30 September 2005

big things to come...

the final day in park city will bring a big ride to the crest trail. this trails hovers around 9000 and 10000 feet and should bring some great views. it's a park city day again, with sun and temps in the 70s. sweet.

i've been neglecting the blog the past week, i know. but i will recap all the action next week. sometimes it's better to let is steep a little...

i will say that patagonia makes pants that fit me. too bad, though, because i may need to take a second mortage to pay for them.

26 September 2005

pc ok with me...

4.5 hours on the trails yesterday, 4 ish today and a sunburn to boot. this place is amazing...fall colors are in full on glory, the climbs are tough and the decents beat you up.

anyway, i've got recovering to do...

23 September 2005

park city here we come.

ready or not, utah is about to get some visitors. from the pictures i've seen, the trees are in full change mode and the night time temps are in the 30s. it'll be like getting in a time machine and moving forward a couple of weeks. that time machine would also have to have the ability of topography adjustment so as to superimpose some mountains in our lives, but....

so the next 24 hours will be spent in a van. maybe when we get there we'll park it down by a river.

past trips of this nature (in a van that is) have been with hippy college kids. i'm thinking the stink factor will be greatly reduced with scott and lisa. if it were ron we'd be in trouble....

so, anyway. expect sporadic updating (or not...scott is bringing the laptop).


22 September 2005

my cookies are disabled.

boy i hope i'm not catching a cold. it would be par for the course, of course. i woke up with tons of phlem and it hasn't really gone away. please be allergies...

laundry last night. tonight, packing and finishing touches on the bikes. as far as i'm concerned, the vacation starts after work tonight (should make for a very productive day on friday).

speaking of work...

21 September 2005

pressure washer.

i sit next to a chinese man at work. he is very nice but has about 30 conversations with his wife a day. in chinese. and most of the time, he just gurnts. and i'm always amazed at the words that other cultures don't have.

todays version:

mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm.
akdflkajfl;kadf;kladjf;kdjfja;dfkj;asldkf PRESSURE WASHER a;dkjf;dkf;akdjf;a.
mmm. mmm mm.

abrupt end.

deep thoughts by andy.

head to box elder, mo

actually, head to park city, UT. 3ish days before the long drive west. i'm really getting excited to be in the mighty wasatch range. riding a bit, sleeping a little more than normal. drinking 3.2% utah beer. psyched.

unfortunately, there is the whole 3 days of work thing i've got to get through. and they are looking to be busy. but, that will make it that much sweeter to get out of this place for a week.

i've decided to do the pre-emptive vita c, echinacea and zinc treatment the next couple of days. it was about 1 year ago that i got super sick resulting in pat's nickname for me (mr. bo-shingles). can't let that happen again. the biggest beeeatch of the office is super sick, but that doesn't stop here from talking alot and coughing without covering her mouth. nice. hate is a strong word but...

my favorite pro mtber jason sager (see link to the right) moved to park city. blogs are weird because i feel like i know him or something. maybe we'll run into him on one of the trails. probably not.

boy i'm rambling so i'll put this one to bed. cheers.

19 September 2005

the 40....

man that race is getting fast.

having a preferred start, i was able to warm up on my mountain bike until around 9:30am. set my bike down in the start area and ran off to use the blue bin and do some meet and greet with teammates, family, etc. got back in and they had moved the gate forward, effectively putting my bike towards the back of the chute. i was really confused but, with robin's help, got it figured out. the controlled start seemed a lot more controlled up front with good riders, but there were still some near misses. gabor (friend/racer i've competed with fairly closely in the past) had to lean into me to keep it upright. there was a crash on the gravel shoulder where some lady's front tire rolled off the wheel. i managed to keep my nose in with the leaders through the road start. through rosies field i hit some traffic but my line was good and i managed to get through without issue. after that, it's a blur. i got in a group that i thought was fast, but on the first gravel section i unknowingly rode away from them. so i bridged to the next group (when i caught them my heartrate was pegged at 197). rode some wheels for awhile and then bridged up to another group on the next gravel section. i ended up riding most of the race with the 2 top women...watching to race was pretty fun. the last section of rollers got me and my legs started to cramp. had to sit up (and let a group of 10-12) get away from me 2 miles to the finish. all in all, it was a fun race.

