29 April 2013

it's a doggy-dog world

after a bad stretch, i'm having a good stretch (even steven).

m: 0
t: 0
w: 0
r: 0.50 (commute)
f: 2:00 (commute/add-on)
s: 2:00 (edgerton to madison)
n: 2:00 (ride with mike/heidi on the balls ride)
total: 6:50

planning on riding in today, tomorrow and wednesday. after that, it's looking dire with regard to rain. then again, it's three days out and it could end up sunny and 65.

felt good to get a few consistent rides in - i needed that.

happy monday.

25 April 2013

tough stretch

i had a client visit the past three days - 15 hour, 11 hour and 9.5 hour days with them entirely has me feeling pretty beat today. but, it was a very successful result and i think that they came away happy with our lab/team. if you have to have tough stretches, its good to at least have a good outcome. as a result of the visit, i've taken three straight zeros in terms of training but i'm ok with that too.

i did the great dane crit on sunday (35+ 4/5). my goal was to get the legs moving - i initiated one break away and lead for a couple of laps, tucked in for a few and didn't do a great job of positioning in the finish. i managed a top 10 and was gaining rapidly on the next 5 spots ahead of me - just ran out of real estate. my goals were met: stay safe and get a good hard effort so mission accomplished. saturday, i had gotten a solid 2 hours on a mix of my road bike and single speed. a mix because i got a flat a couple miles into the ride. it was a slow leak, so i got home and switched and then headed back out.

m: 1:15 (rode to work, got a ride home, ran at night)
t: 1:10 (bike commute)
w: 0:45 (run)
r: 0
f: 1:00 (trainer)
s: 2:00 (gravel grind)
n: 2:00 (great dane criterium)
total: 8:10

i rode in this morning. somehow, even though it wasn't supposed to be raining i got rained on. oh well, felt good to ride.

happy thursday.

18 April 2013

gloomy. rainy.

well, i haven't written much because there isn't much for me to say right now. i'm super busy at work - i'm hiring new people like crazy, work is pouring in the door and i've got a very important client visit most of next week.

that being said, i've been able to maintain a decent training rhythm - if not lower hours than i'd like. i was able to ride in monday - robin gave me a ride home but i ran 6 miles that night. a normal commute tuesday, more running last night and i'll hit the trainer tonight. if the weather somehow holds out i'd like to do the great dane crits on sunday...but i'm not getting my hopes up.

anyway, lots going on. i better get back to the goings on!

happy thursday.

12 April 2013


we recently converted from directv to tds television. besides paying less, we are getting more features (whole home dvr, hd on both of our televisions) which is coming in handy right now while i am confined to the trainer. after i got cal to bed last night, i was going to let myself off easy and just spend the evening on the couch. then, from somewhere deep within my brain, a voice told me "self, if all you are going to do is watch television then you most certainly can do so while riding the trainer."

damn you voice inside my head! at least i could watch the masters recap in brilliant high definition while turning the pedals for an hour. and, i still have the dvr'd paris roubaix i could watch again if the weather continues like this.

great dane crit is looking right now like a no go. i know that it is typical to receive showers in april and everything but i'm kind of over it...

happy friday.

11 April 2013

cross weather.

i ran last night. somehow, for the time it took me to do a 6 mile loop (i didn't note the duration) i was able to run without rain falling from above. more of the same today and tomorrow and sunday and...

i had been planning on doing the great dane crit on sunday but will not if it is raining.

on my run i was thinking how odd it was that "riding" in the rain really isn't all that fun, but racing cross in the rain is a blast. i wish there was a spring cx season around these parts.

happy thursday.

08 April 2013

lighter week

so, my hours last week were about half of the week before, but somehow i'm feeling a lot more tired this morning. i started doing some yardwork yesterday so i'm sure that is contributing. i did my 2 hours early on saturday while it was still pretty cold, windy and overcast. i loved it! but, it took a lot out of me. i rode observatory in my 53 into the wind. by the top of the first pitch i was barely moving - good training but tough. i'm going to try and replicate my training approach from last year, commute on the 1x1 and road ride on the weekends keeping it in my big ring. seemed to work well to get me ready for hard 1 hour races in the fall.

m: 0
t: 1:10 (commute)
w: 1:10 (commute)
r: 1:10 (commute)
f: 0
s: 2:10 (road ride)
n: 1:20 (road ride)
total: 7 hours

not the greatest but not terrible. this week is looking to be pretty wet - it was pouring rain this morning which forced me to drive in. it's looking like that will be the story through thursday... time to bust out the running shoes for a little "cross training."

there are tons of little projects i want to get done around the house. cleaning/organizing the garage is high on my list - the bikes are back out and there is nowhere to put them....

happy monday.

03 April 2013

well, that didn't take long

riding in this morning it happened - some dude on a geared fat bike decided he wanted to race me. there is a stretch on my route where i am pretty spun out on my single speed - and i don't push too hard because i want to minimize my sweatiness going into the day. well, this guy took a nice long pull and then passed me. he was jamming pretty good and i was coasting. there is an uphill as you approach/enter middleton and it never fails - riding my normal pace i catch up to whomever passes me. the part that annoys me is when these dudes ride my draft without saying anything. pass me, or not. one of the things i love about riding in is that my morning commute is spent gearing up/thinking about the day ahead. this gets disrupted when there is someone on my wheel.

anyway, i guess i should just slow down temporarily and let them by. i do want to go on record and say that while under the right conditions i see that they could be fun, in 95% of instances i've seen them being ridden i think fat bikes are stupid. just my opinion.

happy wednesday.

01 April 2013

opening day!

i love me some baseball and it all starts back up today. no clock (or running the clock out), no halftime and games everyday which essentially minimizes the day to day hype. a checklist comprised of 27 outs - and as long as there is an out left there is a chance to win the game.

i had a good training week last week - i pushed pedals every day and ended up around 11 hours. i opted out of a bike commute today (mostly due to the cold quite honestly) - i might try to run later. the long weekend was also good. we had a very low key/relaxing visit from r's parents.

m: 1:00, trainer
t: 1:00, trainer
w: 1:00, trainer
r: 2:15, commute (motobecane)
f: 2:30, road ride (klein)
s: 1:30, road ride (klein)
n: 1:30, road ride (klein)
total: 10:45

finally, a decent week. towards the end of this little block i started experiencing that heavy feeling you get when you are consistently training - how i missed that feeling!

happy monday.