28 February 2006


there really are a lot of sucky people. i know, not exactly an articulate way to describe it, but effective no less. i guess i could go into a rant about what is bothering me this morning but i won't because it doesn't do any good. well, other than getting myself worked up even more...

man i'm tired. i think it is still left over from the weekend. both nights we went to sleep 3-4 hours later than normal. add in the drinks and the smokey bar friday night and i am worked. it almost feels like jet lag without the travel to far away places. practice for denmark?

i got out on the bike last night and it was chilly. i half fell twice so i guess i fell once...if that makes sense. i will say that winter riding is starting to wear me down with the snow and ice and cold. but it does force me to stay in my zone 2-3 and it will make me appreciate riding in warmth in a month or two. and it is still fun, just not as novel as it was 8 weeks ago...

27 February 2006

our puppy has been born....the happy mother.


monday morning and i made it to work early. quite a feat after the weekend we had. friday night, i picked robin up from work and we pointed the honda north for a tour of old stomping grounds. friday was my mom's birthday, so we took her out for a night on the town. tokyo was her restaraunt of choice, and it didn't dissappoint. something did seem to be different, but everything tasted as good as i remember. we shared the table with a couple out on a blind date. hopefully we didn't annoy them too bad. after that, all bets were off and we headed to stella blue's for some smoke free after dinner drinks. they pour a mean gin and tonic there. mean enough to allow me not to resist one final stop to classix for 'one.' well, we were there for a while. but, after yelling at the band to 'play some skynard' the whole time were there, they finally did. nothing like free bird to end a show...

saturday morning i woke up feeling yellow. a little breakfast and some starbucks and i was ready to embark on the morning's ride. i headed west on the chippewa river trail. big sections of 4-6 inches of snow greeted me. in 2.5 hours of riding i only managed to get to caryville and back. but it was a beautiful day. then we were off for the twin cities. a couple hours at ikea and then off to mark and lisa's party. the party was enjoyable...an intersting mix of people led to interesting conversations. why the cat doesn't try to get the guinea pigs i'll never know.

sunday morning we met up for breakfast. the french something or other. my french toast was delicious. it was good to see pat even though it was for only a short time. hopefully now that him and katie are in the twin cities we'll be able to see them a little more often...not that duluth is that much further away but, well, i guess it kind of is.

this week i've got intentions. ride my bike, continue to begin the process of schooling, workshop cleaning. modest goals now that i see them in print...

24 February 2006

busting up a starbucks

because i'm a coffee degenerate, i went to starbucks this morning. damn...there was 3 women, all arriving a staggered intervals, all annoying as hell. first off, one almost t-boned me while pulling my least favorite parking manuever: the pull through. in i go, and these ladies are loud talkers. apparently, they have to attend a presentation before their normal work hours. the other people there and i really didn't need to hear about it. topping things off, they all had nasty ass perfume on. making the coffee shop smell more like a whore house. if you have to wear that much perfume...you are surely covering up an underlying funk problem. '

just another day in the ghetto with my bitches.

i've got a lot on my mind this morning. bikes, droplet size distribution, bathrooms, coffee, bikes, frosting, hid lights, cyclocross, metrology, friday, toyota, drywall, tacos, spreadsheets, timesheets, website, tour of california, for squirrels, ipod doesn't shuffle right, purple, new team, gunnar...to name a few. the mind of a madman? i hope not. but i think everyone has a touch of madness...

ec and tc weekend. will be fun. must...get...to.....work!

23 February 2006


let me see here. 2 days of riding outside since the last snow event. 2 crashes. nice work, genius. tuesday i rode for and hour and some minutes over 30 and i was fine. i decided that it was fun to be out riding, and that i really shouldn't quit just yet. parade lap around the neighborhood sounded brilliant. well, they don't really plow in our neighborhood so, heading down hill to a left hand turn i hit a patch of snow that grabbed the wheel and like a snap i was down. one sore left shoulder...check. one sore left hip, double check.

well, yesterday was 40 on the house thermometer with sun sun sun, so i HAD to ride again. huffing down the military ridge trail was a chore, the snow conditions were deep and soft. i was checking my heartrate (bad habit, trying to quit) and !wham!, i stacked it up in another soft wet patch. this time, my reactions weren't good...i actually put my hand out to brace my fall. luckily, my hand sunk into the mud wrist deep. sore right hip, check. sore right shoulder, double check. the worst part was finishing the ride with exactly half of me looking like i took a mud bath.

but damn it was good to be out on the bike. bad thing is i'm sore on both sides...feels like race season!

tour de old stomping grounds this weekend. minneapolis via eau claire. should be fun.

