so, maybe i just won't have the bandwidth to update this anymore. work has been ridiculous - almost to the point where i am starting to miss what i had before. almost. family life has also been busy - sick baby and a few race weekends and here we are in october wondering where the time went.

fat tire was frustrating for me. i actually felt pretty good considering my lake of race fitness. i rode a 34x17 and that wasn't enough on the flats (and there were a lot more of them then normal) and a little too much for my legs on the hills. i think that i could have been 10 minutes faster with some gears - and while i enjoy racing ss, probably not again at fat tire. when i build my kona a few years back, i recycled the drive train from my 2002 s works. it's time to invest in the drive train and i'm looking to procure xt components to allow me to run 1x10.

trek cyclocross collective cup - not a bad race, again, considering the competition and my lack of races in the legs. i finished around where i had been staged - not much else to say about that.

i'm hoping to do more cx this fall - maybe getting out once per week to keep the legs feeling ok but my main focus for the fall is to build my mileage/training time for my 2015 marathon. we are heading to salt lake city for thanksgiving so that will be nice as well. and work, well, no end in sight with regard to my workload. i guess that is what i wanted.

happy saturday.


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