28 April 2006

crazy fools.

i'm having a good morning. oliver was behaving like an angel (i think he feels bad for biting me in the nose last night). robin got up with him overnight so i slept. it's friday. and starbucks is just a few minutes away...

speaking of oliver, he is officially scaling up stairs sort of. he still won't go up the large flight of stairs on the deck but we'll get him there eventually. it opens a whole new world for him (and a whole new challenge for us). i think we may need to invest in a gate of some sort...

the weekend is here. weather looks like it will be crapola...maybe i'll be able to do my bike work i've been wanting to do. also, i think i might finally finish the winter to summer transition in the garage...i need to find a construction dumpster for that though.

and i think i'm going to run tonight. it's been months...since christmas i think. can you say good and sore tomorrow?

27 April 2006


yesterday tired me out. since the pup has joined on, i've had little to no time to chill. you know, suck it a little. oh well.

did some riding last night and somehow managed to get right in the middle of a bombay bicycle club group ride. picture what seemed like a 1000 older cyclists spread for as far as the eye can see. get out of my way. but it is cool that so many people bike around here...

riding with ron tonight. it's supposed to be calm and 68 for a day time high...perfect for some trail thrashing at blackhawk. just over a week until race #1.

i was looking at the gunnar site and their color of the month is sweet. hmmmmm...maybe i should think about using my ben's deal on one of these?

26 April 2006

i like this one.


the dog gave us some trouble last night, so we were both a bit bleery this morning. it's hard readjusting to a puppy's schedule, because it is constantly changing. i look at him and find myself torn...i love that he is small and cute and wish he could be a puppy longer until i think about the fact that he still doesn't really mind peeing in the house (although no accidents yesterday) and really doesn't mind waking up and making a bunch of noise at 3:00, 3:45, 4:30, etc. plus he is starting to chew like mad and still isn't really teething yet...boy are we in for it.

ok, i'm done with that.

i rode the mtb last night and felt really good. i still have a few things to take care of with all of my bikes (wrench turning) but i just don't have the time i need with puppy oliver running around. it's mildly frustrating. maybe this weekend...

25 April 2006

.....................................the marathon.

two posts in one morning. i have reached a new threshold of slack. i guess i need to balance the fact that adam doesn't update anymore (hee, he, he).

i needed to get something off of my chest. i told robin this last night... ever since i stayed home from work sick and watched the boston marathon i've been obsessing about running again. it's really weird. the number 3:00:00 to be exact. besides completing an ironman, running a sub 3hr marathon is tops on my list of 'to do athletically.' i'm biking this summer, but maybe the marathon would be a good winter training goal for next year? we'll see.

sometimes i think i'm a little psychotic. i mean, really...come on.

i've always said that if/when we have children i would take back to running because, well, you can pack a lot more quality training in relative to biking. i mean, if i ran the 8-10 hours a week i currently bike train i'd be logging 60-ish miles/week (assuming i can still average mid 7s in training...might not be able to). that's plenty for marathon training. plus, vacations, business trips, etc. it's a lot easier to get a workout in. i mean, all you need are some shoes and a few articles of clothing. and a 1 hour run is a decent mid mileage workout (for us mere mortals there pat).

alright, i'm over it for now. thanks for putting up with me.


funny, i've been putting in several hours of sleep time on the couch lately. feel asleep there trying to watch anthony bordain's adventures in sweden. the dog needed a pit stop at 11:30pm but robin and i thought the clock was lying. after that, i sat on the couch until he settled in for what we hoped to be a long nights sleep. what felt like an eternity later i was stumbling up the stairs to bed. luckily, he made it through the night (5am) and was a great puppy right up until i fed him. he is biting/chewing/mouthing a lot lately. and he is not teething yet. his new game is trying to jump on the couch. this would be a big 'hell no!' puppy moment. he must of tried 30 times in a row. my two big dog rules are: 1) no dogs on the furniture/beds 2) dogs don't get food from the dinner table. we will perservere!

my ride last night was ok. i wasn't feeling it so i was just putputing along when some guy came past me. gave me the nod and tried to jam away. whatever. as we got to the hills he slowed down like he had hit a wall. why do people ride so fast on the flats/downhills when what they need to work on is the climbing? i'll never figure it out. anyway, it took me 1 minute to put 400 meters on him and i only surged a little...

