23 June 2005


i had nothing at time trials last night. i don't think i've fully recovered from the weekend's race, due to my plan of training through the week and then going light next week. i'm pretty bushed right now though. i probably should take today off, but by 3pm i always get the itch....after consulting the log i'm up to 10 days straight again.

i'm going to try to hit a 4-5hr ride on saturday ending at lake wingra for robin's big race. bsg regatta and her boats are going to rip it up. she's been working really hard (to exhaustion) lately and i think it is all going to pay off come race day.

picking paint colors is hard. that's all i'm saying about that.

the new mtb tires definately ride different but once i get used to them....watch out.

speaking of out...

22 June 2005

morning has broken, blackbird has spoken...

first on my list: pat russell. for those of you who don't know who he is, well, he is my best friend. we met in high school running cross and the rest is history. he is competing on the us national team in japan this weekend in the ultra marathon (100km...62miles).
at msp international, he had a security issue. i packed his stick massager in his carry on. it got confisgated. now, we just traveled and on several occasions i saw knitting needles. i'm no expert....but a 12 inch, blunt needle seems more suitable for weaponry than does a stick you use to massage yourself with. stupid people. because of that (and the patriot act) they will probably be monitoring pat for the next 5 years. big brother can bite me. anyway, if you have room in your thoughts this week, send some pat's way. he is going to do great but a little extra 'happy thoughts' can never hurt.

one week from today we will be in full move mode. excitement is building.

we actually swam this morning...and it hurt.

i put my new schwalbes on the bike and it went effortlessly (compared to past ust tire installation experiences). i'm happy with them i haven't riddent them yet.


20 June 2005


the past 7 days or so have rendered me annoyed. work, home, swim practice...too many people in my personal space. my sister in-law's 20 minute shower this morning didn't help either.

triterium actually went really well. i flailed a bit in the swim but ended up ok. i felt really good on the bike and averaged 20.4mph on a relatively hilly course. the run felt really good as well, but the time was still a little disappointing relative to my running days (around 40:30 10k). there was some trouble with the results (several people can't count and crossed the finish line after 2 run laps instead of 3...then proceeded to do another lap and crossed the finish again, screwing the scoring system up). i got 2nd in my age group, and i'm thinking around 8th in the overall. i'm definately happy with that effort.

we packed up a bunch of shiz over the weekend, it seems like we are prepared to move but there will be something that we didn't think of that makes it trying (there always is).


15 June 2005

i am not an i.m. swimmer.

they say it's nice this time of year on jupiter...except for the meteors.

we watched nova last night about how the world is fucked because of an ever expanding population. nova can scare you sometimes. but, pbs knows that so they followed it up with a great installment of 'dna' and the race for the discovery of a breast cancer gene.

swimming this morning was tough. the weather broke (i have mixed emotions) and it was darn chilly on the pool deck. i like it, but there was a lot of whine to be had from some of the hacks (my people). coach dick (his name) had me doing the breast stroke, the butterfly and, the 100 im. damn, i had to draw a line in the sand and only did one im. i showed him....

triterium this weekend. starting to get some prerace butterflies (they didn't all escape in the pool). but first, time trials tonight and training for work in chicago tomorrow. nice.

they say it's nice this time of year in anchorage...except for the polar bears.

14 June 2005

world leader pretend.

swim yesterday was good. this guy really knows how to make me sore. but that is good, i've already developed a better stroke and it's been 3 practices. last night i rode the triterium course...this one is going to be tough. hilly and fast all rolled into one bike course. i'm debating on aerobars....right now they are on but with the climbing (and gear changing) i don't know if i'll keep them.

scott is sending out our bike gear today, so i'll have it a month after everyone else. oh well, it's not like we've been racing much. i get my new schwalbe mtb tires too. people are saying they are great tires, i guess i'll be the judge of that.

long run tonight. the humidity is dropping, hopefully it won't be another head popper.

10 June 2005

mr. blue sky

odd how music can send your mind back...

for no real reason, i checked my glove box this morning to look for a moe. cd i misplaced. it wasn't there, but i found a cd that had 'mr. blue sky' by the electric light orchestra, 'any major dude' by wilco (steely dan cover), and 'do you believe in magic?' by the lovin' spoonful. this is the cd that i turned way up and listened to sitting in the parking lot in the morning in marshfield. i hated that job and that place, and these songs gave me some cheer before i had to make the cold walk up to the sterile looking buildings to start another hellish day. i felt like i died a little walking to that place every morning. seeing the same people trudging up every morning. all those fucking people that aspired to working on the hill and living in marshfield all their lives. and the dick dr.s that just collected paychecks counting the days until they left. the people that could invest in the community didn't and the people that really had a vested interest in improving it were making 9.00/hr as a medical assistant raising 3 kids on there own.

sorry for the flashback. what this discovery has done for me this morning is make me appreciate where we are even more. i love madison, i love that we are moving into a house, and most especially, i love that i'm doing it all (the highs and the lows) with mrs. hoenisch. marshfield was good in a way. it's like an altimeter... you need to reset 0 when at sea level to see the true elevations you get to. that's what marshfield was for me...0 altitude.

wow, i think i just had a breakthrough.

my sister in law is moving in with us this weekend, should be interesting. especially the next couple weeks leading to the move. once we move to the house, she'll have a bedroom seperate of the office (ie computer).

i've said it before, but www.jasonsager.com/blog is the best blog anywhere (if you're into bikes i guess). see todays for sure (i wish i would have thought to have left that treat for the 'tsa monkeys.'

this closes this edition of the negativesplit.com novel chapter...

by the way, i think there are enough readers of the humble publication that the comment section should light up from time to time....maybe i'm not controversial enough? i'll try harder.

oh, here is a good one. the spell check function of blogspot doesn't recognize the word 'blog.' interesting.

