i thought taking a week vacation would make going to work easier. but it didn't.

happy friday.

24 July 2008


time trials last night were tough. i should have probably skipped it with how i have been feeling the past day or two. on lap two my lungs agreed. it was a good course with some tough climbing.

then it was dog park, dinner, and cc sabathia is a beast.

happy thursday.

23 July 2008

a touch of something

well, i've got a bit of a summer cold. robin got it about 12 hours before me, so i get to look into the future. so far, it isn't too bad and it coincided with a planned day off to rest. hopefully it will pass quickly.

i'm thinking i may do a kettle day this weekend instead of the race. that way, we can stain our deck on sunday...which will be a big relief.

anyway, happy wednesday.

22 July 2008

if you are not crashing...

...you are not training apparently. i took a tree on last night at quarry ridge and ended up over the bars landing on my back. 1 swollen finger and a few abrasions but nothing too bad. that and a set of handlebars off center with no tool...so home i went with an hour logged instead of my intended 1.5 hours.

i didn't sign up for alterra...it will be a game time decision. there are so many things i want to do around the house (not to mention trying to get organized for the 24 hour race) that i may opt out of this last tune up race. a couple solid hours each day (friday, saturday, and sunday) might put me in a better place than the race anyway.

happy tuesday.

21 July 2008

good help is hard to find

we ordered furniture a while back (april). we finally got it today. they put a pretty good sized hole in the drywall in our living room ceiling (in maybe the most conspicuous place possible). great, now i've got something else to deal with.

we aren't having much luck with the service industry lately...blind installers and furniture movers are bringing me down. not to mention the fact that each time we buy these things, i account for them in the interational currency unit of the cyclocross bike. it would be nice if these purchases came without issues of any sort.

i could easily patch this...no worries. but then the ceiling would require paint. and because of where it is, you would notice the fresh spot of paint. i'd have to paint the whole thing, all 800 (or so) sqaure feet of it (open floor plan).

and painting ceilings blows.

damn it.

happy monday.

20 July 2008


well, after some cleaning projects, a ceiling paint job in a bathroom and catching up on some long overdue yard work, i got out for a 70 minute spin. the legs were feeling yesterday's efforts but after a while i felt pretty damn good.

i'm really starting to get some of the old sensations i used to. the kind where i'm actually training rather than just trying to get into shape. whether this translates into individual race results this year or not...well, now that is to be determined. but i'm hoping it at least keeps a certain 'weak sauce' team in contention for the big prize in a couple of weeks.

anyway, i have to go back to work tomorrow...and it doesn't really bother me that much. i mean, there are other things i'd rather be doing...but the vacation was good and refreshed my tanks for a little while at least.

happy sunday.

19 July 2008

17 July 2008


well, our last night in the yoop. i have a lot of stories i may are may not get to posting. but the synopsis is...fun, fun and more fun. i could use more of these week vacations.

happy thursday.

12 July 2008


mike cameron...you know, when he arrived in milwaukee his defense was what you could count on. now it is costing the brewers games they can't afford. why not get billy hall some ab's in center field and keep branyon as the every day guy...or maybe bring gamel up and give him a cup of coffee at the big league level. my two cents.

and brett favre. man...say it ain't so! it's hard to second guess turner...but the packers are still better with favre. it's time to welcome him back, make him compete with rogers (which he would win) and be done with it. he is a packer and should be until the end...whenever that may be.

i got a tough 1.5 hours last night. ronko finally scored his cross bike and it is looking good in spite of the photo. this just fuels my fire for getting one of my own. anyway, i'm up early(ish) on the first saturday of vacation so i can get a ride in prior to leaving. so i better go do that.

happy saturday.

11 July 2008

irrational desires.

no riding last night...and it killed me not to. i've been taking some medication for reflux and also an allergy pill for about a week now and i have so much more energy and motivation...i feel like i think i should feel. i haven't challenged the system too much yet, but so far so good.

anyway, severe weather was rolling through right when i would be starting the ride. we ate dinner earlier than normal which meant i was too full to ride before it got dark. i guess i could have ridden after dark but i opted to clean my neglected bikes instead.

this is the last day of work before we point the car north for a week in the u.p. of michigan. biking, hiking, exploring, sea kayaking, and other yet to be determined activities will make this a classic hoenisch adventure. the live in shutterfly will be documenting the entire trip for later debrief. i'm sure i'll post while on the road but odds are, not as often.

and the blog title...well, that has to do with my constant deliberation of a cross bike. i either need to get over it or close the deal with the finance committee. both are easier said than done.

happy friday.