24 April 2006

for a moment.

another good weekend in a domestic sort of way.

still feeling the cold in my lungs so i took it a little easy on the bike...1.5 hrs friday road, 1.5 hrs and 1 hr sat and sun on the mtb. but the lack of quantity didn't impact the quality of the rides. i'm really happy with the new front end of my mtb...there is a little more bob in the fork than i would like but its a helluva lot better than it had been. something about my new position has got me feeling a little more confident in the corners which is something i'd like to work on this year.

spring yardwork on saturday, cut the grass and tried to get most of the debris up so the dog has less distractions when its time to do business if you know what i mean. speaking of the dog, i heard that he updated his site finally.

we spent yesterday patching the yellow spots in the front yard. hopefully it all takes and in 7-10 days we have some grass babies. hopefully grass babies don't bite and rage and pee and poop in the house...we've got enough of that going on right now. funny, we're trying to get rid of yellow spots in front and we're gaining them knowingly in back. puppy power....doooiiiiinggg!!

but really oliver is a great little fella. i'm excited to get him to puppy preschool and watch him romp it up with some other little chicks and roosters. and is he getting big...he is a little heavier every morning. we've got to teach him to go up and down the deck stairs....we're getting sore carrying him out every 20 minutes.

21 April 2006

better but not tip top

so i'll pass on the whitewater wisport race this weekend. i've got just over 2 weeks until wors #1 and i don't want to screw up my training any more than it already is. i'd like to get some mtb time tomorrow, maybe ride to/at blackhawk ....yea, that's the ticket. sunday there is a wca crit in university research park...i could maybe be talked into that...it's really too convient although it's a crit and i've always said i won't do crits. we'll see...it would be good to do some fast riding before the start of the season.

what a good puppy we've got. i had given up hope when i went home for lunch yesterday but he redeemed himself last night. i had to get up with him at 3ish but he went right back to bed without too much drama.

you know how you see comercials on television for fertilizer? guys talking about obsessing over crab grass and their lawns? i've always thought that i would never be that guy but i am. and our yard looks like shit. seriously the ugliest front yard on the street. that is a major objective for the weekend...fix the front yard (or at least take steps towards fixing it).

farmers market opens tomorrow. i wonder how oliver would do at the farmer's market?

20 April 2006


i woke up feeling slightly better this morning, although i would have to say i am only at or around 70%. the aches and chills are mostly gone, but i'm still pretty stuffed up. another day off the bike and i will have to bag the race this weekend.

oh well.

oliver woke up howling again at 1am. robin got up with him. it's tough, at some point we'll just have to let him howl himself to sleep but right now it's thought that a puppy's bladder can't last more than 2 hours. hmmmmm. what to do?

19 April 2006


the easter bunny brought me sickness for easter. chills, aches, fever, aches, phlegm, aches, sneeze, cough and general malaise. i feel like shit. and after we got hail last night i didn't sleep much (around 1am). great.

of course, going home early doesn't exactly mean a restful day of sleep, but it will most likely be better than suffering at work.

boy is this perfect timing for the race season.

the puppy slept through the night last night and didn't freak with the hail, thunder and lighting. he's doing better than his owner...

18 April 2006

beep beep beep beep

i thought we got a dog on sunday but it turns out that he is a furry and very mobile alarm clock. last night he woke up at 1:30 (thanks for getting up robin) and promptly again at 5am. can't blame him though, his bladder is tiny. the good thing is that he is small and very easy to tire out...he was sleeping in his crate by 6:30a...when i usually go to work. he is a fun little guy...

i rode for 1:45 last night...the first time i've been able to ride since friday. i did some jumps and felt pretty good considering i really only slept around 4 hours the night before. the weather was perfect and it felt good to ride again.

17 April 2006


so we made it to monday. iron mountain was interesting in an extended family sort of way. it's always reassuring to see robin's family is just as...um...quirky as mine (although in different ways). grandma only had one spell and robin brought her out of it so all in all it was a good weekend.

the puppy? well, he's great. as soon as he moved in he started a blog (see links section) and was asking for wi-fi so he can update from his crate. i told him he'll just have to wait until madison is 100% wi-fi for that.

the dog is a pee machine, but he's only outsmarted us twice so far so i think we're doing pretty well. he loves his crate and slept all night without an accident. i set the alarm for 1:30 and checked on him but didn't have the heart to wake him. he was a little feaked out by our yard...it was dark and the dogs a few houses down barked at him. but he is using the doggie toilet like a champ today. this afternoon he gets his first look at the vet. sucka. we woke up at 5 this am to let him out...that combined with the 1:30 wake up call and we're beat. but in a good way...

here we are at 5:10am....