09 June 2005

it's the gosh darn humidity.

time trials last night were a hoot. felt good to try to ride fast again. emphasis on try. i don't think i did too bad considering it was only my second time on the mountain bike this season. course was bone dry and loose. i'm glad for that, starting the race season off in a mudfest is always a crap deal. it was a beer night...i opted for the 'root' variety.

not much else to report...besides the fact that i am an a-hole. you see, i thought i was being a dick. but darrick helped me see the light. i was probably both for not calling the guy on sunday like i said i would.

"i like to run" he said with a smile, "i think i'll go another mile."

08 June 2005

front quadrant or bust...

today our lane assignments were handed out (after coach had a few days to think about our time trials from monday). i ended up in the lane with a former uof michigan swimmer and the other was the third woman out of the water at ironman wisconsin 2003. needless to say i got worked. but this will make me faster. i talked to dick after the session and told him i'd only been seriously doing this since november (because he was barking stroke critiques at me like i know what he is talking about) and he said "oh, really?" then he said he'd send me some videos to watch to show me good form. long story short, this class will make me faster (as long as i really work the drills and study hard). that's the tough thing about swimming, there is the fitness aspect and there is the technique aspect. which one is more important? my answer is yes.

hot last night...way hot for a meager 1.5hr run. rumor has it pigman is a hot one typically so i guess it is good practice. we ended the set today with some verticle kicking with our arms out of the water (think syncronized swimming). i about died...and my right calf had a near cramp experience. carry over from last night perhaps...

mtb time trials tonight. we'll see how i feel. i have a new set of expectations towards moutain biking now. it is my second sport, and i will be doing things more for fun that speed. at least until 9-mile and fat tire. now i just need to work some bike handling and power.

" andy, your right arm is flapping"

07 June 2005


the wilco scale. it's our scale to rate shows. the scale is from 1-10, 10 being the best (wilco is a 15). wilco has become our gold standard because a) they have always been a great live show b) they keep getting better. anyway, as advertised last night was modest mouse.

camper van beethoven was really good. mostly new tunes but a few classics (including 'take the skinheads bowling'). classic, really professional and quite frankly, should have been the headliner of this one.

modest mouse is a good band. when they got deep into instrmentals, they sounded great. i was able to get lost in some of the jams and the two drummers filled the room with percussion. but, they didn't sound like production was right (vocals getting lost in the guitars, too much distortion -- though i realize that is what they are after...just over the top). i'll stick to the studio productions from now on with modestm.

so, back to the scale (my opinion only):
camper van b. 8.0
modest mouse 6.5

by the way, any reader who may live in duluth (pat), camper is playing green man festival and would be worth seeing for sure. actually, they have assembled a great line up this year.


long run tonight. i was going to help ronny boy with some appliance moving but due to water in the basement, that has been postponed. rentals are great to own until you get a crap tenant, then it starts to become a money pit. good thing they are selling it. bad thing he didn't find out about the water until showing it to the potential buyers.

06 June 2005

dancing with lula.

my new masters class started this morning. 65 and sunny...great morning to swim outside. it felt like i was in cali or something. this guy is going to drive me nuts with drills...but i'll probably end up faster because of it. this one is definately not the same as the yardage pound that was edgewood, but it will be fun.

we went furniture shopping yesterday, it was fun right up to the end. that is, deciding on fabric colors and finding out how much everything costs. it's more sticker shock, i've never really furniture shopped with an eye towards lasting quality (more like cheap 'that'll do'). we found a couch (probably) and maybe some other stuff, but we still need to go to another place in town. the move date is approaching quickly, and while i never like wishing days away, i'm getting pretty excited.

scott is lobbying me to race this weekend at the wisconsin state road championships. it's a tough course with a bunch of climbing and i think him and ben are looking for someone to do some work early. i'll have to think about how that fits into my training, i've got triterium the week after which really isn't a big deal, recovering from road racing is a lot easier than mtb.

modest mouse tonight. it's nice to get out and do things, but at the same time, a late monday night will make for a tired week. oh well, we're young and can handle it? should be a hoot.

float on.
testes 1,2...3?

04 June 2005

back on the horse (not a real one, that would be scary)

i really never know what to expect from my body anymore. last night we went to see the progress at greg's house and to go to the mt. horeb spring festival. i wasn't planning on drinking (really) but 3 or 4 beers later we were back home at midnight. eesh. with plans for a 3-4 hr ride i was expecting a death march.

but it wasn't. it was very pleasant in fact. i managed 65 miles on some of the hilliest roads in dane county (and wisco for that matter) without any more fatigue than should be expected. 3.5hours and i definately was good for a couple more. the clouds were looking ominous and the light rain seemed to be turning heavy so i bagged it, but it was a great ride. all before noon on saturday, nice.

summer is here and i'm loving it. early june humidity is sweet. something about it makes me ride fast. the past couple of days have been overcast so it hasn't been too hot. maybe i'm weird?

we're both itching to move into the new house now. patience mr. hopper.

01 June 2005


ran to the ice age trail last night and then bushwhacked the loops out there. there are some mansions back there. and thorn bushes (i've got the leg shred to prove it). running felt good (1.5hrs)...better than during my build up to auburn. technically i'm in a short base phase, but if i'm feeling it i'm going to push my runs. i need to find some speed and there is only one way to get fast and that is run fast.

robin's birthday today, she finally caught up to me. the joke around the house is that when she was born, i was already holding my head up on my own. i'm so much older than her...

just because it's her birthday doesn't mean i'm going easy on her tonight at mini golf. hopefully i don't fall into one of the water hazards (again).