20 February 2006


man it was brisk on saturday. but, since we were 'up north' visiting robin's parents, there was outdoor activities to be done. i snowshoed on the lake for 1.5 hrs and then we did some cross country skiing at dusk. it was beautiful with the snow and setting sun. saturday was an all around relaxing day...where you don't feel bad sitting on the couch watching tv. especially when the women's 4x5k cross country ski is being covered. i'd really like a set of skate skis but man it's tough to justify the $500 or so investment...i mean we really don't get much snow anymore. that being said, i'll be skiing just about every day this week...should be fun.

on the way home yesterday we skiied at nine mile. they charge a lot but really do a nice job of grooming. the full 10k loop had two sets of classic grooves groomed in...unheard of in southern wisconsin. plus the conditions were perfect...would have been a great day to skate.

16 February 2006


last night's ride started out with a 'last supper' sort of feel with the impending snowstorm and blast of cold on the way. the first 30 minutes were melancholy...part because of the snow and part because of the long ride on tuesday. at about 30 minutes i thought 'screw this, i'm out on the bike now...i'm lucky'. the rest of the ride, i jammed through the different trails open this time of the year thinking about just how fortunate i really am.

the fact the i can ride, run, play...lucky. there are so many people with reasons not to. physical reasons, no voice in the back of their mind screaming at them to train. no motivation. i think the last one is the most sad. youth, fitness, vitality is a gift. so many people throw that gift to the ground, stomp on it and go in to watch television.

but there is so much more for which i'm fortunate. my lovely wife. my family-though they can drive me crazy from time to time. robin's family. our house. our jobs. laughter. the list goes on. point being? well, i'm lucky. and if you're reading this, odds are your a part of that. thanks.

and at the end of the ride, as i pulled up to the house...warm lights shining from within against the darkening skies, an indication that robin was home waiting for me...well, you know how i felt.

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15 February 2006

ride 'em.

yesterday was very nice. and there is impending doom weatherwise. so i did what came natural...i ditched work. actually, i took 3hrs off in the afternoon and rode for those 3 hours. it was a ton of work (the trails were soooo soft) but man it was good to be out in a jersey and armwarmers only. the thermometer at the house was 48 when i left...in the sun it felt like 60. perma grin.

last night we celebrated v-day with a nice mexican dinner at mi cosina. i love that place. the fajitas (what the hell is a fa-gita?) were tasty.

so, i was eyeing up the skis this morning...i guess a little more ski time won't suck too bad. maybe i'll even be able to snowshoe tomorrow. fresh snow is the best for snow shoeing. slap on a headlamp and hit the trails. we'll be up north this weekend so i should definately be able to snowshoe saturday/sunday.

14 February 2006

peppered pretty good.

so, cheney blasting a hunting partner really isn't that surprising. my favorite press exerpt (from bbc america):

Ranch owner Katharine Armstrong said Mr Cheney had turned round to shoot at a bird, unaware that Mr Whittington was behind him. He sprayed Mr Whittington with shotgun pellets.

"The covey flushed and the vice-president picked out a bird and was following it and shot. And by God, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good," she said...This is something that happens from time to time - you know, I've been peppered pretty well myself."

oh, and cheney is being cited for not having the appropriate hunting permit. just a warning of course.

joey cheek won the 500m speedskating gold last night by a landslide. he used his press conference as a forum against genocide in africa, and is donating his $25,000 gold medal prize (awarded by the us olympic committee) to the cause. nike has already matched it (well, $30,000 in gear) and joey is urging his other sponsors to do the same. well played. it's quite a contrast compared with the 'dude, i'm soooo stoked that i got this gold. it's been, like, a life long dream or something' you hear after the snowboard half pipe competition.