13 April 2006

rough roads

man was i beat last night. i did a hard-ish workout plus maybe a touch of the allergies and i was wiped. also, we've got a roof leak somewhere and there is water pouring in through our front hall light fixture when it rains...i guess i was thinking about that all day too. we went up on the roof and saw something that might be something, but neither of us are roofers so who knows? i took the light fixture down and can't see shit. it's frustrating and i'd rather not call someone but i guess it's better than water pouring through an electric light...

anyway, enough of that. did some intervals last night, 4x6 minutes at a little above threshold. felt good if you can call getting thrashed in the wind good. total ride time was just under 2 hours but it felt like 4. saw greg again...he must be training a lot if i run into him unplanned on random roads 2 out of 3 days. if i can get my bike set up in time, i'm hoping to hit the trails for the first time tomorrow. we'll see about that...

and, it's about puppy time. we hit the pet supply store last night for some essentials...bowl mat, leash, couple of toys and a corkscrew teather, stink remover and bitter apple...75 bucks! you'd think we were picking up a human on sunday. damn.

#1037 for 2006.

12 April 2006

change of heart.

well, i'm registered as a comp rider for 2006. truth is, i've been worried about riding elite all spring. and while it was great motivation to get me out the door when it was 19 degrees and windy, as the season has been approaching i've gotten more and more worried about it. dreading the first race even.

and what is the point in that? i have raced a mtb twice in the last 18 months and figure that if i'm going really well, i'll upgrade mid-season. plus, all my friends are racing comp. and what is weekend warrior racing without the opportunity to race your friends? feedback from my racing readers?

basement looks great. we're both really happy with it and now i need to hook up the entertainment center. i'll post a picture one of these days.

and speaking of pictures, we got some more pics of our puppies. man they are cute. i'll get one of those up soon too.

11 April 2006

race specific training....

i've been a junk mile junky since i started this bike thing. very non-focused approach to racing. training long slow and then expecting my legs to be speedy come sundays. i hope to break out of that this year, and that started last night with my first day of my first week of my first build phase. i'm following my own hybrid plan adapted from several others...maybe it will work, maybe not. but at least i'm trying to get faster...

robin painted the walls orange again while i touched up some other spots on the ceiling and on some of the tan walls. it looks really good and i'm happy with how it is turning out. then i went out and fertilized at late dusk. not exactly what i think of when i hear the song 'gardening at night' but it needed to be done. hopefully it rains tonight. crabgrass be damned!

10 April 2006

doing it well.

it was a good weekend. we worked like dogs but still managed to find some time to ride, rest, laugh. we laughed a lot...but then again, we always do. the thing about big projects (big for us) is that it begins to consume you. it becomes part of your life. you wake up and inevitably you think about the task list in front of you. but now, as our basement refinish is closing in on completion (one more coat of paint on a couple of walls and some minor retouches), i'm actually going to miss the project. i mean, good or bad you always see a change. bare drywall in the gaping hole in the ceiling. an improvement. mud and sanding, looking better. primer over the stupid green color in the basement. definite improvement. on and on until you have a finished project, something you can look at and say 'we did that.' hopefully thoughout this week we'll put the finishing touches on it and call it a project. then...on to landscaping!

this was also our last 'at home' weekend as a family of two. the puppy is coming and we are excited. scared as hell but very excited. i know it's just a dog, but i really don't want to screw the little fella up. for his sake and ours. i'm sure we'll do fine but it's scary none-the-less.

rode to new glarus saturday. it was cold but sunny so it was a great ride. i have some new favorite roads from it and new glarus itself is kind of trippy. i mean, all the buildings are swiss alps look alikes...kind of neat in a hokey sort of way. an hour and twenty minutes yesterday and *poof* i'm done with base. this year's base was 13 weeks with what resembled 3 micro-cycles, though i'm not nearly organized (or devoted enough) for it to have been planned that way. build-up #1 starts tonight with some speedwork. my first road race is in under 2 weeks and my first mtb race is 2 weeks after that...holy crap!