10 July 2008

tt, xo1, and a partridge in a pear tree

time trials last night were...interesting. we were routed up the switch backs which, even in good conditions, i typically cannot ride up. it was a little wet/spongy combined with traffic on each lap which means i was running like gump. it was a good workout but short. good thing i rode there and back.

something i haven't touched on yet is the cc sabathia deal for the brewers. this is something brewer fans couldn't even dream of a few years back. being in the position to mortage the future for a run at the playoffs is every brewer fan's dream. plus, they are so stacked with prospects-giving up laporta really isn't that big of a deal. if it works, i'll be very excited. but even if it doesn't, we all know that the front office did what they could to make our brewers competitive.

and who knows, maybe with cameron, gagne, and sheet's salary numbers being freed up next year, maybe we can actually sign him. sabathia/gallardo as a 1/2 sounds pretty damn good.

the GT cross bike is a little more expensive that i originally thought (according to my sources). for almost $350 less, a comparable trek xo1 could be had.

happy thursday.

09 July 2008

easily forgotten

1.5 hours on the road rocket last night and it felt good. i've decided i need more hills in my regimen so that was my goal last night...mission accomplished.

does anyone know much about the gtr type cx (GT's cross bike)? the components are pretty damn good for the price, but, i mean, it's a gt. sram rival and easton components/wheels. something to consider i guess.

anyway, time to work.

happy wednesday.

08 July 2008

the itch.

wow, good weekend. first off, it was great to see my sister and morten. the 4th of july was a fun day, starting with golf and ending at jim's with swimming, jet skiing, boating, fireworks, family and sun. it was a great day.

saturday, robin and i pre-rode with ron and then the family and i headed to the hills along the mighty mississippi. it was another good day hanging out and eating wood fire pizza.

sunday...race day. it was hot and the course was fast. i gave it my all but for some reason still haven't found my speed. it was fun so i tried not to be too frustrated. then we ate pizza at sammy's which dissolved any residual frustration.

during the race. it was hot and i was in eau claire so i thought, why not wear a lighter colored jersey and represent my alma matter.

post race.

with my parents.

my desire to train hard has returned. i'm sick of riding mid pack in a comp class i used to nearly win. it's time to turn this thing around. and maybe...just maybe...i'll be able to leverage that fitness/speed into a cyclocross race season.

happy tuesday.

03 July 2008

the line broke...the monkey got choke

it's friday or something. a long weekend back home to see my euro sister and also to partake in the firecracker wors race. it's been a rough week training wise so my expectations are low. here is to out performing expectations.

not much to say.

happy thursday.

02 July 2008

nobody cares. no one remembers and nobody cares.

the appointment went well. i was given a few new prescriptions to try and we are scheduling an endoscopy. if the meds work, we'll cancel that so keep your fingers crossed for me. i snuck in some golf time afterwards (don't tell my boss). i've been down a little lately a lot having to do with work, so i figure it is good therapy (for me and my employer).

it's supposed to storm today...hopefully not too bad because i could use time trials in my legs.

two days left of the week.

happy wednesday.

01 July 2008

ticks and slugs.

i kind of thought the mosquitos would be horrendous in the merrilan area this weekend but they weren't. however, if you looked at the ground you could see ticks walking around and there were a lot of slugs on anything you set on the ground. weird.

no riding last night. instead, i opted to help my lovely wife with deck staining. the color looks great but still a long way to go. after that, a quick dinner and then it was off to the dog park. oliver has developed a bit of a doggy tick...he is now marking golden retreivers. he just walks up to them, raises a leg and tries to do his business...but only on golden retreivers...weird.

chris solinsky missed the 5000m olympic team. i didn't stay up to watch it, but it sounds like he did too much work. oh well, he is young.

i have my appointment today to try and get to the bottom of what has been ailing my for a while now. as with anything, this is just the beginning of the process and it would be bad to think i'll be all better after one visit, but at least i'm starting the process.

i think i'm having a bad spelling day...sorry.

happy tuesday.