2:27:59, 108th place. i was 10 minutes faster than last year and lost 30 spots??? oh well, at least i had fun.

15 September 2005

Horses scare me.

in my opinion, horse and bikes cannot coexist. those muscle laden beasts are always looking for a little trouble. scary.

fat tire is this weekend so of course i don't feel well. it's probably allergies combined with the dramatic weather change we just had, but i feel like crap. vita c and copious water will be my plan of attack in case it is a bug of some sort. hopefully i'll be feeling tip top come saturday morning.

fat tire used to be my biggest race of the year but it has become so much more than the race. the atmosphere combined with friends (and family) make this one feel more like a holiday. my first fat tire (1996)saw me show up with the old steel framed diamond back. i had a pair of bike shorts (purchased a couple days before) but a long sleeved cotton t-shirt was my choice of technical wear on top. i had worn my helmet 2 or 3 times previous to that day. i bonked hard around halfway through (i thought it was just going to be a 'bike ride'). the rest is history. this will be cftf #7 and every year i look forward to this race more than any other. wish me luck!

past cftf performances:
year ovr age time
1996- ???? ?? ???????
1997- 1064 67 3:39.15
1998- 1146 86 3:43.61
1999- 695 ? 3:23.58
2003- 83 17 2:32.31
2004- 80 17 2:39.00
2005- to be determined.

14 September 2005


mtbr chris sheppard tested positive for epo. nice work jack ass.

the bike is cleaned up and ready for some minor wrenching tonight. almost have the garage cleaned up from the deck staining/yardwork i've been doing. maybe tonight?? fat tire has got me very excited. i wonder if i'll be able to ride fast?

i've got a couple of busy work days ahead of me before i can fully focus on the cftf task...i better get to it.

13 September 2005

everything i do, i do for...

so robin and i went downtown sunday evening to watch some of the finishers of the ironman. what it did for me was rekindle the dream of one day finishing an ironman myself. way back when, the televised ironman was what kind of pushed me towards the idea of running. which eventually led to biking. which lead to triathlon. my intention is to compete in ironman wisconsin in 2007. i could do it in 06, but there are a few other things i want to cross off my list first (which will help me in attaining my goal). but for the next two years, everything i do in terms of sport i will have the im in the back of my head.

there will be some other changes next season as well. but, since it is still this season (and some of the changes depend on other team happenings) i'll leave that for another day.

last night i began preparations for fat tire. arguably the most important supply needed...the beer. i wonder if i got enough? but seriously folks, tonight i get the bike ready to go. ie clean the thing. i did a short road ride last night with some hard bursts...and the legs felt present (i smoked a couple of uw team riders). i almost felt fast. hopefully the almost part will dissapear saturday morning.

really dedicated...i go from ironman talk to beer talk.


12 September 2005

rough weekend.

well, the deck is stained, kevin has bachelor partied, some other odds and ends are taken care of and i am beat. i need to race so i'm not so tired on monday mornings...

the deck staining took exactly twice as long as we thought it should. it was going on pretty light but it never occurred to us that we hadn't mixed it up enough...live and learn. we essentially double stained 1/3 of the deck to get colors right. but it looks really nice now...defniately a party deck. at least it wasn't unbearbly hot (yea right).

i managed to get some time in on the mountain bike this weekend. nothing major, really no need. but it felt good to get out a little.

and, i found a bar 5 minutes from our door that has anchor steam on tap. i don't drink very often but when i do you know where i'll be.

this week will be spent prepping for fat tire. get the bike ready, get the motor ready. then, it's off to eau claire thursday night and then cable on friday morning. i'm really getting excited.

after fat tire, one week of work to endure and then we're off to park city to close out the summer/kick off the fall. r and r (and some mtb time) but mostly r and r.

i better get to work.