07 April 2006

wasn't quite so thrillin'

humans are weird. i've really got nothing more to add to that...just an observation.

but it's alright cause it's saturday night...well it's not saturday night but it's one of my favorite rap lyrics (and one of the only ones i know). wyclef jean but *snap* it was really praswell dropping the rap. i'm so getto. well, i would be so getto if i wasn't suck a cracker.

speaking of crackers, i rolled my legwarmers up a bit on the bike last night. can you say neon, flourescent white? yikes. it rained on me and it was cold. but it's still better than not riding.

our last weekend to get our chit together before the puppy dog. one more coat on the ceiling tonight. tan on the walls tomorrow and sunday. i'd like to squeeze in a 3 hr ride tomorrow and a 1.5hr ride on sunday...we'll see about that though.

and that's what i've got. looking back, i've truly got nothing.


06 April 2006

as advertised?

so the weather didn't exactly work out as predicted. imagine that. oh well, i headed out on some new roads (to me) and logged another 2:15. this is the last week of base but i'm cheating a little and riding the hills with a little intensity...and i found a lot of hills on yesterdays ride. i feel a little sluggish when i tell the legs to go fast, but i guess after 13 weeks of base you'll have that.

other than the ride...more painting, brewers win again, and thoughts (and only thoughts) of some yard work.

thursday already...nice work.

05 April 2006


the president of the united states is trying to help his constituency by allowing them to be lazy. his main argument that illegal immigrants are ok because they do the jobs 'americans aren't willing to do' is flawed. why does he keep saying that? doesn't he realize that it makes him and the country he represents look lazy? i mean, we are lazy...but do we have to advertise it as such? also, it's egg on the face of the labor unions. and what about the immigrants who went through the proper channels and are (god forbid) legal? i guess it is to be expected from a guy who throws a better fastball on opening day than he could ever be at developing policy.

anyway, back to things that don't make me angry. the brewers pulled another one out last night. today looks to be a great spring day...60 with calm winds unlike last night which was a windswept 2ish hours on the bike. oh, and my annual spring molt took place last night. that's right, i shaved my legs. now i can wear my favorite dresses again. sasquatch is dead...

04 April 2006

brewers win.

watched the game yesterday. i actually did feel a little under the weather so i wasn't totally lying to my bosses. i felt bad enough to not ride at all...my first day completely off in over 2 weeks. anyway, the brewer game was a fun one to watch. great pitching, timely hitting and a great vibe at the stadium. i really don't think they are a playoff team this year (yet) but i will stay optimistic.

so with the remainder of my 'rest' day, i cleaned up the garage a little (including putting away the skis), cut my handlebars to size, fixed our wheelburrow and then we painted one more section of ceiling. i need a rest day from my rest day so today i'm going to ride my bike. sunlight until 7:30 (and a glow until 8)...i could get used to this.

03 April 2006


what an effen weekend. nothing all too exciting though. wine tasting and a great dinner at eno vino friday night. great food and company. when we got home at around 10.30 showtime was showing pulp fiction. what a great movie. i watched the whole segment where vincent takes mia to the burger joint. then i had to go to sleep due to the impending ride...

saturday started with a headache and 60 slow miles on the road. the 100k loop of the horribly hilly hundred to be exact. we got lost once so we had to cut some of the loop. still got over 5000 vertical feet though. a great base ride to be sure. speaking of base, only 1 more week to go. i felt pretty damn good about myself until i remembered that i only rode the distance pat runs in ultra races. crazy.

after the ride, i ate a quick lunch and slurped a quick coffee and the real fun began. the basement needed priming/texturing and we were up to the task. did all the walls on saturday...i cut and robin rolled. it turned out better than we anticipated but it was also more work than we thought it would be (suprise, surpise). sunday we did the ceilings with texture and then painted the ceiling in the staircase. it looks great. but more work to be done. we've also decided on colors. all in all a great weekend. one more week/weekend of hard work on the house and we should have the basement finished...sweet.

robin went to rowing this morning. she is one hell of a lady...she had to get up at 4:50a to be there on time. with the time change yesterday that's early as hell. i'm wasted and i got up a 5:30a. starbucks is yelling my name but i'm trying to quit.

most importantly: brewers home opener. i was on the phone with ron last night debating buying tickets on ebay. with the 28mph sustained winds (45 mph gusts)we decided tailgating would be a bust and not worth paying 3x face value for upperdeck tickets behind home plate. odds are i'll be home by 1pm to watch the game from the comfort of my couch. GO BREWERS!