13 February 2006


robin and i were walking out of the 'bulk' store yesterday and noticed a car with 5 'support our troop' ribbons on them. they looked as if they had melted to the car. that had us scratching our heads a bit. seems like last year at this time, a majority of cars had some sort of support ribbons affixed to the rear end. so, does this mean that people are less supportive? i mean, we still have troops to support (unfortunately). breast cancer is still killing people. children still have autism (remember that classic ribbon: calidescope tie dye). my point? i guess it's not cool to support things in 2006.

my list you ask (i know you were all wondering about the list over the weekend)? the big event was ripping that cabinet down. it took a while, and it almost crushed us along with our good friends ron and christy, but we got it down and dismantled. actually, demo is fun when you hate what you are demolishing. now, we have kindling wood for a fire we'll have some day... on a side note, now we need to learn how to drywall.

rode for 2.5 hrs yesterday. it was cold but the usual happened...my feet froze.

it was a great weekend...we were productive without feeling worked and we had fun taking care of some things we've been meaning to tackle. i hope everyone else had a similar type weekend deal.

10 February 2006

making a list.

every thursday/friday before a weekend when we don't have much planned, i have a laundry list of items i'd like to do. then, when saturday morning rolls around...i forget everything and opt to lay around, maybe play a video game, ride my bike and **poof** it's sunday night at 7 pm. not this weekend. i'm making a list and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

right now the list is:

assemble the dog kennel that was left by former home owners.
clean out my car (yuck)
do some team stuff
go to menards for items related to fixing a wheelbarrow, getting a light bulb for the basement, other random but no less boring items.
update this crappy website...links, etc.
rip down the stupid cabinet in the basement (i need some help with that)
ride my bike.

boy that list sucks. i'm like, not very exciting or something.

09 February 2006

nice work.

sometime during last nights ride, i froze my badunkadunk off. first off, by badunkadunk i mean my toes. second, it was worth it. the sunset in winter is amazing...since all the fields are the same color (bleached out dormant white) they take the color of the sun superbly. so, as the sun sets the fields are glowing the color of the sun. it's euphoric. i wish the sunset lasted longer than it does. i even got some trail riding in...what a great winter it's been.

i hope everyone gets a chance to freeze their badunkadunks off in those same conditions.

08 February 2006

new way of thinking.

i'm trying to be a little bit more optimistic with my pursuits in life. namely, work. i'm not nearly as negative as some of my coworkers, but i definitely could work on my positive outlook. i was reading an article about the csc team building camp they have in denmark every year and i decided to apply some of that to my general day to day life. now, i'm not going to hire a danish military man to design tests to point out my weaknesses....i've got a pretty firm grasp on what those are.
what stood out to me in the article is how one aspect of life translates to another aspect of life. it makes sense to me too...a lot of times if i have a busy day or a day that requires a lot of thinking at work, i ride my bike better at night. or i'm more productive at home. conversly, when i'm slow at work i have no motivation when i get home. hmmmmm. i think i just had a break through.

well, i guess maybe i'll call my new approach 'guarded optimism.' baby steps.

anyway, robin is home sick today. she's lucky. i don't think she feels really that bad, but she cannot talk which is a requirement when seeing patients all day. she actually sounds like the god father...only squeakier.

07 February 2006

wake up.

i'm having a hell of a time waking up this morning. i'm on my third cup of coffee and it's doing absolutely nothing for me. that is, if you can call the swill they have here coffee...

rode just under 2 hours last night. i had to wear sunglasses because the sun was out for at least half of my ride. and the days just keep getting longer.

not much else to say. see first paragraph of this entry.

06 February 2006

the big game.

after much toil, hard work and dedication, my team won the big game. that's right, the veterans beat the rookies in the keg race. that makes me a champion on two different teams (unlike mike holmgren). it's weird, athletes face a cross roads at some point in their lives and i've reached mine. after much deliberation with my teammates, friends and family, i've decided to retire from competition. that was my last keg race. how can i leave you ask? well, i'll tell you it's much easier leaving on top.

so saturday was a complete wash. i moped around the house repeating the mantra "i am a giant idiot, i am a giant idiot..." although i have been much sicker, this one was one of the more stupid hang overs i've had. saturday night we went to christy's suprise b-day party. it was fun...i played with syd the shorty. she likes to play on the stairs. seems like something her dad would have done...

