27 April 2011

lots of rain and snow

well, ron and i managed to do some riding on friday amidst the rain and mist. 2.5 hours of moderate riding on the badger trail. the new mtb with rigid fork is pretty much like riding a cross bike feel wise...i like it. after the ride we took advantage of the free starbucks earthday event and drank too much coffee. with a little adjustment to my bar height, i went out for another 2.5 hours on saturday this time on the military ridge trail. out into the wind to blue mounds and back home made for a good day in the saddle. 5 hours in two days isn't quite 9 hours in one day but it is much better than nothing.

i've logged 2 trainer sessions this week so far. i play golf tonight in league (i was supposed to play last week but got snowed out). should be fun (i haven't touched a club yet - always a good way to start).

this spring is quickly becoming a wash out. oh well, my big race objectives don't start until august.

happy wednesday.

21 April 2011

rain out

looks like the cheese ride will be rained out. we could do it but i for one do not want to be soaking wet while riding 9 hours. i'll probably try to ride some tomorrow and again on saturday and make up some of the hours...this was going to be a major cornerstone of my training.

i don't get many opportunities for something like this so of course the weather would have to play a factor. oh well, nothing i can do about it.

happy thursday.

18 April 2011


when i took my dad to the pga championship last year at whistling straits in kohler, i received two $25 gift cards for the kohler 'experience.' so, robin and i decided to use those this past weekend and getaway for a night. cal stayed with grandma h and we spent the weekend relaxing. we went to a demonstration on how to make cakes by the head pastry chef at the american club which i thought i wasn't going to like but then they brought out the samples. plus this guy was really focused on the science of baking which was cool.

we got home later in the afternoon yesterday and i managed to get out for a couple hours on the bike. it was a tough day to dress for and so i decided to go under dressed to try and toughen myself up. i'm not sure that is possible but it was worth a shot.

the weather this week is looking bad again including friday for the cheese ride. 120+ miles is going to hurt even more with rain and mid 40 degree temps.

happy monday.

08 April 2011

outside and number 1500

tomorrow i'm riding outside. it has been two weeks since my accident and while my wrist and shoulder are still sore (especially this damp morning), i'm going for it. i've logged another 4 hours on the trainer so far this week and i can't take it anymore.

apparently, this is post #1500 to this blog. that is a lot of posts. blogs are so 2005 but i'm still doing it. what does that say about me? maybe i should start tweeting.

robin's fitness momentum has led to her signing up for a triathlon. now we need to find her a road bike to allow her to train and race. we are going to try the wheel and sprocket sale in milwaukee tonight after work...anyone know if it is worth it? in addition to that, we will be shopping for helmets (hers is very old and mine was cracked in my crash) and a few other bits. it might be a stretch with the wee one but he loves bikes so that should distract him for a little while.

happy friday.

05 April 2011

still sore

every day the soreness changes so i guess that is good. my left wrist and right shoulder continue to make me cringe at times but slowly i think i'm getting better. right now i'd probably bag the cheese ride (if it were happening tomorrow) since 120+ miles would be a lot of abuse to absorb on already sore joints. but luckily i've still got a couple of weeks to heal.

last week i managed close to 5 hours on the trainer which was about my max for what i can take mentally. last night i was back at it for an hour with 3x8 minutes 'hard.' more of the same tonight i guess (yuck).

it's election day today. i've tried to not discuss politics on this blog since it seems to strike a nerve regardless of what side you are on. but vote damn it...it isn't a perfect system but this is your chance to be heard (convening on the capital may seem cool but where did it get everyone?).

happy tuesday.

01 April 2011

feeling old

i managed another hour on the trainer last night with some periods of higher intensity (3x8 min w/4 min rest intervals). the workout rendered me very tired and this morning my shoulder and wrist are pretty sore so maybe it was too soon. probably take tonight off and then try to do something tomorrow. i'd love to ride outside on my mountain bike but i'm not sure that is the best idea right now. if i'm not able to ride a bit more over the next few weeks the cheese ride could very well kill me.

happy friday.