08 September 2005

poli-tic me off.

caution, political post.

i work with a bunch of dumb shits. i just had someone tell me they would rather die than have clinton back in office. isn't that a little dramatic?

and for what, because he got some head in office and lied about it?

last i checked, we were still in afghanistan and iraq to protect ourselves against terrorism (it'll be 4 years on sunday since the impetus for this happened). we have a country that cannot react to a forcasted hurricane barrelling at a coastal town that is situated below sea level. you'd think after 9-11 we'd be at least prepared to deal with large scale disasters. if our fearless leader could do anything to protect his constituency, you'd think it'd be that, wouldn't you?? naw, i'm headin' to crawford for my semi-annual 1 month vacation while i'm putting our dwindling armed forces in harms way in a country we shouldn't be focusing on.

at least his daughters are hot (and nasty).

and speaking of new orleans...we're going to end up paying billions in relief/rebuild efforts (still a bargain compared to war). my question is this: how much would it have cost to build the levees to withstand a category 4 or 5 hurricane? my guess is that 10.5 billion would have been close.

is it that americans are reactionary (ie, no forsight)? maybe not all but it seems the majority are. maybe i should stop resisting and take part.

sorry, i needed to vent.

07 September 2005

the big bloat.

boy, working a little late and riding for 2 hrs afterwards doesn't leave much day light. i still got the yardwork done that i wanted, but when i finished it was dark. i checked it this morning and my night vision must be ok.

scott got his preferred start, so now i can suck their wheel from the start (just kidding scott). there are occupancy issues with the condo at fat tire. seems there aren't enough people from the team doing it (and thus, staying there). i can see cutting back on mtb racing, but fat tire is the grand daddy of them all. where's the love??

last time trial of the season tonight. there was talk about a lemans start with some challenging terrain. great. just have to keep it upright.


06 September 2005


still a little groggy from the sprecher amber sunday. boy, not exactly prime build up to fat tire but really fun. thanks again to scott and lisa for another excellent bash.

the rest of the weekend was really good too. we got to see sue and jim (robin's aunt and uncle) and laura. we got a tour of the land they are building on and saw some blueprints. wonderfull house and with their sense of style, the place is going to be great.

the above two activities were bookended by trips to home depot/menards in preparation for some big house activities. wheelbarrow, deck stain, fertilizer (and spreader) and flowers all made it into the cart. one last push on the outside stuff while the weather is right.

i've got a busy day so i better get it started. lets get it on...

02 September 2005


ok, trying something new. i would appreciate feedback (better, worse, etc.). i thought it looked a little more refined, but is that a good thing????? is baffoonery a word??

i've seen it all.

well, they've finally come out with the 'support the hurricane katrina disaster' ribbon color. black. look for them at a wal-mart near you because god knows, you don't support anything (our troops, disaster victims, weed) unless you have a magnetic ribbon on the back of your hummer.

i've got a great idea...cut a check for a $1.50 to the red cross. at least you know that the money is going to a worthy cause and not some 'entrepreneur's' pocket. but i guess it's the american way (because like mr. president has reminded us in the past, the french don't have a word for entrepreneur). idiot. i digress.

i rode a little bit last night. then i mowed the grass. the front was more like vacuuming the yard, but what are you going to do??

this weekend looks to be fun. try to get up early tommorrow and finish my edging project. then it's off to illinois to visit robin's aunt and uncle (and see their new land they are building on). we'll stay with them tommorrow night and then it's off to racine for a ride starting at the petersons' and then it's party time. i guess i'll have a couple of drinks just to be sociable (i've been off the sauce most of the past 6 months).

01 September 2005

high end.

my biggest weakness right now in terms of the bike is my 'high end' speed. long and slow triathlon sessions have robbed my legs of some of the snap that i used to have. last night i felt like it came back a little. the time trial course was difficult with some power climbs early in the lap into the switchbacks (down) into the murderhorn climb. the murderhorn is one of the only times you'll see me in the granny around these parts, but boy do i need it. anyway, i went out reasonably on the first lap. jerry and carlos (who are riding on a different planet than me) almost caught me on the murderhorn, so i decided to really give it some gas and see what i had/how long i could hold those two off. i managed to ride really well and held both of them off until around 1/4 of a lap to go. i bobbled on a loose section and that was about it for me. but it was encouraging no less.

my bike is a real heap right now. once i get it cleaned up and creakless, i'm still going to have to deal with the fork. the jarring and abuse i'm taking because of the crappy thing is annoying at best, but what am i going to do??

becky stopped by last night--she is visiting from new mexico. it was good to see her and meet anna. we found out that kari and becky are buying a condo in durango, so a trip to colorado will be in order (darn). it'll have to be next spring/summer though, i need to reaccrue some pto!! (especially after our trip to park city later this month)