sunday i got back on the bike for a bit. it was cold but sunny so the ride was enjoyable. rest week over, back into another 3 wk build. last night we headed to oconomowoc (seems like too many o's) to the super bowl party at mitch and korina's place. he had the projection wall screen going...could have been 240 inches but who knows. i kept it low key...2 sierras and only 1 shot of tequila. bam. but i'm feeling it this morning (imagine that). oh well, i made it through. it was great to see scott and lisa (it's been too long) and mitch and korina are very gracious hosts. and i've got to tell you, people from indiana are crazy.

and the seahawks proved that they are indeed overrated. any team coming from the nfc west has to be taken with a grain of salt.

and even better. "i think i've metioned this before, but i work with a bunch of monkeys." "i understand, i work with a bunch of jack asses." paraphrasing but my favorite commercial of the night.

03 February 2006

my name is...

i always thought it would be pretty cool to be a barista. you know, dress like a beatnik, steam a bunch of milk or whatever. but after my trip to starbucks this am i'm convinced otherwise. the morning shift would be especially tough. not because people are rude but because everyone is a little slow to the punch because, well, they haven't had their coffee yet. i swear i've said that before. i'm having blog deja vu.

tonight is the big keg race. not exactly the type of racing i've been jonesing for. my plan...the sit and kick approach. i'm not going to be doing any work on the front of the group in this one. too early in the season. am i still talking about a beer drinking contest?

after that, we have two other parties to attend this weekend. man, i'm too old for this. alright, i'm not too old but it has definately lost it's appeal.

last night the weather was amazing. i didn't need my lights the whole 1.5hrs but i turned them on for safety sake. it's like a reward for getting out in the cold day after day...the light is noticably longer on a daily basis. just 4wks ago i was riding during the same time of day and it was pitch black out when i finished. neat.

wow, this has been a seinfeld-esque type of post. a post about nothing. i hope everyone has a good weekend.

02 February 2006


one of the democrats that voted to retain the veto for concealed and carry has been recieving death threats. now, doesn't that say a little something about the type of person who thinks they need to carry a concealed weapon? keep you guns at home, bone heads. you'll shoot your eye out.

speaking of guns, while riding on the military ridge trail last night i came across a guy in full camo carrying a shotgun. just walking along the trail. just outside of verona. i had to pinch myself and calm my breathing...i thought i was still in marshfield! but seriously, what could he be hunting. all i see along the trail ever is rabbits. i guess...there is nothing like a good rabbit stew.

the ride was good. the dirt was really soft, but an hour and 40 minutes later i felt great. plus, i bombed the cart path home again, always good for a perma-grin.

thursday and it feels like friday. i think that is a bad thing...because tomorrow it'll feel like i'm working on saturday. and we can't have that.

01 February 2006


due to the lingering symptoms of the ill, i opted for 60 minutes on the trainer last night. nothing serious, just wanted to keep the legs moving after two days with nothing. it is a rest week after all. tonight i'll opt out of basketball and do some real riding. that should quench my thirst to pedal...

the knucklehead on the team resurfaced again to piss me off. jamie is a real piece of work sometimes. he doesn't really race, he doesn't really do anything productive for the team, but he always has an opinion on what isn't working with the team. as far as i'm concerned, he can take a big dose of shut the hell up (unless he wants to start doing something for once). sorry, i needed to vent and i'm really trying not to be cryptic anymore. how's that for calling someone out?

badgers looked weak last night. i like brian butch's game, but he needs to take a few less shots from d-town. i mean, he should be on the post...shouldn't he? robin scored tickets to the game, so while i was listening to brent musberger call plays as if he was calling an nba game, she was sitting in the kohl center. lucky.

greg is hosting a keg race on friday night. every year or so, his group at work has had a keg race. i was at the original (and on the team that won). now, this is the final one and i've been called on to return. the match up, old skool vs new school. problem is, 4 years later i really don't yearn to get all wasted pounding beers for the sake of winning a drinking contest. hmmm... then we have a party to go to saturday. and then we have a party to go to sunday. yikes, i may become a drinker with a biking problem yet (to poach the hash house harriers motto).